Decorate for New Year's Eve - living room new years eve decoration ideas
New Year’s Eve decor by Decorilla

The New Year is quickly approaching, and so are pretty parties filled with NYE decorations. These come in all shapes and sizes with one thing in common: they set the mood for an evening of celebrations. However, the sea of inspiration can be tough to navigate. That’s why we’ve put together a guide from interior design experts to help you decorate for New Year’s Eve. Read on for tips on creating an unforgettable evening.

Decorate for New Year’s Eve 101

New years eve decoration ideas for an interior
Disco ball centerpiece by Decorilla

The pivotal part of decorating for New Year’s Eve is creating an environment that is perfectly pretty and pretty perfect for socializing. With this in mind, focus on the hosting areas first. This could include the living room, patio or outdoor area, dining room, and kitchen. Thereafter, you can add finishing touches to other spaces, like the powder room and hall.

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How to Decorate for New Year’s Eve

New years decorations - deocrate for new years eve with a festive barcart
Festive bar cart design by Decorilla
  1. Stick to a New Year’s party theme. Browse through a few party theme ideas and pick your favorite. By keeping to a look, decorating will be both efficient and without unnecessary expenditure.
  2. Decide on colors before buying New Year’s decorations. One primary and two complementary tones are enough. Limiting your color palette will lead to a cohesive party interior filled with stunning New Year’s Eve home decorating ideas.
  3. Go big but with less. You can create an impressive feature wall with two or three oversized balloons and a “Happy New Year” banner. Too much décor can feel cluttered and overwhelming.
  4. Decorate the table with socializing in mind. Be practical and don’t over-decorate. Ensure there is enough elbow room for guests to move their arms freely without the risk of knocking something over.
  5. Choose neutral, soft flowers. Fragrant flowers can cause irritation or even an allergic reaction in some people. So, keep to blooms that have a subtle or neutral scent.
  6. Set up a self-serve bar or bar cart. Make sure guests can help themselves to snacks and drinks. A separate bar area will also free up surface area and encourage social interaction – especially when it’s beautifully decorated.
  7. Add visual depth with height. Use New Year’s Eve decorations of different lengths and sizes. Floating helium balloons or suspended pompoms can make a room feel instantly celebratory.
  8. Don’t forget the clock. Be sure to place a clock or two on the wall as a reminder of the countdown. You can also incorporate alarm clocks into your New Year’s centerpieces or tablescape.

Start with a New Year’s Eve Party Theme 

Fresh new years eve decorations ideas
Fresh tablescape design by Decorilla

Set the tone for your evening with a New Year’s party theme that excites you. You’ll be picking the backdrop for making memories, so choose something that will create your preferred atmosphere. Think casual, glitzy, or formal – even completely natural can work thanks to the bright colors of flowers.

3 New Year’s Eve Party Themes

1. Boho Casual 

Decorate for new year's eve with a boho theme dining table
Boho dining room interior by Decorilla

Low-key bohemian-inspired New Year’s Eve decorations are perfect for a casual soiree. Even though it’s laidback, a boho New Year’s Eve party theme can be very chic. To create the look at home, set a farmhouse-style table complete with various candles, different scatter cushions, and unique balloons dangling above the table. Add a special touch like the feather wall hanging pictured above to round off the look.

2. Disco Glitz

Disco new years eve party decorations - decorate for new years eve
Disco New Year’s Eve decor by Decorilla

A disco-themed party is sure to get guests in the mood for dancing. Ensure you have enough room for a mini dance floor and, of course, disco balls. Everything that shimmers and sparkles can form part of your NYE decoration. However, keep to a color scheme to ensure a luxurious design that is equally fun and sleek.

3. Champagne, More Than a Drink

New years eve decoration ideas for a wall
NYE wall decoration by Decorilla

Champagne has become symbolic of celebration and fresh prospects, so why not incorporate it into the feeling of the night. The metallic colors and warm glow of bubbly are perfect for a sophisticated evening. You can go further by contrasting the soft light with a gold, silver, and black color scheme in your New Year’s Eve decorations.

Essential New Year’s Decoration Ideas

New years eve decorations for a table setting
NYE table decoration by Decorilla

With a couple of inspiring ideas, you can decorate for New Year’s Eve in no time. Moreover, NYE parties are fit for letting go of the seriousness of the rest of the year. Some New Year’s Eve decoration ideas can inspire positive interior design New Year’s resolutions, particularly those we adore.

  • Confetti Bar

Confetti bar for new years eve decoration ideas
Confetti bar for new years eve decoration by Decorilla

Champagne won’t be the only thing that goes pop when the clock strikes midnight. With a confetti bar, guests can collect their favorite glitter bits and get ready to shower the room with their colorful creations when the time is right. The colorful splash will certainly be memorable.

  • Fairy Light Magic

Cute star jar new years eve decorations
Minimal star string light jar decor by Decorilla

In line with a champagne New Year’s party theme, decorate a large mirror cascading fairy lights or pop jars around your interior. The soft glow will bounce a soft champagne color around the room. It also adds a magical feeling – one of anticipation and excitement for the New Year.

  • Softening Florals

New years decorations and centerpiece ideas
White flowers as New Year’s decorations by Decorilla

Include white flowers and soft neutrals in your New Year’s Eve decorations to balance stronger hues like black, gold, or silver. Snowdrops and carnations are not only a lovely feminine addition to a party interior, but they also symbolize the birth of January. If you want more sparkle, use glass jars covered in gold glitter as vases.

New Year’s Door Decorations

Festive wreath for a new years eve interior and holiday decorations
Festive wreath by Decorilla

The New Year’s door decorations are the first thing your guests will see. Emulate a celebratory spirit by incorporating delicate fairy light-covered branches or a fairy light around the doorway to lead the way into your home. Be sure to add other touches, like a ‘Happy New Year’ banner or lush garlands, to encourage the happy festive feeling even more.

Your New Year’s Eve door decoration can do more than announce the event: it can put a smile on visitors’ faces. A customized doormat, for instance, can welcome guests when you’re busy, while a shimmery metallic wreath can symbolize new beginnings, and a starry curtain can help give anyone who walks through your doors a mood boost.

New Year’s Eve Dinner Table Ideas

Pink new years eve decorations for a dining table
Pink and black tablescape design by Decorilla

Let your New Year’s Eve dinner table ideas come to life with color and décor to match. You can create a decadent table with black, gold, and inky flowers or one that beckons sit back and relax. Whichever you choose, be sure to create a practical and picturesque NYE table both for reminiscing and making memories. One way to do so is to plan table seating or professionally design your dining room. Use placeholders, like old champagne corks, to indicate who sits where, and allow enough room for free arm movement, plates, cutlery, decor, and champagne glasses. 

Our Favorite New Year’s Eve Dinner Table Ideas

New years eve decoration ideas for a dining table
Floral and feminine tablescape by Decorilla

WHAT WE LOVE: The fresh color palette and clever use of mini gift boxes. The latter is a great opportunity to give everyone at the table a beautiful wish for the future.

Black and gold new years eve holiday decoration ideas
Black and gold festive tablescape by Decorilla

WHAT WE LOVE: The contrast of gold and black. New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to make use of one of the most striking color combinations in interiors. Moreover, it makes a party feel instantly glamorous.

Decorate for new years eve - boho dining table new years eve decoration ideas
Boho decor for a New Year’s Eve dinner design by Decorilla

WHAT WE LOVE: The otherworldly feeling of the rustic tablescape. Different sized candles and delicate feathers make a beautiful bohemian centerpiece as well as give an air of a time before electricity.

Charming New Year’s Centerpieces

festive table - decorate for new years eve
Festive tablescape design by Decorilla

Whether you want your centerpiece to impress or just as a finishing touch to an already beautiful interior, there are a few things to keep in mind when decorating a New Year’s centerpiece.

New Year’s Eve Centerpieces Do’s & Don’ts 

New Years eve decoration ideas with disco balls
NYE dining table centerpiece by Decorilla

DO alternate between decor heights and sizes for the centerpiece.

DON’T use bulky vases, flowers, and bowls that cut off guests’ field of vision.

DO incorporate metallic alarm clocks as a symbolic addition to the theme of passing time.

DON’T add overly fragrant flowers that can cause an allergic reaction in people.

DO decorate in pairs or multiples of three. For instance, create three clusters in the middle of the table with three flower arrangements, candles, and baubles. 

Black and gold holiday decor for new years eve decorations
Floral centerpiece in a design by Decorilla

DON’T forget vertical space – the area directly above the centerpiece is perfect for a garland or festive typography.

DO use differently shaped and colored glasses as part of your New Year’s centerpiece. Keep in mind that as guests use glasses, your centerpiece will lose some bulk.

DON’T over decorate. Rather keep NYE decorations simple by using thoughtful New Year’s decoration ideas.

DO mix materials. Different textures are intriguing and provide a lovely tactile element to the table.

DON’T forget the sparkle. Even if your theme is not on the shiny side, a few metallic touches give an air key to New Year celebrations.  

Eye-Catching New Year’s Wall Decorations

Decorate for new years eve with a photobooth of silver balloons
Photo booth wall design by Decorilla

When you decorate for New Year’s Eve, remember that every surface of your home is an opportunity to make something memorable. But be mindful not to go overboard with NYE decor. A feature wall near the main entertaining area is a great reminder to keep track of the countdown. Clock balloons or a gallery wall of clocks might just be what your interior needs.

Cute new years eve decorations for a black and gold dining table
Black and gold wall decor and design by Decorilla

Alternatively, you can ensure the wall is the perfect background for taking photos – or remembering the past with an iconic photo wall. For a photo-perfect wall, contrast a simplistic backdrop with an oversized frame and other props that will allow an interactive and fun way to capture the festivities of the night.

Decorate with Our Favorite New Year’s Décor

Top picks to decorate for New Year's Eve

With our top picks of New Year’s Eve decorations, you can create a luxe interior ready for entertaining.  

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  1. Luxe Dinnerware: Whether you’re serving a three-course dinner or light snacks, beautiful plates will make your table even more so.
  2. Bar Cart: The Art Deco-inspired bar cart is the perfect vehicle for a drink or snack station. Not only is a self-service bar cart convenient, but it’s also fun.
  3. Beverage Tub: Keep drinks cooled and at hand with a beverage tub – a great addition to the self-serve bar cart.
  4. Rain Lights: Use curtain rain lights as a New Year’s wall decoration.
  5. Starburst Light: The starburst light can either hang above a table with balloons or lay on top of a table or vase.
  6. Marble Serveware: Sleek serving ware is not only useful for a New Year’s Eve party but can impress guests at any of your dinner parties.
  7. Wall Clock: Keep an eye on the countdown to midnight with a grand wall clock that suits the night’s opulence.
  8. Festive Garland: Sophisticated sparkle is a must for NYE. Festive garlands can be delightful on a mantel or as part of a New Year’s Eve centerpiece.

Now that you have all the inspiration you need to decorate for New Year’s Eve, you can host a breathtaking event. But if you need help getting your home holiday-ready, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to get started today!

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