Modern Industrial Warehouse Loft Interior Design
Decorilla modern industrial loft design

Modern industrial loft design is just as alluring as ever! And it’s easy to see why – its minimalist appeal, cozy furniture set against rugged architecture, and spaciousness are oh-so attractive. One recent Decorilla client was just as enthralled by the style but needed help converting a historical loft into a contemporary abode. Read on to see the remarkable makeover!

The Challenge: Modern Industrial Loft Makeover

Converting an empty space into a modern industrial loft is not always easy, but the real challenge emerges when historical value is added to the equation. Recently, Decorilla took on a condo conversion of a century-old building. The renovation was already in progress, with some rooms painted deep navy and white, and windows black. The rest was up to the designers, and so they had to:

  • Juxtapose modern furniture to the historical spirit of the building
  • Balance modern comforts and the industrial loft interior design’s rugged character
  • Consider that the kitchen, although separate, can be seen from the dining and living rooms
  • Give each room its own look while featuring coherent design ideas
  • Integrate a partially visible artsy home office into the open combined living room

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Modern Warehouse Loft Decor Inspiration

Modern industrial design inspiration board

Every great journey begins with inspiration. Aware of that, our client collected a meticulously curated image gallery. A plethora of images showcased different takes on revealing the raw yet urban charm of industrial interior design. In contrast to weathered brick and exposed beams, sleek furnishings demonstrated the art of combining seemingly contrasting worlds into a harmonious whole. 

Modern Industrial Loft Design & Moodboard

Modern industrial interior design by Decorilla
Decorilla modern industrial interior design

The client held high hopes for a modern interior design that would go beyond mere task fulfillment. Engaging in Decorilla’s design questionnaire, they could provide comprehensive insights into their lifestyle, tastes, and needs. In return, the Decorilla team was able to source the ideal designer matches and ensure that the performance would exceed expectations.

Empowered by a wealth of perspectives, two exceptionally talented professionals crafted intricate moodboards for the modern warehouse loft project. Making a decision between these visionary concepts held its own, although challenging, allure. After a round of consultation, Ryley’s meticulously refined proposal conveyed a sense of connection, truly capturing the client’s creative notion.

Modern industrial interior design moodboard by Decorilla
Modern industrial interior design moodboard by Decorilla

Ryley’s moodboard blended unique pieces into a modern industrial design, complying with the client’s desire for diversity. A minimal color palette allowed the raw textures to shine while carefully selected furnishings communicated an urban sensibility. Moreover, every element, from weathered wood to metal accents, mirrored the aesthetics of manufactural spaces while ensuring homey comfort and functionality.

Modern Industrial Living Room & Dining Room Result

Modern warehouse loft living room design by Decorilla
Modern warehouse loft living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The condo opens with a living and dining area that embodies a modern warehouse loft style, a harmonious fusion of contemporary trends and rugged charm. In its left corner, a dining set takes center stage, boasting a streamlined design that harmonizes effortlessly with the environment. Its slim silhouettes perfectly align with the black metal frames of the generously sized windows. This visual connection brings coherence while allowing natural light to permeate the space. The result is an open and airy ambiance.

Above the dining set, a substantial framed wall art commands attention. This piece not only enhances the aesthetics but also amplifies the urban spirit of the modern industrial space. With its captivating presence and metropolitan vibe, it encapsulates the very essence of the style, adding a touch of chic whimsy at the same time.

Modern industrial living room by Decorilla
Modern industrial living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Smooth, organic furniture stands in contrast to sleek metal surfaces and fixtures, forming an intriguing juxtaposition in this space. A fireplace adds an edgy touch, while its exposed concrete bricks form the backdrop for a symphony of comfortable furnishings. Nest to the ingle, a stylish curved sofa poses as an unexpected focal point of the modern industrial living room. Its cocooning form adds a touch of elegance, playfully contrasting the architecture’s rugged geometry. 

Accompanying the sofa is a coffee table that shares the same inviting curves, creating a sense of unity. A cushy accent chair complements the transitional composition to contribute both comfort and design diversity. Meanwhile, a bold black “hat” chandelier tops the arrangement as a striking centerpiece, simultaneously exuding additional industrial charm. 

Soothing Flex Room Interior Design 

Modern industrial loft design by Decorilla
Modern industrial loft design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Adjacent to the living room, a tranquil flex room stretches out, offering versatile possibilities. It was envisioned by the client as both a secondary bedroom for out-of-town guests and an inviting lounge den extension of the living room when not occupied. For that reason, the space is designed with both beauty and comfort in mind. Its aesthetic nods to the serene principles of the Japandi style without straying far from the overall modern warehouse loft look.

Modern industrial loft flex room by Decorilla
Modern industrial loft flex room – Decorilla 3D rendering

At the heart of this room sits a sculpturally shaped square coffee table. It adds an artistic touch balanced by the presence of four plush floor cushions reminiscent of smooth rocks. Anchoring this arrangement is a circular rug that further promotes the setup’s inherently organic character.

In its background, against the wall, a console boasts geometric qualities and nature-inspired decor, adding a visual point of interest. A potted plant, accompanied by a piece of wall art, amplifies the cozy hygge atmosphere, making the modern warehouse room feel warm and inviting.

Modern industrial loft guest room design by Decorilla
Modern industrial loft guest room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

A floating desk finds its place within a niche, ready to transform into a productive workspace or a charming makeup vanity as needed. The accent walls showcase a grasscloth wallpaper, rough at a glance yet elegantly textured, infusing the space with tactile richness. Boasting a hint of traditional design, the doors complement the overall arrangement while harmonizing with the ceiling beams crafted from the same material. 

Hanging elegantly from above are two chic pendant lights, adding a touch of modern industrial loft sophistication to the ambiance.

Edgy Modern Industrial Home Office Interior Design

Modern industrial loft home office design by Decorilla
Modern industrial loft home office design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The other side of the modern industrial living room opens into a home office, where functionality and aesthetics converge. A large arched window invites natural light, ensuring a productive environment in a narrow chamber. 

A minimalist desk is paired with an ergonomic chair, forming the core of the workspace. Industrial shelving units blend in with the accent wallpaper to provide ample storage without visually cluttering the space. Meanwhile, layered patterns convey a touch of fancy whimsy that aligns with the client’s creative ideas for this room.

Industrial-Contemporary Bedroom Design

Modern industrial bedroom by Decorilla
Modern industrial bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The bedroom flawlessly marries elegance, class, and modern industrial vibes. Soft textures and muted tones create an oasis of tranquility, while statement lighting fixtures enhance the atmosphere with a touch of drama. The center of attention is a comfortable queen bed that exudes contemporary charm. With a tufted headboard upholstered in white, it serves as a focal point that welcomes relaxation. Nestled at the foot of the bed is a slender bench, also upholstered in a matching white fabric.

Directly behind the bed, an accent wall draws the eye up with its sensual, white, abstract floral wallpaper. This soft and delicate design contrasts beautifully with the dominant exposed brick that graces the other walls, creating a captivating visual contrast.

Modern industrial loft bedroom design by Decorilla
Modern industrial loft bedroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Beneath the bed, an eclectic rug comes to life with its wavy geometric pattern, adding a touch of artistic intrigue to the floor. The light fixtures hanging above exhibit hints of art-deco glam, casting a sophisticated glow across the room.

The intentional mismatch of side tables exemplifies the expert fusion of styles. While not identical, these tables seamlessly support the mix of aesthetics, contributing to the room’s unique character.

Modern warehouse loft bedroom by Decorilla
Modern warehouse loft bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Opposite the bed, a drawer cabinet in soothing beige offers both storage and a tasteful design element. Crowned with a mirror featuring a golden frame, this setup also establishes a harmonious connection with the fixtures, fostering a sense of unity. In addition, the mirror’s surface reflects the captivating pattern of the accent wall’s wallpaper, essentially transforming it into a framed work of art.

Two potted plants breathe life into the space, infusing it with a touch of nature’s beauty. Curated decor pieces adorn the surroundings, adding the final strokes to this classy and modern industrial bedroom design.

Modern Industrial Hallway with a Japandi Flair

Modern warehouse loft entryway by Decorilla
Modern warehouse loft entryway – Decorilla 3D rendering

Even the hallway is an aesthetic journey that continues the elaborate fusion of curated organic and modern warehouse decor. Exposed ceiling beams and sculptural metal pendant lights contribute to the loft’s industrial charm. Curvy shapes and potted plants bring the outdoors inside. At the same time, coordinated wall decor and an antique console table enhance the creative layout’s visual appeal.

Online Shopping List for the Makeover

Modern Industrial Warehouse Loft Interior Design shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list for a modern industrial loft

When the client decided to team up with Decorilla, they were looking for a smooth process and top-class experience. And that’s exactly what they got all the way from the design questionnaire to a complimentary concierge service. Apart from realistic 3D visualizations that helped them envision their space-to-be, they also received a curated shopping list. It featured all items from the design and their alternatives, each embellished with an exclusive trade discount. 

Top Picks of Modern Industrial Decor 

Elevate your home with our designers’ top picks of modern industrial decor with organic flair. From edgy lighting fixtures to handcrafted furnishings, these elements capture the essence of urban loft living, helping you craft an ambiance that’s both bold and inviting.

Modern warehouse loft top picks by Decorilla
  1. Accent Chair
  2. Floor Lamp
  3. Side Tables
  4. Wall Art
  5. Chaise Sectional
  6. Coffee Table
  7. Area Rug

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