Family-friendly home design by Decorilla

Are you ready to transform your living space into a classy retreat that’s also suitable for kids? Then don’t miss this remarkable family-friendly home makeover that balances chic design with practicality, using elegant, creative solutions. Not only are the results aesthetically appealing they also cater to the dynamic family needs, making every member, big or small, feel truly at home.

The Challenge: Interior Design for a Family-Friendly Home

When a recent client approached Decorilla for assistance, they were super excited yet almost equally overwhelmed with the possibilities. Their newly purchased home, built in 2000, boasted great bones but felt outdated and disconnected from the client’s taste & lifestyle. Some initial changes—such as wall painting and purchasing a few key items—had already taken place, but it still required a professional touch that would bring the entire vision to life. Seeking a blend of modern and traditional aesthetics, the client aimed for a cozy, clean setup connected with nature. That means the designer had to:

  • Design a living room, foyer, kitchen with a breakfast nook, and kids rooms
  • Harmonize the existing elements (new light fixtures, bar stools, sofa) with new additions
  • Curate furniture selections that resonate with contemporary comfort but also nod to traditional aesthetics
  • Suggest paint and wallpaper options for all rooms 
  • Choose rugs and accessories to enhance the overall ambiance of the home
  • Ensure the design scheme feels fresh and updated while respecting the house’s original character and structure

Design Inspiration: Modern, Transitional Interiors

Modern rustic home interior design by Decorilla

Inspired by Decorilla’s transitional design samples and armed with a Pinterest board full of ideas, the client provided a comprehensive image gallery. This visual feast presented a cohesive display of modern elegance and comfort. Blended with rustic accents and just a dash of Mid-century modern style, the layouts exuded loads of distinctive character. They illustrated the client’s own words: “I think my style is a mix of modern/contemporary and a little traditional. I want it to feel cozy/connected with nature, clean, and a bit interesting.”

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Rustic, family-friendly home design by Decorilla
Rustic, family-friendly home design by Decorilla

That underlined desire for a clean, nature-inspired aesthetic along with a specific inviting vibe was evident. Stone fireplaces anchoring living spaces merged the indoors with the natural world, complementing abundant wooden cabinetry and built-in shelves. Meanwhile, vivid colors and patterned wallpapers in kids’ bedrooms suggested a daring yet harmonious take on traditional design.

Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

Preliminary proposition by Decorilla designer Wanda P.
Preliminary proposition by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

The curated gallery helped the Decorilla team gain a clear insight into the client’s vision for a family-oriented home. Coupled with comprehensive responses from Decorilla’s design questionnaire, it also detailed their style preferences and functional needs. In return, such a deep understanding allowed for pinpointing the most suitable interior designers that could nail this challenge.

Upon meticulously reviewing the provided material and requirements, two experts presented their bespoke concepts. Each proposal showcased a thoughtful approach to creating aesthetically pleasing spaces practical for family living. Subtle differences in layouts and accents and the high caliber of both presentations faced the client with a challenging decision. It took a round of consultation to ultimately single out Casey H.’s moodboard as the one perfectly aligned with the client’s vision for a family-friendly home.

Preliminary proposition by Decorilla designer Casey H.
Preliminary proposition by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

As expected, Casey’s ideas harmoniously balanced contemporary and traditional elements, creating a family-friendly interior design that feels current and inviting. The moodboard was brimming with texture and contrast, embellished with occasional touches of the unexpected. A palette of serene neutral tones enfolded subdued patterns and raw surfaces, bringing warmth and a connection to nature. A combination of paint and tasteful wallpaper was also proposed to layer visual interest. Meanwhile, key furnishing pieces included plush, comfortable seating paired with modern decor, adding a sculptural quality to the space.  

Results Revealed: Family-Friendly Home Design 

A family-friendly interior design by Decorilla
A family-friendly interior design by Decorilla

Genuinely family-friendly, the interior design of this home reflects a harmonious blend of modern amenities and inviting aesthetics. The thoughtful use of materials and color palette creates a cohesive look that feels cozy, bright, and airy. Emphasizing an open-plan concept, the layout establishes a natural flow between cooking and living areas, making it ideal for family interactions and entertaining guests. Moreover, attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the choice of lighting to the placement of accessories, culminating in a space as beautiful as it is practical.

Family-Friendly Living Room

Decorilla's design of a family-friendly home
Decorilla‘s design of a family-friendly home

Just like the client wanted, this family-friendly living room’s interior design thoughtfully fuses functionality and timeless charm. The balance achieved in return feels pleasing and offers a warm welcome. A neutral color scheme characterizes this space, with soft whites and warm beiges laying a foundation for a cozy layout. The furniture’s clean, contemporary form invites relaxation, oozing a slightly rustic flair while also adding a subtle mid-century nod. 

Decorilla's design of a family-friendly home's living room
Living room interior design by Decorilla