Holiday decorating ideas for a living room
Holiday decorating in a contemporary living room by Decorilla

‘Tis the season for a festive home makeover! Whether you’re a seasoned décor pro or a first-timer, we’ve got fabulous holiday decorating ideas to transform your space into a winter wonderland. Get set for tips and inspiration that will make this season unforgettable!

Refined Holiday Decorating Tips from the Pros 

Moody Christmas decorating ideas in black
Moody Christmas decorating for a dark interior by Decorilla

Welcome the holiday cheer with a stylish festive abode and chic home decor. Here’s how to stay on the path to a swoon-worthy interior design (and away from overwhelming or kitsch ideas)! 

Pro Tip: It’s best to match your holiday decorating ideas to your home style. Unsure what that is? Then take our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to find your unique decorating style today!

Decorating your home for Christmas - Holiday decorating
Festive interior designs by Decorilla
  • Design in line with a theme and color palette. Unify the look of your festive home by picking a cohesive theme and color scheme for your holiday decorations. Whether it’s a winter wonderland, traditional red and green, organic minimalist, or a modern metallic style, consistency is key to a beautiful and cohesive interior.
  • Create a welcoming glow. Channel the warm spirit of the festive season with layered light. Add string lights, candles, and lanterns to your setup for an inviting ambiance. Be sure to add these at different heights, like shelves, door frames, windowsills, and floor (but out of the way).
  • Incorporate nature. Using natural materials, like pinecones and holly, adds a refreshing rustic touch and cuts spending. Source locally and include organic pops throughout your home.
  • Create nostaligic vignettes. It’s easier to create small focus areas with holiday decor and link them through color and motifs throughout your home instead of spreading cheer from floor to ceiling. So, set up vignettes, with one, two, or a trio of select decor or family momentos in certain parts of your interior, like the mantel, coffee table, windowsill, or staircase. Anywhere that draws the eye naturally works well. 

Holiday Decorating Ideas by Room

Christmas holiday decorating ideas for a living room
Neutral gray living room with holiday decor by Decorilla

Now that you have some expert advice under your belt, let’s explore holiday and Christmas decorating ideas for every room in your home.

Best Holiday Living Room Decor for a Cozy Christmas

Cozy holiday decorating ideas
Subtle holiday decorating in a living room by Decorilla

Transform your main hub into a festive sanctuary with enchanting Christmas living room decor. With a few small tweaks, you can set the stage for memorable moments with decor that echoes the joy and warmth of the season.

1. Paper Winter Whimsy: Festive Flurries of Paper Garlands

Christmas decorating ideas for a minimal interior
Crafts paper holiday decor in a lounge by Decorilla

Wondering “how to decorate for Christmas“? Then keep it simple with minimal winter wonderland Christmas decorating ideas. All you need is handcrafted paper snowflakes and you’ll be all set. Hang these delicate, intricate beauties from the ceiling, tape them to windows, or drape them over the fireplace for a magical touch. Try to incorporate organic colors in these Christmas decorations to bring a bit of the outside, in!

2. Crafting a Christmas Nook: Elevate Your Space with a Snug Corner 

Holiday decorating ideas for a living room with pillows
Cozy bay window with festive decor by Decorilla

When decorating your home for Christmas, try a dedicated holiday nook. It’s a surefire way to create a cozy home interior. Envelop your favorite corner with luxurious plush blankets, an array of oversized pillows for comfort, and one or two Christmas decorations that are perfect for small spaces.

3. Enchanting Hearth: Creative Christmas Mantel Ideas

Christmas decorations in a dark living room - Christmas mantel ideas
Christmas mantel decor and design by Decorilla

Opt for Christmas mantel ideas that blend tradition and creativity to make your fireplace the highlight of the living room. Drape lush garlands, dried berries, a bauble or two, and one or two candles for a gentle glow. You can also crown this festive arrangement with an eye-catching wreath above the mantle. 

4. Neo Festive Spirit: Alternative Christmas Trees

Alternative christmas tree as holiday decorating ideas
Alternative Christmas trees by Decorilla

Channel the holiday spirit through a minimalist lens. Try an alternative Christmas tree to add a touch of cheer on a mantel, or side table. If it’s small enough, your tree can make decorating windows for Christmas easy. This can be a simple DIY stick or branch tree, adorned with mini baubles. 

Alternative christmas decorating ideas for a living room
Alternative Christmas tree design by Decorilla

You can also use a big branch or dried tree and line it with string lights. It’ll add a sophisticated look to your holiday interior – perfect if you want to subtly infuse cheer into your home.

Best Holiday Kitchen Decor for Cheerful Cooking

Holiday kitchen decor - christmas decorating ideas for the kitchen
White kitchen interior design by Decorilla

Let the festive cheer spill into every corner of your home with charming Christmas kitchen decor. Transform the foodie heart of your home into a merry and inviting space where culinary magic and holiday spirit come together.

5. Charm in the Kitchen: Rustic Holiday Touches

Holiday kitchen decor for a white interior
Rustic kitchen interior with holiday decor by Decorilla

Embrace a casual and welcoming festive kitchen by placing Christmas decorations on floating shelves, hanging a cute accent from pendant lights, or placing a festive mini tree atop counters. Opt for wood, natural materials, and a restrained color scheme for a cohesive seasonal design. 

6. Culinary Festivity: Fun with Christmas Crockery 

Cute holiday christmas decor ideas
Cute seasonal decor in a kitchen by Decorilla

Brighten up your kitchen with holiday-themed crockery and cups, adding a dash of Christmas joy to the functionality of the space. Elevate the cheer by displaying your favorite Christmas cookies in a beautifully decorated jar, or turn console jars into makeshift lanterns. 

Minimal christmas decorations - holiday decorating ideas
Minimal Christmas string light decor in a kitchen by Decorilla

Place lit jars on open shelves to give your kitchen a warm glow, even when the main lights are off. Paired with minimal holiday decorating ideas, these jars and crockery give a stylish punch to interiors.

7. Season’s Elegance: Metallic Christmas Kitchen Decor

Christmas kitchen decor ideas
Holiday kitchen decorations by Decorilla

Opt for a less-is-more approach for your Christmas decorating ideas. Metallics can inject a healthy dose of festive glam into an interior. So, place silver or gold Christmas decorations strategically throughout your kitchen. This can be the kitchen island, a shimmery garland or a few glimmering accents on shelving.

8. Lush Dining Decor: Christmas Tablescapes

Christmas kitchen and dining room decor - Christmas tablescape
Holiday tablescapes for winter by Decorilla

If you have an open-concept kitchen and dining room, create a stunning focal point with Christmas dining table decor. Add a warm tactile runner as the base for a wintry scene of seasonal foliage and dried holly. Complement the runner with natural woven placemats and simple white plates, each adorned with a sprig of evergreen for an effortlessly festive touch.

Best Holiday Bedroom Decor for Warm Winter Nights

Cozy holiday bedroom decor in white and red
Red and white bedroom interior design by Decorilla

Let serene holiday nights continue on into the bedroom. Whatever your style, opt for seasonal holiday decor you can easily stow away or swap come January. You can also extend this theme into the en-suite with holiday bathroom décor, like cute soap tree soap bars or red towels, that complement your bedroom.

 9. Starry Night: A Celestial Take on Christmas Bedroom Decor

Christmas decorating ideas for a bedroom
Christmas decorating for a Scandi bedroom by Decorilla

Be innovative with your Christmas bedroom decor this holiday. You can create a unique display from your chandelier or suspended branches. All you need is a selection of festive ornaments to create a magical, starry night effect above your bed. This minimalist yet striking decoration style pairs beautifully with neutral bedding and accent pillows, capturing a tranquil and elegant essence of the season.

10. Vintage Touches: Embracing Nostalgia in Holiday Decor

Holiday and Christmas decorating ideas for a bedroom
Neutral and subtle holiday decorating by Decorilla

Bring the warmth of yesteryears into your Christmas bedroom decor with nostalgic accents. Retro baubles alongside cute lanterns create a classic atmosphere while not overwhelming the room’s own style. You can complement it with subtle metallic accents through vintage-inspired brushed gold miniature trees. To showcase beloved memories, frame an old black and white family photo in a classic wooden frame to complete this timeless holiday vignette.

11. Winter Whisper: Rest in Textured Elegance

Decorating your home for the holidays - Christmas bedroom decor
Cozy wintery bedroom interior designs by Decorilla

Here, a fusion of plush fabrics and harmonious palettes creates interiors that whisper the elegance of the holidays. Layering pillows and throws in nature-inspired shades, like deep crimson, sandy browns, or leafy greens, introduces a subtle nod to traditional Christmas hues, while the soft neutrals maintain a peaceful, restful atmosphere. 

12. Cozy Christmas Slumber: A Traditional Holiday Bedroom Retreat

Plaid Christmas bedroom decor
Plaid bedroom decor in cozy interiors by Decorilla

Wrap your bedroom in the warmth of the holidays with a plush, chunky knit throw and richly patterned red plaid throws or pillows. A bedroom needs only a few clever touches to feel festive – especially if packed full of pattern or color. 

Best Holiday Entryway Decor for a Bright Welcome

Minimalist holiday decorating ideas - christmas entryway decor
Chic holiday entryway decor and design by Decorilla

Welcome the holiday season right from the doorstep with enchanting Christmas entryway decor that captures the season’s spirit. A few quick touches and you’ll create an inviting first impression that’s both warm and joyful.

13. Golden Greetings: Crafting an Inviting Christmas Foyer

Holiday decorating ideas - Christmas entryway decor
Christmas foyer design by Decorilla

Create an elegant Christmas vignette with a dark, polished cabinet topped decorated with greenery and dried seasonal berries or flowers. Tall, slender candles set in classic holders will add a sophisticated glow, while metallic accents and an ornate mirror introduce a luxurious warmth.

14. Rustic Radiance: Enchanting Wreath Portals 

Christmas entryway decor - decorating your home for christmas and the holidays
Modern farmhouse entryway design by Decorilla

Adorn your foyer walls with simple yet elegant evergreen wreaths, glowing with fairy lights. This minimalist design can also be extended to decorating windows for Christmas by creating a warm welcome without overwhelming the space. Complement the festive decor with a natural wood bench, cozy pillow, and potted rosemary

15. Nature’s Grand Entrance: A Cascading Green Wonderland

Holiday entryway decorating ideas
Glam entryway decor for a festive interior by Decorilla

Step up your entryway with a lush garland of evergreens that cascade over a door frame like a natural waterfall. This creates a serene and inviting passage into your home. But you can also make it feel glamorous by pairing the garland with shimmery trees and metallic festive decor. 

16. Christmas Tree Wall: Minimal Decorations for the Foyer

Alternative christmas tree decorating ideas
Minimal Christmas decor for a foyer by Decorilla

Transform your entryway into a Scandinavian holiday scene by hanging up a unique Christmas tree shape. This enchanting Christmas decoration will delight guests and family alike with its unique and chic charm.

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