Top 10 Houston Interior Designers

Houston interior designer Marie-Flanigan-Living

Houston. America’s fourth largest city is a bustling cosmopolitan destination with world-class restaurants, shopping, and night-life. A great combination of Southern charm and urban chic, Houston offers its own spin on style which comes to life in its commercial and residential spaces.  The Decorilla team is inspired by vibrant design areas like this. Looking for the top Houston interior designers? Here’s our carefully curated list! 

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Decorilla Interior Designer Spotlight: Anna Tatsioni


The magic of interior designers is their ability to tap into the uniqueness of each space, to reflect the needs of each client, and to create a beautiful and comfortable space. Our designer spotlight this month shines on Anna Tatsioni, who is inspired by this. To her, it is the secret to interior design success. Here she shares more on using her instincts on projects, what trend she feels is here to stay, and why the living room is her favorite room in her home.

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How to Choose the Right Area Rug

Contemporary Living room area rug

The role of area rugs in the interior design of a room is a big one. It anchors an area, distinguishing one space from another, especially in an open floor plan. It absorbs sound, is warming and soft underfoot, and can be the sole decor piece that makes a room design feel whole.

So it’s not surprising that selecting the right area rug for your space is super important. To help, we give you three important tips and a little design inspiration to find that perfect rug.

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Designer Hacks for Small Space Living

Small Space Living

There’s a current American obsession with tiny homes. Whether stemming from necessity as home dwellers look to live more with less, or from the curiosity of taking on a unique design challenge, the fascination has inspired a re-evaluation of space.

Shows like Tiny House Nation have captured the essence of how to create spaces that utilize spatial design in clever and effective ways. Whether yours is a tiny home on wheels or an 11‘x11’ city studio, we’ve got just the solutions you need for small living spaces.

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Decorilla Designer Spotlight: Cristina Ramirez

Cristina eclectic LA interior designer

Many of us have arrived at our life’s passion via varied and winding paths. Cristina Ramirez, a Los Angeles based Decorilla designer, discovered her career in interior design evolving from her work in company branding and social media content creation. Here, this young, fresh design talent shares more about what compelled her to design, her current favorite design trends, and why her home office is the space in her home!

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