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Did you know that over 2,000 outdoor murals adorn Philly? And they’re not the only beautiful part of the historic city: homes in the Cradle of Independence, inside and outside, beckon a second look. The top Philadelphia interior designers really have an eye for the exquisite, so let’s meet them.

Interior Design in Philadelphia

Living room by Decorilla's top Philadelphia interior designers
Living room by Decorilla‘s top Philadelphia interior designers

In the city’s historic neighborhoods, 18th-century craftsmanship is preserved and merged into contemporary designs. In areas such as Fishtown and Northern Liberties, old factories and warehouses are transformed into stylish lofts. Eco-friendly practices are also on the rise, with designers emphasizing sustainable materials and energy-efficient solutions.

Philadelphia Interior Designers

Elegant open-concept space by Decorilla's top Philadelphia interior designers
Elegant open-concept space by Decorilla‘s top Philadelphia interior designers

Interior designers in Philadelphia often specialize in adaptive reuse, turning industrial spaces into chic, functional homes while maintaining their historical integrity. The use of locally sourced materials and collaboration with local artisans is common, adding a distinct regional flavor to their projects.

Nile Johnson

Sophisticated contemporary living room by Nile Johnson an interior decorator in Philadelphia

As part of the Black Artists + Designers Guild, ASID, and House Beautiful advisory board, Nile Johnson helps one of the most respected interior design publications show the best of the best. His boutique interior design firm specializes in approachable luxury, bringing curated homes for clients like CEOs and celebrities. With work featured in HGTV as well as top international publications, Nile Johnson is a top interior decorator in Philadelphia worth keeping an eye on.

Colorful, richly patterned living room by one of the top interior designers in Philadelphia

WHAT WE LOVE: Nile Johnson’s interiors balance symmetry and asymmetry. For instance, in a living room, Johnson prefers a formal, balanced layout but softens the look with different accent tables and lights like a table and floor lamp. Additionally, Johnson matches finishes and textiles to create a coherent style.

Stacie Y

Top Philadelphia Interior Designer Samantha West

Stacie is a distinguished interior designer known for her high-end clientele and a remarkable ability to blend current trends with timeless aesthetics. With an innate appreciation for all styles and budgets, she is committed to delivering custom, beautiful spaces that her clients can genuinely live in and enjoy. But what drives Stacie is her profound understanding of the impact that surroundings can have on overall mental health and well-being.

Chic kitchen by top Decorilla interior designer in Philadelphia, Stacie Y.
Chic kitchen by top Decorilla interior designer in Philadelphia, Stacie Y.

Stacie’s go-to style is rooted in organic comfort, characterized by the use of linens, natural materials, and a breathable color palette that is both inviting and refreshing. One of her biggest design secrets lies in the treatment of windows; she believes that window dressing can significantly alter the perception of height and architecture in a room. By using a few expert tricks, she delivers stunning custom looks that enhance any space.

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Space Age living room by Decorilla's top Philadelphia interior designer, Stacie Y.
Space Age living room by Decorilla‘s top Philadelphia interior designer, Stacie Y.

WHAT WE LOVE: Stacie’s dedication to creating livable, organic spaces that not only look beautiful but also promote a sense of well-being and comfort. Love her work? Get started with Stacie today!

Widell + Boschetti

Philadelphia interior designers Widell and Boschetti's pattern-rich bedroom interior design

Designer duo, Barette Widell and Christina Boschetti, are behind the colorful, pattern-rich interiors of Widell + Boschetti. Their innovative designs, custom prints, and furniture are truly one-of-a-kind. Each W+B project features its undeniable trademark of juxtaposed transitional and modern with a healthy mix of different period pieces. The result is nothing short of breathtaking, unexpected, and memorable. It is no surprise this duo comes highly recommended among Houzz interior designers in Philadelphia.

Electic contemporary dining room with a blue wallpaper by W+B - best interior designers in Philadelphia

WHAT WE LOVE: W + B has worked solely on projects that come from clients who have been referred or through social media. Many of their clients can attest: W+B is among the best interior designers in Philadelphia.

Glenna Stone

Interior decorator in Philadelphia, Genna Stone's nautical dining room

As an engineer with a creative spirit, Glenna Stone pursued her love for interior design after fine-tuning her technical skills. Now, a top interior decorator in Philadelphia, she knows that “great design is about walking into a space, and every single time feeling one thing: this is as it should be.” Glenna’s artist mother inspired her to develop a sense of color and composition from a young age. As a result, her interiors are picture-perfect while being comfortably functional.

Tranquil lounge by Glenna Stone - interior decorator in Philadelphia

WHAT WE LOVE: Glenna Stone’s attention to detail. Her completed projects resemble a beautifully balanced artwork that is pretty to look at from every angle. Plus, if you want a systematic, phase-by-phase design, then Glenna’s approach of sending progress reports and plans weekly would be a perfect fit for you.

Susan Hopkins

Clean and crips lines of interior decorator Philadelphia, Susan Hopkins

With experience in theatre and art, Susan Hopkins brings something unique to client homes. She is one of the best Philadelphia interior designers who creates not only a beautiful home but one that also tells a story. Each completed project is distinct and full of character. What’s more, Susan Hopkins holds an array of interior design awards, from Philadelphia Interior Design Awards to inauguration into the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).


WHAT WE LOVE: That Susan Hopkins’ designs go beyond residential to on-screen entertainment. As the project manager for NBC’s George to the Rescue, Susan’s designs earned her the title of an Emmy-award-winning interior designer.

Ashli Mizell

Ashli Mizell's masculine cozy interiors make her one of the best interior designers in Philadelphia

As a regular feature in Philadelphia and Philadelphia Style magazines, Ashli Mizel certainly knows how to make a statement. Her rustic contemporary style is inimitable and striking. And it’s no wonder as classical training in Art History lies behind the swoon-worthy aesthetic. As a result of her keen style and dedication to detail, she curates every interior while basing her concepts on sound design principles. Undoubtedly, one glance at an Ashli Mizel project will tell you why she is one of the best interior designers in Philadelphia.


WHAT WE LOVE: The pleasing mix of masculine pieces against soft furnishings, leather, reclaimed wood, velvet, and vintage items.

Johanna A.

Online interior decorator in Philadelphia Tarah Young's vibrant style

Johanna A. is an accomplished architect and designer with over seven years of experience across a diverse range of projects. In the past two years, she has focused primarily on eco-friendly residential interiors, merging her architectural expertise with a passion for sustainable design. Johanna is dedicated to helping clients create nurturing home environments, taking the guesswork out of designing spaces that honor both the individual and the planet.

Farmhouse living room by top Decorilla interior designer from Philadelphia, Johanna A.
Farmhouse living room by top Decorilla interior designer from Philadelphia, Johanna A.

Johanna’s favorite projects are those that allow her to integrate her architectural background with interior design, such as renovations where she oversees everything from structural changes to furniture selection. She loves guiding clients through the entire process, ensuring every element contributes to a cohesive look and feel.

WHAT WE LOVE: Johanna’s unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Michelle Wenitsky

Covetable style by one of the best interior designers in Philadelphia, Michelle Wenitsky

Through expertise and over two decades in the interior design industry, Michelle Wenitsky and her team cross style boundaries elegantly and seamlessly to represent every client’s personality. From transitional to contemporary to glam, each interior is timeless and confirms that this team is one of the best interior designers in Philadelphia. With her know-how, Wenitsky can interpret briefs to give clients a signature style that is an experience of beauty.


WHAT WE LOVE: Designs by Michelle and her Philly design team fully and unapologetically occupy their intended spaces. Above all, these interiors are striking, impressive, and bold without being overwhelming.

WPL Interior Design

WPL's formal living and dining room by their Philadelphia-based interior designers

A masterly trio of top Philadelphia interior designers near you is behind the highly respected firm, WPL. Their impressive repertoire includes expertise in architecture, antiques, textiles, decorative arts, historic restoration, lighting technology, and musical composition. And once the team put their know-how to work, they create mesmerizing, fresh interiors. For this reason, WPL has been recognized for excellence by Architectural Digest, and won Subzero and ASID awards repeatedly. They also rank among the top of Houzz interior designers in Philadelphia. Even more impressive, their interiors feature in six books and many publications.

Modern farmhouse kitchen and dining room by WPL - Philadelphia interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: WPL’s portfolio spans decades and certainly paints a clear picture of how interior design changed throughout the modern era.

Michele Plachter

Dining and kitchen design by one of top Philadelphia interior designers Michelle Plachter

As a luxury design specialist, Michele Plachter‘s interiors often feature in many publications, such as House Beautiful and Traditional Home. Her experience comes from offering classic interior design services but also from renovating and reselling homes and apartments. The latter is beneficial in more ways than one. In fact, remodels enabled her to build long-lasting relationships with contractors. This also enabled her to hone her skills as a project manager working within tight deadlines.

Beautiful classic dining room design by Michele Plachter an interior decorator in Philadelphia

WHAT WE LOVE: The blend of traditional, eclectic, and contemporary styles. Michele’s designs are balanced and stately, but each has an undeniable whimsy we adore.

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