Modern traditional interior design before and after by Decorilla

Did you know that a modern traditional house interior can often be achieved with updates rather than full renovations? With this in mind, a recent client contacted Decorilla. And before long, they found a modern traditional interior design worthy of an editorial. See the covetable result below! 

The Challenge: Modern Traditional Interior Design

Although the client’s home was a 2000s build, it had a dated charm. The expansive grounds have an old-world estate feel, but the outdated interior deflated the look. So, the client needed a definite style direction. Moreover, they wanted to merge modern and traditional interior designs. And to create an interior to exceed expectations, the designer had to:

  • Create a modern traditional house interior with a cozy, natural, and clean aesthetic
  • Design a patio using Nicaragua as inspiration
  • Include modern-traditional décor in the powder room
  • Ensure a cohesive flow throughout the home, despite varying styles
  • Select paint, wallpaper, rugs, furniture, window treatments, and lighting
  • Use the client’s lighting fixtures, barstools, and sofa

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Design Inspiration: Modern Traditional Home Decor

Modern traditional house interior by Decorilla
Modern traditional house interior by Decorilla

The client didn’t have a clear idea of what they wanted for their home. So, they enlisted a friend to create a Pinterest board. They included some of the client’s favorite sources for interior-envy – Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, and Amber Lewis.

Modern traditional interior design by Decorilla
Modern traditional interior design by Decorilla

These spaces displayed a modern traditional decorating style and a light color scheme. In addition, they felt bright and highly sophisticated. The clean and formal look was often softened by natural touches, like oversized plants and wood. 

Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

modern traditional living room interior design
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Casey H.

The client’s thorough brief and inspiration were enough for designers to produce exceptional concepts. After considering two proposals, the client chose the blend of modern and traditional interior design by Casey H. Her take on beloved favorites was certainly anything but ordinary. 

The project consisted of two parts. And after completing the first makeover, the client was also happy to work with Casey on the second part. Casey included modern traditional home décor as well as modern furniture in her concept boards. 

modern traditional interior design mood board
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Casey H.

Multiple mood boards gave the client a well-rounded idea of the proposed look and feel. They especially loved her elegant formal yet versatile color scheme as well as the deft mix of furniture styles. Modern, Art Deco, and traditional aesthetics shine through. 

Modern Traditional Interior Design Result 

Modern traditional house interior design
Complete modern traditional house interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

Not only one but six rooms see a delightful makeover. Before, the home felt tired and frumpy, but that changed thanks to a skillful interior designer. Now, the home is a cohesive showcase of a modern traditional decorating style. Moreover, each room features the comfort of tradition as well as the luxurious clean lines of modernism. 

Classic Country Chic in a Formal Living Room 

modern traditional decorating style for a lounge
Modern traditional interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Symmetry reigns in the main living room. Here, modern traditional interior design meets elegant proportions to create a bespoke space. And the result is ideal for formal hosting. On the one hand, the coffered ceiling with wood inlays brings depth and visual intrigue. On the other hand, modern tufted sofas frame a beautiful period fireplace.

Modern traditional interior before and after design by Decorilla
Modern traditional interior before and after design by Decorilla

The before and after images of this living room reveal a stunning transformation. It went from a simple, understated space to a richly detailed and inviting environment. Originally, the room featured neutral tones and minimal decor, lacking distinct character. In the redesigned space, the addition of a coffered ceiling with wood inlays, elegant lighting fixtures, and a sophisticated color palette injects warmth and style.

Blending Function with Style

The rearrangement and selection of furniture create a more cohesive and welcoming layout. At the same time, the refined accents and layered textures emphasize a modern traditional aesthetic that elevates the room’s overall appeal.

modern traditional house interior - lounge
Decorilla modern traditional interior design

The modern interior design of the conversation area features ample seating supported with benches for comfortable hosting. In addition, the space also comes with a timeless chess table. This nook provides decoration as well as entertainment. 

Modern traditional home decor by Decorilla
Modern traditional home decor by Decorilla

The white and cream details and furniture add a beautiful flow to the stately home. These accents also complement the grey-green walls. Throughout the space, lighting enhances statement pieces, like the fireplace, the dramatic ceiling, and a family portrait.

Grand Master Suite

modern traditional house bedroom interior
Final master suite with modern traditional home decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The main bedroom is spacious and luxurious. Ample floor space allows for a plush and comfortable rug underfoot as well as a daybed beside a grand window. Window treatments are not only modern and sleek, but also decadent in their length. Long drapes make the room feel stately and classic. Additionally, the curtains and wood floors warm the white and subtle grey walls. 

Modern traditional bedroom interior before and after design by Decorilla
Modern traditional bedroom interior before and after design by Decorilla

This bedroom redesign showcases a dramatic evolution from traditional to contemporary elegance. Initially, the room had a classic, somewhat dated feel with heavy wooden furniture and a muted color palette. The redesigned space embraces a modern aesthetic, featuring sleek furniture, a neutral color scheme, and sophisticated lighting.

Bedroom with a modern traditional decorating style
Modern traditional bedroom interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

The bed features an extended tufted headboard, further supporting the grandeur of the room. Opposite the bed is a central fireplace, clad in white paneling. These light accents, next to a soft contrast, tie in with the theme of the rest of the modern traditional house interior. And when it comes to artwork, one extensive piece brings a touch of blue, adding a subtle coastal air. 

Traditional Modern Home Office

modern traditional office interior design
Home office in a modern traditional decorating style – Decorilla 3D rendering

A refined home office is spacious and tranquil. The color scheme is a gentle neutral that can enhance productivity and focus. Modern traditional home décor is few but effective. A vintage filing cabinet sits between two accent chairs, giving a slight cottage look and feel. Elegant wall art and a large indoor birch tree soften the office design. 

Cottage-Style Powder Rooms 

modern traditional home bathroom and powder room décor
Two modern traditional bathroom interiors – Decorilla 3D rendering

A duo of powder rooms ties in with the home’s modern traditional decorating style. Each is small but delightfully furnished. Wood-clad washbasins, wainscoting, and striped wallpaper feature in both rooms. However, slight differences ensure both are unique. While one room features sharp contrasts of pale yellow and black, the other has a pale yellow and white combination.

Delightful Modern Traditional Patio Design

modern traditional house patio interior
Modern traditional house interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

This porch design seamlessly merges comfort with style, creating an inviting outdoor retreat. The central feature, a large wooden swing with plush cushions, encourages relaxation and leisurely conversation. Natural elements such as rattan furniture, potted plants, and a wooden ceiling fan enhance the serene, nature-inspired atmosphere.

Modern traditional patio design before and after by Decorilla
Modern traditional patio design before and after by Decorilla

On the porch sits a casual sunroom and patio for BBQs. The seating is a mix of contemporary accent chairs, cottage-style bistro stools, and a playful swing sofa. In contrast to the disjointed original setup, the modern traditional interior design brings a lighthearted mood with a bright color palette, wicker, and wood finishes. 

Patio and sunroom with modern traditional home decor - Decorilla 3D rendering
Patio and sunroom with modern traditional home decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The sunroom’s open, airy layout offers stunning views of the landscape, while the neutral color palette and thoughtfully chosen decor add a touch of elegance. As a result, it exudes a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication, ideal for enjoying peaceful moments or entertaining guests.

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces 

Modern traditional interior design shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

In addition to realistic 3D renderings and a helpful implementation guide, the client also received a curated online shopping list. Its convenience came twofold. It allowed the client to shop directly from Decorilla’s platform when it fits them, and still get great trade discounts. In addition to other resources and bonuses, it made the process of creating a dreamy modern traditional interior oh-so-easy. 

Get the Look: Modern Traditional Decorating Style

A few good items and modern traditional home décor can certainly go a long way in creating an elegant abode. Use our favorites from the project to guide your design at home. 

Top picks for a modern traditional interior
  1. Faux Birch 
  2. Sconce 
  3. Wall Art 
  4. Patterned Rug 
  5. Slipcovered Sofa 
  6. Accent Table 

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