Soft, white linen and breezy spaces capture the essence of the Northeast coast. And that’s precisely what one recent client wanted for her home in the Hamptons. She sought beautiful beach-inspired rooms that flow from one to the other. So Decorilla’s team created a Hamptons interior design perfect for leisurely family getaways. Read on to discover the stunning transformation!

The Challenge: Hamptons Interior Design 

Although the setting was extraordinary, the interior needed some work. For starters, the previous owners’ lounge layout blocked off sunlight and bay seating. Beyond these aspects, the designers had to address the following challenges:

  • Create a Hamptons living room style that aligns with a young family’s needs, like durable materials and a practical layout
  • Ensure the coastal interior design is vibrant and fresh
  • Stick to a neutral coastal style with contemporary accents while avoiding florals and floral prints
  • Design an aesthetically pleasing room with an incorporated television above the fireplace

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Hamptons Interior Design Style Inspiration

Hamptons interior design inspiration

Above all, the clients loved the Hamptons decorating style. They leaned to light-filled rooms with high ceilings and neutral white-blue color schemes. Their living room inspiration includes open concepts and high ceilings with brilliant white walls. The latter is offset by lovely wood and wicker details. As for their online bedroom design, they wanted a dreamy neutral beachy interior.

Hamptons Decorating Style Mood Board & Design 

Hamptons interior design
Decorilla Hamptons interior design concept

After completing a questionnaire and consultation, the clients could move on to the next phase. Here, two designers used the inspiration and the client’s wish list to create unique moodboards. While viewing their two options, the client loved both but adored Wanda’s concept a little more. Her Hamptons interior design proposal merged contemporary and coastal seamlessly.

Hamptons online interior design
Decorilla mood board with Hamptons living room style

Wanda selected a neutral but warm color scheme of navy, tan, and whites. And to soften the hues, she added dreamy oceanic touches in artwork and scatter cushions. The client didn’t want a large formal dining area, so Wanda suggested a café style nook instead. This casual setup would suit the calm atmosphere of the concept.

Hamptons interior decorating style mood board
Decorilla mood board with Hamptons bedroom decorating style

For her bedroom moodboard, Wanda chose a uniform color palette of sandy browns and whites. She suggested bringing in layers of visual interest through different textures and shapes. Lightwoods would complement light linen and white accents.

Hamptons Style House Interior Reveal 

Hamptons interior design style
Decorilla Hamptons style house interior reveal

Symmetric and equally spaced, the result is soothing interior design at its best. The Hamptons decorating style is subtle but sophisticated as it puts the focus on the view. Windows are clean and open to enhance this feature and the beautiful bay windows even more.

Hamptons Living Room Style 

Hamptons interior design
Hamptons living room style reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

The open living room is divided into three sections: a casual entertainment area, cozy seating by the fireplace, and a relaxed café-style dining section. The informal dining, with a round marble table and handwoven chairs, makes the most of the view. In addition, this small but compact arrangement also acts as the room divider between the two main lounges.   

The first lounge features a welcoming L-shaped modular sofa with deep seats and soft cushions. A plush rug makes the space feel extra comforting as well. Its muted blue geometric patterns give a global-inspired look while grounding the cool and warm tones in the room. And to complement the set, décor, like the dip-dye pillows, echoes the colors of the coast. Lastly, a reclaimed coffee table and wicker wraparound chair add balance through earthy tones and texture.  

Hamptons living room style
Hamptons living room style – Decorilla 3D rendering

Contrast is low, which results in a tranquil and peaceful interior. The white walls bounce brilliant sunlight in the expansive space, making it seem even roomier. The media console, décor, and wall art are all kept light to enhance a peaceful design. To soften the look of the television, coral and a hand-shaped vase add an organic form to the strong lines of the screen.  

Hamptons decorating style
Hamptons interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

A Hamptons living room style continues in the slightly more formal portion of the space. Two mid-century modern armchairs set the tone with their angular silhouette and visual contrast. A track arm sofa, coffee table, and deep-buttoned bench seats elevate the look as well. On the other hand, a unique rug and knotted stools bring balance through their organic touch.

Online Bedroom Interior Design 

Hamptons style house interior
Hamptons style house interior reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

The bedroom is monochromatic design at its best. Through sandy tones, creams, white and tan, the interior is an oasis of calm. The ultra-thick, luxurious duvet and assortment of pillows turn the bed into a dreamy focal point. The symmetry from the artwork overhead and flanking table lamps increases the sense of calm as it draws the focus on the bed even more.

Hamptons decorating style for a bedroom
Serene bedroom with Hamptons decorating style – Decorilla 3D rendering

Owing to its generous size, the bedroom gets a large rug to anchor the furniture and décor. It also covers the woven carpet to create a more neutral palette. What’s more, it makes exceptional use of the space. Also using the ample space effectively is the window dressing. Floor-to-ceiling curtains are luxurious and make the walls feel tall and stately.

Hamptons interior design bedroom
Online interior design reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

The Hamptons-style house interior sees plants punctuated throughout. They flourish as they enhance the indoor-outdoor atmosphere. Here the green beautifully contrasts the light brown hues in the room. Lastly, a round mirror gives the coastal bedroom a feminine softness while strengthening the flow of light.

Online Interior Design Shopping List

Online interior design shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

The finalized interior design package, like each Decorilla online interior design service, comes with a detailed shopping list. Clients can shop directly from here and gain access to exclusive discounts! Moreover, they can use the helpful designer notes when implementing the concepts at home.

Top Picks for a Hamptons Decorating Style 

You can incorporate Hamptons decorating style into your home with just a few accent pieces. Use our favorites below to guide your picks.

Hamptons style living room picks
  1. Coastal RugWall Decor
  2. Navy Accent
  3. Contemporary Lamp
  4. White Sofa
  5. Rope Stool

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