Adorable nursery design for twins
Adorable nursery design for twins by Decorilla

When expecting the arrival of a new family member, creating a dedicated nursery space feels divinely exciting—and sometimes equally challenging. And when there’s more than one newcomer, the stakes are much higher. With a desire to ensure comfort, functionality, and style for her babies, one client asked Decorilla for a neutral green nursery design for twins. Read on to see the stunning transformation that followed.

The Challenge: Gender-Neutral Nursery Design for Twins

Expecting twins, a boy and a girl, the client reached out to Decorilla for their expertise in dream nursery designs. With excitement and anticipation, they visualized a space steeped in nature, drawing inspiration from wilderness, scenic vistas, and lush forests. However, despite the clear inclination towards certain design elements, the client remained open to innovative suggestions and fresh ideas. Their main objective was to ensure a harmonious and comforting environment, expecting the designer to:

  • Use mainly neutral earth tones, from white and cream to vibrant touches of green
  • Use a jungle or tropical theme as an inspiration
  • Emphasize plants, leaves, mountains, seas, skies, and other scenic nature elements
  • Incorporate natural fabrics and plenty of wood
  • Avoid gold, black, red, and orange accents

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Green Nursery Design Inspiration

Green nursery design for twins, inspiration board

The client’s inspiration gallery showcased a curated collection centered around gender-neutral green nursery decor ideas. It was an intuitive choice tailored specifically for twins – a boy and a girl. Each image captured the essence of calm and balanced spaces, utilizing various shades of green to bring a sense of serenity and harmony. Expectedly, the selections featured design elements that bridge the gap between masculinity and femininity, ensuring an inclusive environment. 

Green Nursery Ideas & Moodboard

Decorilla's green nursery design moodboard for twins
Green nursery design moodboard by Decorilla

The gallery served as a great visual guide, emphasizing the client’s vision for a nature-inspired, nursery theme for their twins. In addition to that, they provided comprehensive insight into their wishes and habits by completing Decorilla’s interactive design questionnaire. The team was now ready to dive into the extensive designer roster and identify the ideal creative matches for the job.

After reviewing the client’s brief, two talented designers presented their unique interpretations for the makeover. Faced with equally compelling choices, the client was at a crossroads over which initial design to pursue. While both moodboards contained captivating ideas, after a round of consultation, Erika F.‘s concepts resonated the most with the client. 

Nursery design for twins by Decorilla
Nursery design for twins by Decorilla

Erika’s enchanting green nursery design ideas flawlessly embodied the client’s vision in a harmonious blend of nature-inspired elements and neutral tones. Dominated by whites, creams, and browns, the setup promised to convey a genuine sense of calmness and serenity. In addition, various shades of green were seamlessly integrated, highlighting the client’s preference for pops of color. The design also emphasized plants, leaves, and mountains, showcasing scenic outdoorsy vibes.

Nursery Design for Twins 

Green nursery design ideas by Decorilla
Green nursery design ideas by Decorilla

In this harmoniously designed green nursery, the ambiance feels both calming and invigorating, making it perfect for babies and parents. Two elegant cribs command attention against the freshly painted green wall. Above them hangs an evocative piece of art featuring dreamy treetops, tying in with the overarching nature theme. 

The color change of the main walls, while initially not in the client’s plans, turned out to be an inspired decision they happily embraced. It pairs beautifully with the accent wall, covered in tactile slatted wooden panels. It boasts three white floating shelves, each adorned with whimsical baby decor and a selection of enchanting toddler books.

Green nursery design for twins by Decorilla
Green nursery design for twins by Decorilla

Opposite the cribs, a substantial wooden dresser doubles as a convenient changing table, providing ample storage for baby essentials. A plush cream recliner, perfect for those quiet feeding moments, sits invitingly at its side. It’s paired with a round side table, providing easy access to necessities. There is also a sleek white lamp to gently illuminate the cozy setup.

Adding to the room’s plushness, a luxurious cream rug graces the floor with a geometric pattern. Complementary cream semi-sheer curtains drape gracefully from the windows, offering both seclusion and a diffused natural lighting. Meanwhile, a statuesque potted plant embraces one window, completing the room’s organic feel with an additional touch of nature.

How the Designer Changed the Room

Green nursery for twins before (left) and after (right) design by Decorilla
Green nursery design for twins before and after by Decorilla

The designer successfully transformed the previously plain, white room into a captivating green nursery design for twins. By introducing a vibrant but gentle palette, stylish decor, and functional wooden furnishings, they fully revitalized the space. In addition, the nature-inspired elements made the ambiance feel both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Green Nursery Design Shopping List

Green nursery design shopping list by Decorilla
Nursery furniture and decor shopping list by Decorilla

With Decorilla’s online interior design package, the client immediately felt their dream nursery was within reach. It all started with two personalized moodboards crafted to align with their desires. With the aid of technical layouts and meticulous advice, the client could truly grasp the potential of the space. Meanwhile, the photo-realistic 3D renderings made them feel like they were already walking through the room. But Decorilla had more on the plate to complete the experience: a detailed shopping list with exclusive trade discounts and a white-glove concierge to take over the logistics.  

Top Picks for Green Nursery Ideas

When it comes to bringing green nursery design ideas to life, nothing beats the importance of the right furniture. Here are our curated selections that seamlessly blend function with aesthetic, using a soothing palette and botanical theme.

Green nursery design ideas for twins, top picks by Decorilla
  1. Area Rug
  2. Side Table
  3. Wall Art
  4. Convertible Cribs
  5. Recliner Armchair
  6. Changing Table

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