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How do you turn a dark, unwelcoming bathroom into a luxury master bathroom fit for royalty? Armed with the client’s detailed brief as a guide, Decorilla interior designers are expert crafters when it comes to creating bespoke interiors. Keep reading to see how this dated builder grade bathroom transformed into a sanctuary fit for ultimate me-time in this online interior design bathroom remodel.

The Online Bathroom Design Challenge

With a client open to creative guidance and recommendations from the online bathroom designer, the main design challenges centered around the limited square footage available. Additionally, the designer had to:

  • Add natural and artificial light into the dark bathroom
  • Incorporate a dark color into a small bathroom without making the space seem smaller
  • Allow enough space into the floorplan of the luxury master bath remodel for a morning yoga practice

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The Luxury Master Bathroom Inspiration

luxury master bath inspiration

Luxurious standalone bathtubs, glossy backsplashes, and marble took up most of the client’s Pinterest boards. Because the client was on the verge of an extensive home renovation, she was eager to work with a designer who could help shape her interior. The client was very open to suggestions which meant that Decorilla’s team had a little more professional freedom with their online bathroom design ideas.

Since the client wanted to see the initiative in her master bath remodel, the two designers created very distinct proposals. Although she loved both designs, the client chose the bathroom retreat by Sarah M. Sarah, local to the client’s area, was able to complete an in-home consultation to tweak her luxury master bathroom concept.

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The Luxury Master Bathroom Design

online interior design bathroom results
Modern master bathroom design online – Decorilla 3D rendering

The proposed luxury interior design plan for the remodel of the master bath makes effective use of additional light sources. Placing vanity lights just above a mirror is a great way to double light in a small space. Additionally, the predominantly white wallpaper next to the bathroom window will bounce natural light into the room. This design also opens floor space by replacing the client’s built-in corner tub with a standalone soaking bath.

Decorilla luxury master bathroom moodboard

Sarah’s finalized moodboard cemented the modern features of the master bathroom: wood laminate flooring, a chevron accent wall in the shower and a striking standalone bath. Certainly sophisticated, the finishes the designer chose for this online bathroom design is deluxe but feels cozy thanks to natural elements. The proposed layout ensures that there is enough space for the client’s yoga routine.

luxury master bathroom before
Master bathroom – before

The Bathroom Interior Design Online Result

luxury master bathroom online interior design
Luxury master bathroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

A trio of large mirrors frames the wrap around cabinetry, giving the master bathroom a distinct air of luxury. Equally important in making the room feel spacious, the designer used True White paint with a semi-gloss eggshell finish. Because ambient vanity lighting bounces from the mirror, walls and marble countertops, the room seems airy and bright.

Contrasting dark blue countertops give this master bathroom a nautical look, while the wood laminate floor, woven basket, and beige ottoman add a natural balance to the rich finishes.

luxury master bathroom with chevron feature wall
Luxury master bathroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

One of the many stunning focal points in this master bath remodel is the shower. Not only is there a polished marble mosaic accent wall, but there is also a Rainhead Induction Spray and handheld showerhead with H2okinetic technology for the ultimate spa-like experience. In this online interior design, no nook or cranny was overlooked as the enclosed toilet WC has rustic open wood shelves with tactile vases.

Beautiful and stately above all, the final design creates a timeless yet contemporary master bathroom. Following the curve of the cabinets against the walls, the placement of the bath resulted in a layout that flows seamlessly. Lastly, the floral wallpaper completes the design and gives the interior a subtle feminine aesthetic.

Get the Look: Luxury Master Bathroom

high end master bathrooms decor
  1. Shower Head
  2. Vanity Lights
  3. Floral Wallpaper
  4. Chevron Marble
  5. Soaking Bathtub
  6. Shaker Ottoman

Today this modern master bathroom is luxurious, has a sophisticated Victorian appeal and is beautifully balanced. Interior designer, Sarah M., skillfully blended contemporary and classical elements into a sanctuary perfect for relaxing. Best of all: the clients undoubtedly love it!

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[images: Decorilla project images]