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Scottsdale interior designers have mastered the art of blending the arid landscape with sophistication. With their interior design help, homeowners can have a dream home that surpasses even the most luxurious interior. While the Decorilla team is lucky enough to have a few of these local designers on our team, we’re also always keeping an eye on rising design talent to work with. Check out our top Scottsdale interior designers and decorators you’d love to have makeover your home!

Janet Brooks Design

scottsdale interior designers - janet brooks

Janet Brooks is the lead in this established group of Scottsdale interior designers, and she is involved in the creative process of each project. With the team’s collaborative approach, Janet Brooks Design works to craft spaces from the ground up to fit each client’s lifestyle and personality. Most known for luxury interiors, Janet constantly strives for perfection. As a result, homes designed by Janet are the perfect blend between contemporary chic and classic grandeur.

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Contemporary bathroom by janet brooks interior design scottsdale

WHAT WE LOVE: The diversity and wealth of knowledge their team has to offer. An architect, builder, interior designer, and landscape architect work together to create the best possible cohesive interior and exterior design.

Aimee Martinelli

interior designers scottsdale az - aimee martinelli

Aimee Martinelli is among the most affordable interior designers in Scottsdale, AZ. She prides herself on creating unique spaces that match the individuality of each of her clients. In addition, this ability to capture personalities and preferences allows for the homeowners to feel right at home within Aimee’s designs.

Modern farmhouse dining room by interior decorator scottsdale - aimee m
Modern farmhouse dining room by Decorilla interior decorator in Scottsdale, Aimee M.

Aimee says that the mix and match style of eclectic design lends itself to “perfectly representing her clients story, lifestyle, and interests”. Furthermore, it is through travel that she channels a lot of her design inspiration. As a result, she truly appreciates design that effortlessly blends old and new to deliver fresh and unique spaces.

Boho bedroom by one of the best interior designers in scottsdale
Boho bedroom by Decorilla interior designer in Scottsdale, AZ, Aimee M.

WHAT WE LOVE: Aimee’s ability to easily transition between design styles, delivering stunning spaces in a variety of looks. Love Aimee’s work? Get started with her today!

Lauren Lerner

interior decorators scottsdale az - lauren lerner

Founder of Living with Lolo, Luaren Lerner is certainly rising to the top of Scottsdale interior designers. Most notably, she’s been named of of Arizona’s top 10 interior designers. Coming from the fashion and skincare industry, Lauren certainly made a quick and successful transition to interior design. Now, her firm is recognized for their signature blend of modern, contemporary and transitional eclectic aesthetic. However, they never forget to incorporate their client’s vision into these spaces.

Contemporary dining room by living with lolo interior design scottsdale

WHAT WE LOVE: Living with LoLo’s signature looks that delivers one-of-a-kind spaces every time.

Alisha Taylor

Alisha taylor interior designer scottsdale az

From a young age, Alisha Taylor was drawn to interior design, when she once sketched a reimagined classroom furniture plan on the back of an assignment. Since then, she’s become an award winning interior designer in Scottsdale, AZ as well as across the country. Now, as the head of her own firm that shares her namesake, Alisha creates stunning homes through the seamless combinations of the technical and artistic aspects of design. It is no wonder she’s also received all 5-star ratings among Houzz interior designers, Scottsdale.

Modern farmhouse interior design scottsdale by alisha taylor

WHAT WE LOVE: Interiors by Alisha elicit extreme comfort and coziness, while remaining stylish.

David Michael Miller

hire an interior designer scottsdale az - david michael miller

David Michael Miller knows that when architects and interior designers in Scottsdale, Arizona, work together, something magical happens. By carefully considering all the variables that impact the aesthetic and atmosphere of a project, David and his team can provide comprehensive interior design help. According to the Southwest Style Magazine, David and his team of Scottsdale interior designers can create an interior that “stands alone for its timeless qualities, its natural beauty, comfort, and drama”. Because they avoid extreme design trends, David Michael Miller Associates can create homes that are ageless, understated and yet rich.

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WHAT WE LOVE: David’s holistic approach to design. He aims to create a space for a client that reflects their identity.

Jeni Robison

find an interior designer - jenni robison

Dettaglio is a boutique design firm that has created award-winning interiors. In fact, some of Jeni Robinson’s designs have featured in Arizona Foothills, Phoenix Home & Garden and Lifestyles Magazine. Teamwork and open client communication, above all else, enable Dettaglio’s Scottsdale interior designers to nail every design brief. With her experience in architecture and design, Jeni leads her team to reinterpret client aesthetic preferences to create a timeless statement home. As a result, interiors by Dettaglio are sophisticated, modern, and incredibly cozy.

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WHAT WE LOVE: The young and vibrant atmosphere of Dettaglio Interiors. In fact, the energetic team ensures that no two projects are alike.

Vicki Bergelt

best interior designers in scottsdale - vicki bergelt

Established in 1991, Vicki Bergelt has become part of the respected interior designers in Scottsdale, Az. Creative head, Vicki, believes in “the serenity of amazing Arizona sunsets and Florida beaches” and it’s evident in her designs. Lead Scottsdale interior designer, Vicki Bergelt, and her team have a knack for pulling off glamorous interiors that are equally luxurious and minimal. Vicki’s love of the Arizona landscape shines through in her designs. The detail in every inch of Vicki’s light-filled interiors certainly reflects her dedication to creating dream homes for her clients.

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WHAT WE LOVE: Her dedication to individuality. As an interior designer and decorator in Scottsdale, AZ, with more than two decades of experience, Vicki knows her clients’ needs by heart.

Athena D. Vigil

interior decorator scottsdale - athena d vigil

Interiors Remembered not only specializes in residential design and remodeling but also turn commercial spaces into livable rooms. This team of Scottsdale interior decorators and designers, led by Athena D. Vigil, aim to “improve how you think, feel and function” within your home. On top of classic interior design, Interiors Remembered also offers an interior design help package in which they guide their clients through the process to teach them how to do it themselves. This level of service has certainly contributed to them being among the top-ranking Houzz interior designers in Scottsdale.

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WHAT WE LOVE: Their commitment to helping their clients create a home they love, wherever they are.

Est Est Inc.

est est scottsdale - tony sutton

The oldest interior design firm in Arizona is Est Est Inc. With more than 50 years of industry experience, this team of Scottsdale interior designers has honed its skills to provide the local clientele with high-end designs tailored to the individual. Tony Sutton has led the creative team from 1984 to offer the best possible interior design help to homeowners. Thanks to their decades worth of experience, Sutton can lead the design team to craft environments that complement its homeowner. Moreover, their team environment lets them hone in on a client’s brief and deliver on quality and attention to detail within a timeframe.

interior decorators in Scottsdale, Phoenix

WHAT WE LOVE: The Est Est Scottsdale pioneers created a respected and well-known brand throughout the area.

Jackie Santos

jackie santos scottsdale interior designers

If you were to hire an interior designer in Scottsdale without a specific style in mind, the Scottsdale Interior Design Group could certainly help. Jackie Santos, from the Midwest, brought a new interior narrative to Phoenix, one that is full of life and vibrant. From Spanish to modern French, these interiors are truly eye-catching. According to Jackie, you must “be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style”. This beautiful sentiment also runs through each interior design project to give clients a truly bespoke home perfect for them.

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WHAT WE LOVE: Jackie’s commitment to working with the client’s innate style in to enhance what is already in their inner style catalog.

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