Modern Scandinavian interior design by Decorilla
Modern Scandinavian interior design by Decorilla

Are you familiar with the chic, Scandinavian style that blends minimalism with elegance? We’re excited to show you how a home can go from dated to timeless, inspired by the calm and classy Nordic way of living. Keep reading to see this amazing home makeover with a modern Scandinavian interior design twist!

The Challenge: Modern Scandinavian Interior Design

A client approached Decorilla, seeking professional interior design ideas for a full home renovation. As the homeowner put it “they had some ideas on style but hadn’t found the products they loved”.  They knew they prefer a modern Scandinavian interior, favoring neutral tones, light wood, and a blend of nature-inspired elements. The client was looking for solutions that are practical, aesthetically pleasing, and accommodating of their future plans, asking the designer to:

  • Integrate Scandinavian design elements throughout the house, including cream cabinets and wooden islands in the kitchen
  • Maintain a harmonious color palette across all rooms
  • Redesign spaces to make them multifunctional and suitable for various purposes, such as the home office doubling as a play area
  • Transform the primary bathroom into a luxurious yet compact space with a unique, slightly moody ambiance
  • Provide smart storage solutions in the primary bedroom and other areas to accommodate the client’s lifestyle 

Design Inspiration: Luxe Neutrals and Textures

The idea blended the assets found in Decorilla samples, including organic and modern Scandinavian interiors
Modern Scandinavian living room by Decorilla

Eager to convey their vision for a modern Scandinavian interior, the client compiled a curated collection of inspirational images. The gallery served as an invaluable visual guide for the designer. The photos vividly illustrated the desired aesthetic, showcasing clean lines and neutral color palettes. Moreover, each layout seamlessly blended functionality and simplicity, embodying everything quintessential to Scandinavian design

The client found inspiration for their modern Scandinavian interior in Decorilla designs
Formal Scandinavian-inspired living room by Decorilla

There was also a certain diversity in the samples, illustrating the client’s wish to infuse style influences into a modern Scandinavian interior. An organic vibe dominated the gallery, emphasizing the connection to the outside world through abundant light and materials like wood and wool, evoking feelings of calmness, cleanliness, and an uncluttered lifestyle. It was clear that they strived for a serene living environment filled with comfort and a harmonious balance with nature, leading to an improved sense of well-being.

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Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

Initial proposal by Decorilla designer Sahar M.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Sahar M.

Through visual references, the client highlighted their preference for natural materials, light wood finishes, and minimalistic yet cozy spaces. This, combined with further details about their lifestyle and taste gathered through Decorilla’s specialized design questionnaire, gave the team a complete context for the project. With a deep insight into all relevant aspects, they effortlessly selected the most suitable Scandi room designer matches.

After reviewing all the information, two seasoned professionals presented their unique visions of a modern Scandinavian interior. Faced with equally compelling options, the client had a challenging decision to make. In the end, it was the creativity of Decorilla designer Anna Y. that resonated with their dream on all levels.  

Modern Scandinavian home decor moodboard by Decorila
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Anna Y.

Anna’s modern Scandinavian home decor moodboard was a visual symphony of simplicity, functionality, and natural beauty. It featured gradient palettes of serene, neutral hues, embracing different shades of white, cream, and subtle greys. The interplay of solid mattes was dynamically interspersed with organic shades and textures, such as jute and natural wood. In addition, elaborate accents, minimalist furniture, uncluttered surfaces, and a focus on natural lighting rendered the placid atmosphere crucial to this design ethos. 

Results Revealed: Modern Scandi Home Design

Modern Scandi open floor plan living room, dining room and kitchen
Modern Scandi open floor plan living room by Decorilla

Overall, the design of this modern Scandinavian interior feels like a testament to the balance between minimalism, functionality, and aesthetics. It provides a serene backdrop for both relaxation and productivity while also serving as a stylish space for entertaining. The careful selection of furniture, color, and decor also creates an environment that goes beyond a residential space to promote well-being, a hallmark of Scandi room design philosophy.

Modern Scandi Living and Dining Room 

The client’s living and dining room draw a quintessential representation of modern Scandinavian design. This is a place where form seamlessly meets function in an atmosphere of understated elegance. The room is bathed in a neutral yet warm scheme, emphasizing a sense of calm and openness. The furniture meanwhile boasts simple lines and natural wood tones, reflecting the Scandinavian affinity for craftsmanship and quality materials.

Ideas for a modern Scandi living room design by Decorilla
Living room design by Decorilla

In the conversational area, the comfort of the inhabitants is paramount. The elegant, plush sofa is combined with an ottoman/coffee table for greater flexibility, while the unassuming yet stylish floor lamp bends over to offer a cozy reading corner. The absence of clutter is intentional, promoting a calm environment where every piece of furniture and decor comes with a purpose. Built-in cabinetry with floating shelves adds a touch of personality, displaying a curated mix of objects that speaks to the Scandinavian aesthetic of “less is more.”

Modern Scandi living and dining room by Decorilla
Modern Scandi living & dining room by Decorilla

The round dining table, paired with sleek, upholstered chairs, offers a convivial space for meals with a great view outside. At the same time, the strategically sourced and placed lighting fixtures provide both style and function. An accent piece of wall art ties the design story together while the lush potted plant enhances the room’s inviting ambiance.

Harmonizing Colors & Textures

In this Scandinavian living room, the art of harmonizing tones and textures is masterfully executed, creating a space that feels rich yet soothing. Adhering to a monochrome, warm, neutral palette, the designer intentionally avoided color complexity, focusing instead on the depth and intrigue brought by varied textures and patterns. The upholstery features subtle weaves that catch the light differently throughout the day, while the rug underfoot adds a layer of tactile comfort with its intricate patterning. Potted plants introduce an organic texture element, their foliage providing a soft contrast to the streamlined furniture. This careful curation and juxtaposition result in a space where every element contributes to a cohesive, inviting atmosphere, encouraging relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Decor

Ideas for a modern Scandinavian kitchen design by Decorilla
Modern Scandinavian kitchen design by Decorilla

Nested just a few steps away, the modern Scandinavian kitchen exudes the same warmth, elegance, and functionality. Its crisp white cabinetry provides a clean, remarkably serene backdrop, setting the scenery for culinary creativity without borders. Light wood texture in the stools complements the subtle pattern of the backsplash tile, simultaneously adding plenty of subdued depth and character to the room. 

Modern Scandinavian kitchen by Decorilla
Kitchen design by Decorilla

Almost every element of modern Scandinavian home decor in this kitchen reflects a preference for understated luxury. Marble-like patterns on the island and countertops feel more organic than flashy, providing a touch of sophistication without overpowering the room’s minimalist aesthetic. Lighting, in addition, is a discerning statement of functional style. The choice of pendant lights above the island adds a modern flair with their sleek metallic finish, while the refined clear glass ensures the space is well-lit and attractive at the same time.

Modern Scandinavian kitchen interior by Decorilla
Modern Scandinavian kitchen interior by Decorilla

Practicality is at the heart of Scandi room design, and the kitchen’s configuration works to honor that principle. The surfaces are ample and uncluttered, promoting ease of movement and maximizing functionality. The position of a large, multi-purpose island also suggests a versatile space for dining, socializing, and food preparation. 

Meanwhile, the open shelving adorned with select decorative items and curated planters introduces an organic element. By bringing the outdoors in, they add to the overall balance and maintain the Scandinavian theme of connecting with nature.

Peaceful Retreat In a Modern Scandinavian Bedroom

Modern Scandinavian bedroom design by Decorilla
Modern Scandinavian bedroom design by Decorilla

The primary bedroom continues the coherent design story, exuding a modern Scandinavian interior design aesthetic. A calming color palette creates a serene and restful ambiance spruced up with a subtle hint of rustic vibes. The plush, cream-colored bed dominates the scene as the functional yet beautiful centerpiece, complemented by natural wood bedside tables. It’s enveloped in soft textures, from throws and pillows to the natural fiber rug, all enhancing the room’s cozy and comfortable feel.

Modern Scandinavian bedroom design by Decorilla
Bedroom design by Decorilla

A strategically sourced chandelier casts soft illumination that gives the room a warm and inviting glow. The presence of greenery meanwhile adds a fresh and organic touch, while the simple yet stylish bench provides both functionality and visual interest. 

Bedroom design option 1, by Decorilla
Bedroom design option 2, by Decorilla

In a thoughtful approach to personalization, the designer presented a few variations to their modern Scandinavian home decor concepts. Different wainscoting options, for example, offered the client the last word in the room’s color scheme and architectural accenting. One of the possibilities involved a bolder take on a modern Scandinavian bedroom with rich, dark paneling and window framing. In contrast, there was also a light sage green option, which felt more aligned with the rest of the house.

Modern Scandinavian bedroom by Decorilla
Modern Scandinavian bedroom by Decorilla

A view towards the en-suite bathroom frames the geometric beauty of simple forms adorned in natural wood. The wardrobe doors and the mirror frame stand out against the soft walls, continuing the storytelling with their minimalistic design. Sleek handles and the absence of unnecessary embellishment keep up with the Scandi room design’s love for simplicity and utility. Moreover, the thoughtful placement of spotlights contributes to the tranquil atmosphere, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Modern Scandinavian Home Office Interior

Modern Scandinavian home office interior by Decorilla
Modern Scandinavian home office interior by Decorilla

Adjacent to the modern Scandinavian bedroom, the home office offers a tranquil yet functional environment for both work and leisure. This space steps away from the dominant neutral palette, utilizing a soft, muted pastel blue as the keynote. Such a solution promotes the psychological distinction between a workspace and a home while still remaining truthful to the theme. The use of sky blue is typical of Nordic design, where it’s often employed to encourage a sense of calm and focus. 

The streamlined desk setup is balanced by the rattan-backed chairs and the organic wood texture. At the same time, the choice of sleek, brass desk lamps provides task lighting and adds an element of sophistication. By complementing the framed artwork and decorative elements on the shelves, it ensures the space feels both contemporary and intriguing.

Modern Scandinavian home office decor by Decorilla
Modern Scandinavian home office decor by Decorilla

Storage and organization in a home office are crucial, and this space delivers beautifully. Its design thoughtfully incorporates ample shelving and cabinetry painted in the same soothing blue. The built-in system renders a cohesive look while offering a variety of repository options. The choice of hardware in a subtle gold finish also adds a hint of elegance, echoing and tying the room’s design elements together coherently.

Modern Scandinavian home decor in a home office by Decorilla
Modern Scandinavian home office by Decorilla

The broader view of the office reveals how seamlessly it integrates multifunctional comfort. Its layout transitions smoothly from work to relaxation/recreation areas, exemplifying the modern Scandinavian interior design principle of practical harmony. The addition of a plush sofa adjacent to the workspace provides exceptional versatility, offering a place to rest or read. At the same time, it allows for an effortless transformation from a home office into an additional guest room when needed.

Scandi Style Primary Bathroom

Ideas for a Scandi style bathroom design by Decorilla
Scandi-style bathroom design by Decorilla

The Scandi-style primary bathroom design reflects an elegant, modern aesthetic characterized further by clean lines and muted shades. The sophisticated use of marble honors this space, lending a low-key luxurious feel. At the same time, the sleek, dark vanity offers a striking contrast that captures the eye and anchors the room. 

Primary bathroom design by Decorilla

Meanwhile, two streamlined mirrors with their rounded arches and wooden frames introduce a touch of softness to balance out the stark contrasts. Brass fixtures add a hint of opulence and complement the look, creating a cohesive flair that feels simultaneously trendy and timeless.

Bathroom option 1, by Decorilla
Bathroom option 2, by Decorilla

Functionality and simplicity, key tenets of modern Scandinavian interior design, are evident in both the layout and choice of fixtures. The walk-in shower, devoid of any cumbersome steps or doors, enhances the fluidity and openness of the space. The thoughtful placement of open shelving also provides convenient storage without compromising the bathroom’s sleek appearance. The lighting, a combination of wall-mounted sconces and discreet ceiling lights, is strategically arranged to provide a warm, diffused illumination.

Scandi Style Guest Bathroom

Scandi-style guest bathroom by Decorilla

The modern Scandinavian guest bathroom features a light, wood-veneer vanity that anchors a soft and natural ambiance. It’s complemented by streamlined black hardware, which simultaneously conveys a subtle modern edge. The round mirror, also framed in black, serves as a focal point flanked by wall-mounted sconces on either side. Using cream herringbone tiles for both the flooring and the walls adds texture and visual interest to the room without overwhelming it.

Guest bathroom design by Decorilla

The sleek, wall-mounted toilet reinforces the minimalist theme, ensuring the space remains uncluttered and open. In addition, the choice of a sleek, light grey shower curtain and the simplicity of the room’s accessories align with the Scandinavian approach to functional beauty.  

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

Shopping list for a modern Scandinavian interior by Decorilla
Shopping list for a modern Scandinavian interior by Decorilla

The clients’ vision of a Nordic-inspired sanctuary was brought to life with impeccable finesse by the adept hands of Decorilla’s interior designer. With a discerning eye for the clean lines and functional beauty that define modern Scandinavian home decor, Anna Y. curated a selection of items that perfectly aligned with the client’s taste. Her skill in navigating exclusive trade discounts further accentuated the clients’ delight, offering them the style they love within a budget they cherished.

Weaving together their reflections on the process,  the clients shared, “The cypress green color selected for the home office is not only beautiful but immensely soothing, and the color scheme for the master bedroom is just love at first sight. The linear fireplace is gorgeous, a true stunner and the living room rendering captures everything we imagined and more. Every aspect of our living and dining room design is perfect. Thank you for making our dream space a reality — we are really happy with everything!”

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Get the Look: Modern Scandinavian Interior

Prepare to embrace the essence of Nordic charm with our collection of curated Scandi room design elements. Simplicity can effortlessly meet elegance in the sleek, functional layout filled with characteristics of Scandinavian style.

Scandi room design top picks by Decorilla
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  4. Side Table
  5. Wall Art
  6. Slipcover Armchair
  7. Coffee Table

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