Pastels for a spring home decor makeover

As springtime draws near, it’s time to embrace the spirit of the season. After a good spring cleaning, why not go ahead and breathe new life into your home? It’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your space with some spring home décor updates! Read on to discover our favorite spring decorating ideas – there’s something for everyone.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Quick Tips

Pastel spring decorating ideas by Decorilla
Pastel spring decorating in a living room by Decorilla

Incorporating seasonal touches into your home can be easy. If you’re not keen to repaint the walls in one of the more springtime-friendly colors of the year 2024, then you still have options. These ideas are ideal for anyone eager to add spring-inspired décor to their home without making drastic changes.

Pro Tip: Match your spring home decor to your favortire design style. Not sure what that is? Take our Interior Design Style Quiz to discover your personal style today!

1. Boho Rugs as Spring House Décor

Spring living room decor
Bright and airy spring home decor by Decorilla designer, Brooke S.

An ever lingering interior design trend, bohemian design is all about vivid colors, bold patterns, and texture. For this reason, boho decor is perfect for springtime-inspired interiors. Add fun and fabulous multi-colored area rugs to your home to celebrate the spring blooms indoors. Pair the rugs with other spring room décor items in complementary shades to make the space pop! Think accent scatters, colorful planters, and, of course – plants! 

2. Pretty Pastel Spring Home Décor

Pink spring decorating ideas
Pink-accented living room by Decorilla

A timeless classic, pastel colors are synonymous with springtime. They also fit white interiors perfectly. If you like soft and toned-down hues, opt to scatter pastel accent pieces throughout the house. Think of easy to swop out and add items like scatter cushions, lamps, vases, and candles. Also, look out for artwork in pastel hues for some eye-catching spring wall décor. 

3. Light the Way 

spring home décor ideas
Modern organic living room design by Decorilla

Let days linger on for longer with romantic lanterns. Indoor or outside, delicate candle holders add a welcoming glow encouraging staying up a little while longer. As an affordable option, you can easily dot a lantern or three in communal spaces or walkways. You can also place them near reflective surfaces to double the illumination.  

Spring Living Room Décor

Spring home decor in a living room
Spring home decor in a living room by Decorilla

There’s no better time to liven up your living room than now during the season of new life. Put away the thick blankets and dark hues of winter and welcome back the warmer weather in style.

4. Creative Spring Mantel Décor 

spring fireplace décor
Transitional living room design by Decorilla

When it comes to spring mantel décor, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing to put together a seasonal living room focal point. Again, it can be fuss-free. Simply decorate with what you have. Use items such as photos, books, or artwork tastefully organized. Your display can also include fresh flowers and greenery, pastels, have a festive theme, and more – it’s all up to you!

5. Play Around With Spring Home Décor

Spring Decorating Ideas - Mladen C
Spring living room decoration by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

A whimsical season such as spring deserves to be celebrated with equally whimsical home décor. Why not add an indoor swing to your living room for a playful touch? Alternatively, consider including a hanging chair – after all, it’s just as fun but more durable and on-trend.  

6. Light & Airy Spring Living Room Décor

Spring home decor ideas
Luxury living room with spring home decor by Decorilla

With the right furniture or accent pieces, it’s possible to make every space seem bright and roomy. Try ECO-Glass (an alternative to acrylic and Lucite) pieces, like chairs and coffee tables, to make your home feel light and airy. Just be sure to select items you’ll want to keep as plastics aren’t environmentally friendly. Try to source products made from recycled materials or have an eco-friendly stamp.  

Spring Bedroom Ideas

Spring bedroom decor ideas
Calming spring bedroom decor by Decorilla

Your bedroom should be a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Treat yourself to a bedroom makeover this spring by freshening it up with floral wallpaper, contrasting décor, and light and earthy linens.

7. Nature-Inspired Spring Wall Décor

Spring bedroom wall decor ideas - Michelle B.
Spring bedroom decorating ideas by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

Paint and wallpaper can entirely transform a space – whether it’s applied to all the walls or just a single one. For this reason, and the fact that there is such a wide variety of styles available, floral wallpaper is one of our favorite spring decorating ideas. If you prefer paint, enlist the services of an artist – a mural can be an awe-inspiring feature. Go on, pick your style and revamp that bedroom!

8. Yellow Spring Home Décor

Spring home ideas for a bedroom - Joyce T.
Yellow spring room decor by Decorilla designer, Joyce T.

Instantly bring some of that golden spring sunshine into your bedroom through bright yellow décor. Introduce yellow items such as scatter cushions, curtains, artwork, and flowers. In short, add any sunny decorative pieces that bring you joy.

9. Contrasting Spring Bedroom Décor 

Traditional bedroom with spring bedroom decorating ideas
Traditional bedroom design by Decorilla

Offset the drama of a bedroom featuring darker colored décor with some crisp white linen. The lighter-colored bedding will make the room feel cool, clean, and well put together. 

Spring Kitchen Décor Ideas

Kitchen spring decor ideas - Michelle B
Kitchen with spring home decor ideas by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

Finally, it’s time to show some love to the heart of your home. After all, your kitchen deserves a spring-worthy makeover too. Discover which spring home décor ideas you like best for this practical space.

10. Twice as Nice Spring Home Décor 

spring kitchen decor ideas with two tone cabinets
Kitchen design with two-toned cabinets by Decorilla

Two-tone cabinets in pastel colors are a fantastic addition to any kitchen – regardless of the season. However, if soft pastels aren’t to your taste, opt for any bright and cheery color reminiscent of springtime. For a subtle look, only add color to the lower cabinets, leaving the top ones a neutral tone, like white.

11. Spring Kitchen Décor Ideas: Practical Plants

Spring kitchen decor with practical plants by Decorilla
Spring kitchen decor with plants by Decorilla

Embrace the practical nature of the kitchen by adding a dedicated spring herb wall. By having your favorite fresh greens on hand, you benefit from both their appearance and natural goodness. If you can’t indulge in a vertical garden, place your herbs in complementary planters.

12. Exposed Shelf Spring Decorating Ideas

Kitchen spring decor ideas for open shelves
Kitchen spring decor ideas by Decorilla

Style meets function with open kitchen shelves. Not only does this mimic the free, clean feelings of spring, but it also makes reaching frequently used items easy. Be sure to organize whichever kitchen articles you store on your exposed shelves in an aesthetically pleasing way. Think by color, utility, size, or even material. 

Spring Front Door & Porch Décor

Spring front porch decor - renata B
Spring front porch decor by Decorilla designer, Renata B.

Whether you want seasonal spring decorating ideas or to incorporate the atmosphere of spring the whole year-round, you can. Here are our favorite style tips to ensure your home makes a great first impression.  

13. Shabby-Chic Spring Porch Décor Idea

shabby chic front porch design by Decorilla
Shabby chic front porch design by Decorilla

Shabby-chic lovers, this spring flower décor idea is just right for your front porch. The best part is you also use two trends, namely retro and nature-inspired designs.

Put a smile on visitors’ faces by upcycling vintage containers, turning them into vases or even planters. Old watering cans, buckets, and milk pitchers will all work well. Simply make up bunches of your favorite blooms and put them into your preferred antique containers. Once the arrangements are complete, place them around your front porch area. With such lovely spring front door décor, your home is sure to become the talk of the neighborhood.

Contemporary spring flower décor tip:

Put a modern spin on the vintage look by choosing only one or two colors for the flowers and create a minimal, slender bunch instead of an abundant one. Play with height as well. Use different length stems and foliage for a balanced picture. 

14. Soft & Breezy Curtains 

Transitional verandah design by Decorilla

Flowy curtains catching the wind in gentle waves certainly set the stage for a special interior. Line the porch roof eaves with slim rods so they’re out of sight, and hang air-light voile curtains. You can use drapes as purely ornamental spring porch décor by opting for one sheet per pillar. Or if your porch is the only outdoor space you have, add enough curtains for full privacy when you need it. 

15. Swing into Spring with Porch Décor

spring porch décor - swing chairs
Rustic beach porch design by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Sometimes functionality can be fun, especially when it comes to seating. Add a little whimsy to your front porch with a swing or hanging chair. This can form part of an outdoor lounge or a small swing could hang near the front door – perfect for showing off your spring flowers or décor. 

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