Contemporary executive office by Decorilla
Contemporary executive office by Decorilla

Get ready to be inspired by the power of strategic design interventions that breathe new life into workplace aesthetics and functionality. Today we delve into the transformation of a contemporary conference room, executive office, and call center. Join us as we unveil the remarkable evolution of the these professional spaces. 

The Challenge: Contemporary Conference Room, Call Center, and Executive Office Design

A recent client came to Decorilla with a vision to transform a dated and uninspiring space into a vibrant, collaborative hub using professional office design ideas. The client sought an environment that not only reflected their brand’s ethos but also encouraged productivity and fostered a sense of community among their employees. Other, more practical tasks required of the chosen designer were:

  • Expand the existing layout of 29 cubicles into a contemporary call center that can accommodate 60 cubicles 
  • Source ergonomic, functional, and comfortable professional furniture for all rooms
  • Equip each office with appropriate accessories according to the specific briefs
  • Develop an attractive and functional lighting scheme
  • Design bespoke storage and wet bar for the contemporary executive office

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Executive Office Design Inspiration

Contemporary meeting room and office inspiration board

The image gallery provided by the client was a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration. Firstly, there were many captivating examples of minimalist, open-concept executive designs and contemporary conference rooms created by office interior design services. Each space is bathed in natural light, featuring sleek configurations of ergonomic furniture pieces. Next, abundant windows offered panoramic views, highlighting the importance of natural surroundings and a connection to the outdoors. The layouts also boasted statement furniture pieces, demonstrating the versatility and potential personalization of the space.

Contemporary Conference Room Ideas & Moodboard

Contemporary conference room design by Decorilla
Contemporary conference room design by Decorilla

While each image in the gallery offered a unique visual perspective and a wealth of ideas, the design questionnaire provided more practical insights. The client answered a series of tailored questions to highlight their particular office design essentials. This dynamic engagement allowed our team to identify two professionals whose experience and design philosophies aligned seamlessly with the client’s vision.

With unbridled creativity, each designer produced compelling moodboards. Following a helpful consultation, the client made the discerning choice of Courtney B. and her sophisticated concepts.

Contemporary meeting room moodboard by Decorilla
Contemporary meeting room moodboard by Decorilla

Courtney’s moodboard for the office remodeling project focused on transforming a traditional workspace into a modern, sleek, inviting environment. Rich walnut accents and a muted neutral color palette were chosen as the foundation. At the same time, elegant, ergonomic lines and abundant textures infused a sense of coherent sophistication throughout different spaces.

Contemporary Conference Room Transformation

Contemporary conference room by Decorilla
Contemporary conference room by Decorilla

While the main workspace maintains a more subdued tone, the contemporary meeting room design introduces a subtle dash of luxury. As employees enter the space, they are greeted by a warm, welcoming ambiance. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow abundant light in, while the luxuriously carpeted floor, marble accents, contemporary conference room tables, and ergonomic setup exude the air of productive comfort.

The resulting layout strikes a harmonious balance between a professional environment and the cozy aesthetics reminiscent of a residential setting. Its friendly, organic ambiance showcases the power of design in enhancing productivity and the overall work experience at the same time.

Contemporary Call Center Design Solution

Contemporary call center by Decorilla
Contemporary call center by Decorilla

Expanding the floor space to accommodate 60 call workers was a pivotal move in optimizing efficiency. This change also gave rise to a distinctive vestibule for supervisors, showcasing meticulous detailing and design. 

Throughout the contemporary call center workspace, a thoughtfully planned linear pattern of cubicles and desks prevents the area from feeling overwhelming. Panel dividers are strategically placed around the booths to allow ample room for unhindered movement and foster a sense of focus-friendly privacy.

Contemporary call center design by Decorilla
Contemporary call center design by Decorilla

One of the standout features is the wood paneling that graces the ceiling. The lighting scheme elegantly perforates the lines, creating a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Boasting a subtle yet captivating pattern, the paneling also extends seamlessly throughout the walls of the call center, contemporary conference room, executive offices, and other areas. Innately, the presence of wood galore is not purely aesthetic. While it discreetly infuses warmth into the space, it also serves as an effective sound absorber. 

Smart and Elegant Contemporary Executive Office Design

Contemporary executive office by Decorilla
Contemporary executive office by Decorilla

The executive office design caters to the needs of a modern professional. On one side, it accommodates a spacious contemporary executive desk adorned with sleek lines and minimalist aesthetics. An ergonomic chair complements the desk, ensuring comfort during long work hours. Above the workspace, a layered pendant chandelier adds a touch of luxury with its ambient glow.

Beneath the window, a statement sideboard boasts an earthy marble pattern, conveying a lavishly organic touch to the space. It shares the same flair with a console table on the other side of the layout to establish a sense of balance and continuity in the design. Three bar chairs are neatly arranged around the console table, offering an inviting space for informal meetings or quick discussions. This setup encourages collaboration and versatility fit for a contemporary executive office.

Contemporary executive office design by Decorilla
Contemporary executive office design by Decorilla

Turning attention away from the work area, a large TV discreetly reveals itself behind the doors of the floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. This seamless integration allows for presentations, video conferences, or leisurely breaks, all without disrupting the overall aesthetic.

Not to be overlooked, a concealed wet bar within the cabinetry makes a thoughtful addition, providing a private space for refreshments and beverages, ensuring that the contemporary executive office is well-equipped for any professional or personal occasion.

Contemporary Conference Room & Offices Design Shopping List

Contemporary call center design by Decorilla
Contemporary call center design by Decorilla

Decorilla’s design packages were an unparalleled asset throughout the entire process, from initial concept ideas to the final execution. As a result, the client received a dynamic, forward-thinking office space that exceeded their expectations. The designer’s commitment to precision was evident in every facet, encompassing not only lifelike 3D visualizations but also comprehensive expert advice. Furthermore, the shopping list was thoughtfully curated, featuring exclusive trade discounts on all items, including ergonomic furnishings, movable partitions, contemporary conference room tables, desks, and more. It significantly amplified the value of each selection made by the client.  

Top Picks for Contemporary Executive Office Design

Employees thrive in a comfortable setting that nurtures collaboration, inspires creativity, and improves overall well-being. If you aim to provide a similar atmosphere, check out our top picks for elevating contemporary workspaces:

Top picks for a contemporary executive office design by Decorilla
  1. Area Rug
  2. Executive Desk
  3. Wall Art
  4. Executive Chair
  5. Chandelier
  6. Table Lamp
  7. Sideboard

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