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Bursting with creativity and excitement, Portland interior designers and decorators produce some serious oomph. Eclectic, blissful, and marvelously modern, the interiors they create are trendsetting and visually alive. So, whether you’re looking to hire an interior designer in Portland or searching for interior inspiration, our list of industry leaders has got you covered!

Interior Design in Portland

Living & dining room by Decorilla's top Portland interior designers
Living & dining room by Decorilla‘s top Portland interior designers

In Portland, interior design manifests as a blend of aesthetics, deeply influenced by the region’s natural beauty and progressive ethos. Spaces are often infused with a blend of modern and rustic, where reclaimed wood and sleek metal accents coexist harmoniously. Portlanders also tend to favor open floor plans, flooded with natural light and adorned with local art.

About Portland Interior Designers

Open concept living by top Decorilla interior designers from Portland
Open-concept living by top Decorilla interior designers from Portland

Portland’s interior designers are renowned for their ability to craft spaces that are as eclectic as the city itself. These professionals often draw on the diverse influences of the Pacific Northwest, combining urban sophistication with elements of nature. Their work frequently incorporates sustainable practices, from sourcing eco-friendly materials to repurposing vintage furniture.

Jessica Helgerson

top portland interior designers JHID

The JHID Portland interior design team strives to not only create sophisticated interiors but also to celebrate the architecture of each project. Their designs combine the excitement of contemporary design with the beauty of historical architecture. The founder, Jessica Helgerson, has over two decades of experience in the interior industry. Together with a network of collaborating professionals and other Portland interior designers, Jessica can hone a client’s strong vision to craft residential or commercial spaces that are remarkably well put together and unique.

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cozy loft interior design portland by jessica helgerson

WHAT WE LOVE: That Jessica grounds her designs in green building and sustainability. As a result, she highlights how awe-inspiring green design can be.

Betsy Miller

one of the top portland oregon interior designers betsy miller

Kitchen and bathroom design powerhouse Betsy Miller brings nearly 20 years of design expertise to every project. However, her talent doesn’t end with kitchens and baths. She also excels at creating highly customized spaces in any room and style that pinpoint her client’s lifestyle and vision. Betsy adheres to the design mantra that form follows function. In other words, functionality and character come first, while other components are incorporated only to enhance the space. As a result, her designs are not only visually stunning, but also ergonomically pleasing.

Glam feminine bathroom by one of Decorilla's Portland, Oregon interior designers, Betsy M.
Glam feminine bathroom by one of Decorilla‘s Portland, Oregon interior designers, Betsy M.

Considering the plethora of design options and endless solutions for any given problem, Betsy allows instinct to guide her design process to avoid paralysis and overthinking. Here, her extensive experience and intuition shine. There are no frills or fluff in the spaces she creates, just functionality in its most beautiful form.

Contemporary Portland interior design, by Decorilla designer, Betsy M.
Contemporary Portland interior design, by Decorilla designer, Betsy M.

WHAT WE LOVE: Betsy’s attention to functionality. Every room she creates specifically caters to her client’s lifestyle. Love her work? Get started with Betsy today!

Jenni Leasia 

_portland oregon interior design jenni leasia

From traditional to modern, Jenni Leasia Design Portland creates rooms that are uncluttered and clean. Leader Jenni Leasia and her team excel in residential renovations and custom kitchen designs while paying close attention to the many details that make a home a home. In addition, her interior design help supports clients in all aspects of the design process, from concept to construction. With a focus on comfort and joy, Jenni not only creates spaces made for sharing meals but also for living life with loved ones.


WHAT WE LOVE: Jenni’s personalized approach. She involves the client in the design process to make their “life at home easy and more beautiful” above all else.

Allison Smith

Houzz interior designers portland oregon - allison smith

As one of the top full-service Portland interior design firms, Allison Smith Designs, handles everything from start to finish among their residential, commercial and restaurant projects. This detailed approach allows for clients to sit back and watch their dream space come to life. Founder and principal designer, Allison Smith, has created design master pieces internationally and across the United States. Regardless of the style, her designs evoke comfortable simplicity with well-curated furniture and décor pieces.

relaxing master bath with a view by interior decorators portland - allison smith design

WHAT WE LOVE: Inviting rooms that draw the owner and their guests into relaxation.

Sarah Oxley

portland interior designers - sarah oxley

Growing up among a family of artists, Sarah Oxley‘s passion for using art as an expression developed from an early age. In the years since, she has honed her artistic side into creating inviting interiors for residential, hospitality, and education projects along the West Coast. Today, Sarah begins each design with a collection of colors, textures, and materials to form a cohesive palette for her concepts. This mix-and-match approach gives way to her signature boho eclectic style.

Modern living and dining room by one of Decorilla's interior decorators in Portland, Sarah O.
Modern living and dining room by one of Decorilla‘s interior decorators in Portland, Sarah O.

Natural inspiration runs deep in Sarah’s designs, often featuring beautiful wood tones, lively greenery, and pops of earth tones. She seamlessly blends these elements into any style. Furthermore, she loves to incorporate something personal to each client, be it a piece of art they made, a photo they took, or treasures from a travel experience.

eclectic living room by Sarah O with one of portland oregon interior design firms
Eclectic living room by one of Decorilla‘s Portland, Oregon interior designers, Sarah O.

WHAT WE LOVE: Not only does Sarah deliver aesthetically pleasing rooms, she’s also one of the most affordable Portland, Oregon interior designers on the list!

Kami Gray Interior

kami gray portland oregon interior design

Kami Gray creates exquisitely detailed homes. With her intricate approach to design, Kami and her team can truly transform any house into an awe-inspiring home. Because of her professional experience, Kami can work with any interior style required in a remodel, room makeover, or new build. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Design, Kami’s imagination and resourcefulness grew in her role as a catalog art director. Here she learned how to create the extraordinary on a tight budget. Beautifully staged scenes had to be “a source of inspiration,” and today, this notion certainly features in every interior project Kami pursues. It is no surprise that she and her team have been awarded Best of Houzz interior designers in Portland.

kami grey interior portland

WHAT WE LOVE: That their user-friendly homepage resembles a Pinterest board. Kami’s swoon-worthy projects are not only beautiful but also double as inspiring interior ideas for prospective clients.

Wendy O’Brien 

houzz interior designers portland oregon - wendy obrien

Architecture, fashion, and art influence Wendy O’Brien’s designs. Her eclectic projects showcase her past experiences as a musician and fashion designer. From an entertainment hub to a secluded haven, Wendy is also a Best of Houzz Portland interior designer who can create a space perfect for her clients. Furthermore, Wendy provides engineered design solutions that complement the construction process. And when it comes to final touches, her artistic approach ensures that every inch of the client’s home is intriguing.

Modern farmhouse kitchen portland interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: How her diverse experience influences each interior design project.

Garrison Hullinger

portland interior design firms - GHID

Client-centered interior design help and a commitment to form, color, and construction make up the foundation of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design. As a result, the large Portland, Oregon interior design team can cater to many client styles. Moreover, their flexible approach to projects and dedication to functionality ensures that homes are as comfortable as they are beautiful. Each Garrison Hullinger design can grace the cover of an interior design magazine because they are expertly balanced, lively, and breathtaking.

garrison hullinger living room design

WHAT WE LOVE: The large interior design team. With their combined expertise, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design can collaborate to create incredible spaces.

Mackenzie Collier

hire an interior designer - mackenzie collier

Self-proclaimed “not your mother-in-law’s interior designer,” Mackenzie Collier is well known for her uniquely bold style. She and her teams in Portland and Phoenix work closely with clients to create personalized spaces that allow them to express themselves. Just as important as a beautiful design, they’re also committed to creating spaces that support each persons lifestyle. With a focus on sustainability, spaces from MCI are sure to feature vintage pieces and locally handmade items, which only increases the one-of-a-kind factor.

Pastel kitchen by top portland interior designers mackenzie collier

WHAT WE LOVE: Mackenzie creates outside-the-box designs that won’t be replicated anywhere else!

Angela Todd 

find an interior designer in portland - angela todd

Flourishing on creativity, founder Angela Todd approaches each design project with enthusiasm and passion. Together with homeowners, Angela weaves their story with exquisite personal touches to give them a space that is distinctly unique. Through color and pattern, Angela, Jeff Church (the studio manager), and the rest of the team create memorable interiors for their clients. These interior decorators in Portland offer remodeling, new builds, spatial planning, and material selection, among many more.

portland designers angela

WHAT WE LOVE: Angela’s love for contrast. Her “irreverent soul” leads her to mix raw and spontaneous elements with sophistication and refinement. As a result, her design is beautifully fresh and eclectic.

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