Before & After: Contemporary Home Design Online

contemporary home design online great room feature

How do you create a cohesive contemporary look in a newly built old-world style home? The owners of this new build were hoping to reach this ultimate goal. They wanted to create an open-concept home with an easy flow as well as a consistent look. The European architecture with stone exterior had to be combined with the ultra-streamlined look of a contemporary house design. As a result, the owners chose to find an interior designer through Decorilla’s interior design service for a contemporary home design online. What they found was an online service that helped define their luxury house plans and that suited their style above all.

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7 Best Online Interior Design Services

A full-blown trend to stay, online interior design services are transforming the way we access interior design help. It’s the magic combination of professional design guidance, affordable prices, plus an easy and quick process that is attractive to people everywhere.

These and so many wonderful experiences with our online design team, have encouraged a closer look at the best online interior design services out there. Here’s our round-up of the top 7 in the industry!

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7 Best Tips for Your Own Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

modern farmhouse interior design black frame windows

The farmhouse trend has been around in the interior design industry for quite some time. We can’t help but swoon over the most recent twist on this classic trend, modern farmhouse design. While classic farmhouse interiors may be too traditional for some of us, this modern take on the trend is so incredibly versatile and gorgeous! No one does this better than the master, Joanna Gains. Follow these top 7 essentials for incorporating modern farmhouse design in your own home!

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10 Top Seattle Interior Designers


As the largest growing city in the pacific northwest, Seattle interior designers have an advantage of living in a hub for amazing contemporary design all around them. The city’s diverse history also plays a part in today’s local interior design interpretations. It is a vibrant seaport city. As a result, there is a rich story of people from all over the world took dock there. A thriving international scene that remains there to this day. The natural landscapes also provide ample inspiration – from beaches, to grassy rolling lands, to the central urban landscape.

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10 Ways to Incorporate Original Art into your Home

original art in a moody blue lounge

Beautiful art-filled homes are flooding our Pinterest feeds, and they look curated and perfect! We love the inspiration but, when it comes to creating your curated home, things may get difficult. Creating an arty interior doesn’t however, have to be a challenge! Here we’ve set out a few pointers to help you be your own curator of original art and start living in your dream home.

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Online Interior Designer Spotlight: Stella Pena

modern online interior designer

In this month’s designer spotlight, we get to know a Miami girl with a passion for New York design. Getting her inspiration from nature, Stella P sees interior design as her therapy. She puts her clients’ satisfaction above all else since this is what makes her happiest in her chosen career. With a playful attitude to color, this young designer puts a fresh new spin on contemporary interiors. Bright focal walls, patterned wallpaper and lush textures are her go-to favorites when she designs a space. Read more to find out who her favorite designers are and why she believes in the sanctity of her bedroom.

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Before & After: Contemporary Living Room Design Online

Contemporary Living Room Design Online

Is it possible to create a warm and contemporary style in a monochromatic and industrial space? The owner of this one bedroom loft liked the warmth and layout of the space when the previous owner occupied it, but wanted less of a monochromatic palette. The white walls make a great neutral backdrop, but placing color strategically within the space is what would make it feel like home. One simple application to Decorilla for contemporary living room design online helped to create the perfect home decor for the client’s brand new condo.  Continue reading Before & After: Contemporary Living Room Design Online

7 Top Dental Office Design Ideas & Trends


The medical field is constantly expanding and changing because new research provides new understanding and new outlooks in the field. The fields of ergonomics and design both teach us that design affects how people feel, and doctors now are making note of that in their private practices. It takes more than an impressive fish tank to really set a medical office’s interior design standards apart from the crowd these days. For that reason, dental office design is becoming more people-friendly than it has ever been. Taking the whole human experience into account, an easy change to make is in the decor and design. What people see and experience when they first enter a dental office can affect their entire experience. These top dental office interior design trends are making waves in the dental world right now.

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