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To a certain extent, designing residential interiors is simpler than commercial ones. A home needs to appeal to one household, while the latter must attract many people. And even when these groups share interests, it remains challenging. A recent Decorilla client realized this and sought help creating their business space. Read on to learn how a moody cigar lounge design magnified their appeal!

The Challenge: Cigar Lounge Design & Décor

Every project requires the designer to overcome unique challenges. That’s why researching residential or commercial interior design firms is essential. It helps to pinpoint who delivers the best results on similar jobs. For this client to consider the final cigar lounge a success, the designer needed to:

  • Establish a cohesive, sleek, and sophisticated gentleman’s lounge atmosphere inside the building and out on the patio
  • Devise a layout that maximizes space for each of the design’s distinct zones
  • Identify fine high tables and chairs, as well as leather lounge seating for the interior
  • Implement lighting that ensures good visibility while also enhancing the broody ambiance

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Cigar Lounge Décor Ideas

Cigar lounge ideas and inspiration

The client’s inspirational images proved they had many cigar lounge design ideas for every part of their property. It ranged from the humidor to the lounge, online patio design, and more.

Moody yet practical lighting sets the tone in the client’s favorite interiors. When it came to the exterior, they preferred a more laid-back but no less sophisticated ambiance. Ample plush seating in intimate groups takes priority over a big bar area. Each space is, without a doubt, classy and ideal for unwinding in style.

Cigar Lounge Design Ideas Moodboard

Cigar lounge design - Wanda P.
Decorilla cigar lounge design

Before contacting Decorilla, the client formed a vision of what they wanted for their new cigar lounge décor and overall look. They just needed a trained eye to help them put it all together. Because they knew what they wanted, the client finished the initial steps of the design process in a flash. To begin with, they took an online quiz and then submitted their design brief. A virtual consultation with Decorilla soon followed.

Cigar lounge decor and outdoor patio ideas - Wanda P.
Decorilla moodboard featuring cigar lounge and patio design ideas

After the meeting, the team used the gathered information to identify the top two designers for the project. These designers went ahead and designed a moodboard each. To continue, the client had to pick a favorite. Although both were stunning, the concept by Wanda P. won. Her proposed furnishings and finishes had a refined but inviting vibe, which would remain tasteful for years.

Cigar Lounge Design Results

Cigar lounge design results - Wanda P.
Cigar lounge décor throughout the updated property – Decorilla 3D rendering

A once empty shell made way for a timeless cigar lounge, complete with an atmospheric patio out back. It’s safe to say that this high-end hangout wows and impresses throughout. In fact, its character is firmly established right from the first point of contact. The color palette, accents, layout, and furniture all work together and exude an elite mood.

Enter & Admire: The Sleek Sales Counter, Display & Humidor

Cigar lounge design ideas for the shop - Wanda P.
Cigar lounge design sales counter and humidor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The contemporary Art Deco air of the interior becomes apparent within a few steps past the front door. Here a black and gold-flecked accent wall sets a luxurious tone for the rest of the cigar lounge design. At the same time, the gold product display, complete with backlighting, commands attention. These shelves and the black granite countertops pair beautifully with the wallpaper.

Cigar lounge decor in shop - Wanda P.
Humidor as part of a cigar lounge design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Light wood flooring and counter slats bring warmth to not only the front-of-house area but also throughout the interior. It’s especially true of the built-in humidor just off the entrance. Wooden shelves line the walls, from floor to ceiling, and hold the precious stock. The room is equal parts practical and impressive. It preserves the cigars and displays them in a tasteful, organized manner.

The Main Event: A Stylish Bar & Lounge Area

Cigar lounge decor - Wanda P.
Cigar lounge design ideas – Decorilla 3D rendering

Further into the building lies the main room, home to the lounge and bar. It’s where elegant cigar lounge design ideas become reality. In the middle of the space, anchored by a rustic wine bottle chandelier, is a spacious bar table and stools. Mirrored U-shaped sitting areas flank this central arrangement. Each features a studded leather sofa, two matching armchairs, and a coffee table.

Cigar lounge design ideas - Wanda P.
Cigar lounge décor at the bar area – Decorilla 3D rendering

Several flat screens and contemporary artwork dress the textured walls. And at the far end of the room is the bar, which has a similar aesthetic to the sales counter and cigar display. The golden glow from its backlit shelves again brings warmth to the space, alongside many other pendant lights. These lights pop within the moody room – especially against the dark ceiling.

Out on the Patio

Contemporary outdoor patio ideas - Wanda P.
Cigar lounge outdoor patio ideas – Decorilla 3D rendering

A great, open backyard meant the cigar lounge had the opportunity to go big when effecting outdoor patio ideas. Like the interior, outdoor seating consists of different-sized groups. Some feature two armchairs and a coffee table, while others also have L-shaped sectionals and fire pits. Potted plants and trellis screens provide some privacy in-between.

Outdoor patio with live music ideas - Wanda P.
Outdoor patio ideas featuring a stage area – Decorilla 3D rendering

Black and white pergolas and umbrellas offer sun protection and enhance the urban oasis vibe. Textured off-white fabric, light wood, and cement accents ensure the backyard décor feels fresh and unpretentious. Amidst the sitting areas, a simple, slightly elevated wooden stage is visible to all. When not used for performances, it makes an ideal dance floor.

Online Shopping List

Shopping list with cigar lounge ideas
Decorilla online shopping list

Turning cigar lounge design ideas or another dream into reality with Decorilla means enjoying many perks. One is access to custom online shopping lists and even exclusive trade discounts. These simplify sourcing the right pieces for a design while saving time and money. Additionally, clients receive clear layout instructions, lifelike 3D renderings, and more.

Our Top Chic Cigar Lounge Picks

To recreate a design is as simple as investing in a few core elements, like two or three of the cigar lounge décor pieces seen above. If the project has left you feeling inspired, consider grabbing our top pics below. These will help you put together a small-scale version anywhere.

Cigar lounge decor top picks


  1. Photographic Print 
  2. Firecracker Wallpaper  
  3. Black Pendants 
  4. Bar Stool 
  5. Leather Sofa 
  6. Nesting Tables 

Want a cigar lounge design at home?

Whether you desire a man cave inspired by the cigar lounge design ideas discussed or another look, Decorilla knows exactly how to help. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to see your vision come to life!


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