The Decorilla team is lucky to work with top interior designers from around the country. We also love to discover the ones to watch and collaborate with! Wanting to take the first steps towards your dream home? Well, here’s our list of top interior designers NYC from Manhattan, Connecticut, Long Island, NY, and beyond – hand-selected by the Decorilla team!

Interior Design NYC

Industrial loft interior design by Decorilla
Industrial loft interior design by Decorilla

As an international hotspot for all things fashion, art, and design – it is no surprise that New York City plays host to some of the most renowned interior designers. Some come to the Big Apple from afar while others are trained in the heart of the city at some of the best interior design schools and firms available.

Not only that, the designers are also spoiled for choice with an impressive selection of local decor and furniture stores. As a result, this conglomeration of talent has become the masterminds behind a diverse design scene. Whether you’re in search of cutting-edge modern design, stately traditional, or anything in between, interior designers in New York are certainly up to the challenge.

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Top 10 NYC Interior Designers & Decorators

Contemporary black and white living room by NYC interior designers - Renata P
Contemporary living room by Decorilla interior decorator, Renata P.

A search for ‘NYC interior designers near me’ may return a daunting list of talented candidates. So, with the help of our design experts, we’ve put together a list of top designers within the city.

Joyce Elizabeth Tranchida

top interior designer new york Joyce Tranchida

Joyce Tranchida has developed a skillful eye for design from studying architecture in Europe to launching her own furniture design line. Currently residing in New York City, this talented interior designer specializes in functional and beautiful small spaces. HGTV’s Selling New York, NY Mag, Curbed, and NY Post have all featured work by Joyce.

Apartment by one of the best NYC interior designers - Joyce T
Contemporary loft interior design in NYC by Decorilla designer, Joyce T

Joyce has also had successful staging projects including one for Kylie Bax, former model, and actress from New Zealand, at 11 Vestry. Joyce nets out to be the most affordable interior designer on this list, but with such a brimming career, it’s no wonder she is one of our top NYC interior designers near you.

living room nyc interior designer with slide
Modern apartment interior design by Decorilla designer, Joyce T.

WHAT WE LOVE: Joyce’s high-end modern style available on an accessible budget. Love Joyce’s work? Then, transform your space now!

Betty Wasserman

One of the top interior designers NYC - Betty Wasserman

As an award-winning interior designer in New York, Betty Wasserman creates sophisticated interiors not only in the city, but also in the Hamptons. Before launching her design career in 1996, she was previously a private art dealer – and still represents 50 artists today. As a result, she often incorporates their works into her projects, guiding the creation of her signature refined, yet livable interiors.

Top New York interior designers and decorators - Betty Wasserman

WHAT WE LOVE: Betty’s boundless creativity. Beyond interiors she also designs furniture that often show up in her latest projects.

Decorilla NYC Interior Designers

Best Decorilla New York interior designers near me

Decorilla’s innovative service brings clients a personalized experience as they match you with NYC interior designers who suit your style. To get started, you’ll take a one-on-one consultation and initial questionnaire. Then the team puts together your brief and selects designers. After they receive the brief, two designers create concepts and you can pick your favorite. From here, your designer completes photorealistic 3D renderings according to your exact preferences. The final package also includes color schemes, layouts, and an online shopping list with exclusive discounts.

Trendy result by Decorilla's top New York interior designers - Marine H
High-end living room by Decorilla New York interior designer, Marine H.
Moodboard by one of Decorilla's top New York interior designers
Moodboard by Decorilla

Some of the many features clients love most include Decorilla’s friendly in-home and virtual consultations, interactive user platform, room visualizations, procurement from the online shopping list, and substantial discounts from well-loved stores. Plus, clients can track the progress of each design step.

Room result by one of the top interior designers in NYC - Marine H
Living room result by Decorilla interior designer, Marine H.
Shopping list by one of Decorilla's best interior designers in NYC - Marine H
Decorilla‘s online shopping list
Chic interior design result by one of Decorilla's top NYC interior designers
Chic interior design by Decorilla NYC interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Decorilla’s accessibility and variety of interior design talent in NYC. What’s more, Decorilla is also the most affordable design firm on this list – packages cost 80% less than traditional interior design services! 

interior designers nyc - how much does it cost

Joseph Ginsberg

One of the top New York interior designers - Jospeh Ginsberg

Classic contemporary underscores Joseph Ginsberg‘s work. His unmistakable style, characterized by sleek lines and glistening surfaces, distinguishes him as a top interior designer in New York. Each home blends old-world applications and contemporary conveniences for everyday modern living. As such, he prioritizes striking the perfect balance between functionality and opulence. His creations are the epitome of luxurious living as a result.

Masculine living room by one of the best NYC interior designers - Joseph G
Masculine living room by Decorilla designer, Joseph G.

With a diverse background in painting, sculpture, and architecture, Joseph’s designs are elevated to a whole new level. In fact, his contemporary approach to decoration possesses a curator’s discerning touch. However, Joseph’s exceptional talent truly shines in his high-end residential and commercial projects.

Bedroom by one of the top NYC interior decorators, Joseph Ginsberg
Bedroom by Decorilla top NYC interior decorator, Joseph G.

WHAT WE LOVE: Joseph masterfully incorporates traditional design techniques as the foundation of his projects, seamlessly adapting them to suit the demands of modern lifestyles and sensibilities. Love his harmonious fusion? You can transform your interior with his extraordinary talent, starting today!

Susan Winberg 

One of the best NYC interior designers - Susan Winberg

Susan Winberg pursued interior design as her true passion after practicing law for 9 years. Now, she boasts 25 years of design experience turning all types of residential properties into dream homes. Moreover, throughout her design process, Susan puts an emphasis on collaborating closely with her clients. As a result, she designs beautiful and comfortable spaces that reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle and personality.

Kitchen by top New York interior designers near you - Susan Winberg
Modern penthouse design by Decorilla interior designer, Susan W.

In addition, Susan states that while she has her own personal design preferences she doesn’t have a go-to style. Instead, she prefers to tailor every project directly to her client’s desires and offer them guidance when needed. As a testament to her skill, Susan’s work has been featured in magazine publications like Elle Decor, Connecticut Home & Garden, as well as several books (Weekend Retreats, Decorate Fearlessly).

Contemporary bedroom by Decorilla interior decorator NYC, Susan W.
Contemporary bedroom by Decorilla interior decorator, Susan W.

WHAT WE LOVE: That Susan offers her amazing design sense at affordable flat-rate prices – you get the perfect space for less!

Kati Curtis

NYC interior designers best talent - Kati Curtis

With a modern approach to design, Kati Curtis’ eco-friendly local design firm is known for its eclectic style and sustainable sensibilities. Kati is one of the only LEED AP ID&C residential designers in Manhattan. Her high end and award-winning spaces include luxury New York City homes and boutique hospitality projects. KCD’s sophisticated style and global design influences also help in achieving beautiful results for her international clientele.

Lounge by one of the top New York interior designers - Kati Curtis

WHAT WE LOVE: Kati’s dedication to sharing knowledge; she’s a teacher at the NY School of Interior design.

Erika Flugger

interior design firms nyc - erika flugger

Erika Flugger is the principal behind NYC Interior Design which she brought to fruition in 2010. She started her firm with 15 years in luxury design. As a result, this experience has helped Erika become well known for high-end interiors. Moreover, through exceptional design service, Erika and her team deliver elegant spaces that match the homeowner’s lifestyle while also increasing property value.

Monochrome design by top NYC interior designers - Erika Flugger

WHAT WE LOVE: That she doesn’t limit herself to one style or era.

Young Huh

interior decorator NYC - Young Huh

When discovering local interior decorators of NYC, it is impossible to ignore the creativity of Young Huh. One look at her portfolio and you’ll see her signature touch of artfully blending classic and modern design elements. Young’s interiors include an array of materials and textures that capture the eye and welcome you in. Furthermore, she also sources a line of unique decor elements that are available for purchase on her site.

Bedroom by one of the best interior designers in NYC - Young Huh

WHAT WE LOVE: Thoughtfully curated interiors that are welcoming as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Bradley Stephens

One of the top New York interior designers - Bradley Stephens

Bradley Stephens is the founding partner of NYC interior design firm, Stephens Design Group. After moving to the city, he earned a Masters in Interior Design at the prestigious Pratt Institute and then worked under some of the top architecture and design firms. As a result, this reputable background helped him form the foundation for his own firm in 2003. Since then, Bradley has become one of New York’s most sought after designers known for timeless interiors.

Living room by one of the best NYC interior designers and decorators - Bradley Stephens

WHAT WE LOVE: Highly functional designs that will certainly withstand the test of time.

Lorenzo Cota

Best interior designers in NYC - Lorenzo Cota

Lorenzo Cota’s unwavering goal in interior design is to create spaces that exude warmth and hospitality. When it comes to incorporating natural elements indoors, he reigns supreme as a NYC interior decorator. His remarkable ability to infuse greenery, stone, and wood throughout spaces is truly awe-inspiring.

Contemporary lounge by top interior designer in NYC - Lorenzo Cota
Contemporary lounge by Decorilla top interior designer in NYC, Lorenzo C.

In addition to drawing inspiration from nature, Lorenzo finds creative fuel in architecture, textiles, and the artistry of crafters. These influences, coupled with the excitement of his clients, ignite his imagination. They propel him to craft personalized interiors of world-class caliber.

White kitchen by one of the best NYC interior designers - Lorenzo Cota
White kitchen by Decorilla interior designer, Lorenzo C.

WHAT WE LOVE: Lorenzo firmly believes clear design direction leads to successful and affordable interiors. So, if you love his work, why not start your home makeover with one of the best interior designers in NYC today?

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