Blue contemporary-style bedroom by Decorilla

Love contemporary style but not sure how to get the look in your home? Then you won’t want to miss this compilation of transformations including; contemporary-style bedrooms, accompanied by elegant bathrooms, a family-friendly game-room and a luxe study space. We’ll guide you through this exciting design while offering tips & inspo to help you create similar spaces!

The Challenge: Sleek Contemporary Style Bedrooms & More

A couple building their dream home from the ground up recently contacted Decorilla for professional bedroom design ideas and help completing the interior of the new home. They needed a solution for multiple rooms and functional needs, seeking to infuse every inch with style. This exciting challenge required a focus on a harmonious contemporary aesthetic with specific design goals:

  • Design ideas for contemporary style bedrooms, bathrooms, game room, study room, and mudroom 
  • Strategic utilization of space and lighting to enhance the modern feel and openness of the residence
  • Furniture and decor selection that embody contemporary elegance while ensuring comfort and durability 
  • Cohesive flow across different rooms with a seamless transition, balancing functionality and style 
  • Personal touches incorporated throughout to infuse the couple’s personality into every inch of their home

Design Inspiration: Contemporary Spaces with Style

Inspiration for contemporary style bedrooms design by Decorilla
Inspiration bedroom design by Decorilla

Before the start, it was crucial to explore what would make each area of the home truly special and appealing to the clients. The bedrooms, for example, were envisioned as trendy sanctuaries, striking a perfect balance between chic minimalism and warm comfort. Think sleek, clean lines of contemporary furniture softened by plush textiles and subtle color gradients. 

Contemporary style bedrooms inspiration by Decorilla (1)
Contemporary-style bedroom by Decorilla

However, the client’s affection for thoughtfully designed contemporary-style bedrooms was not only about paint selection or visual appeal. Their goal was also to achieve functional, clutter-free sanctuaries where one can unwind, reflect, and rejuvenate after a long day. 

Contemporary game room design inspiration by Decorilla designer Erica F.
Game room design by Decorilla

Similarly, the contemporary game room was imagined as a vibrant activity hub, merging a practical layout with a fun yet dapper appeal. Bold colors and modern furnishings would make it an exciting space for entertainment, fostering a lifestyle that celebrates dynamic interaction. In short, each room would flaunt a distinct character, making the client’s new home a perfect blend of a restful retreat and social hotspot.

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Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer 

Preliminary proposal featuring a contemporary bedroom set by Decorilla designer Erika F.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Erika F.

Recognizing the importance of aligning with the client’s vision for their new home, the Decorilla team curated two expert designers. Each crafted a detailed, tailored moodboard showcasing their distinct take on the project. This flexible approach allowed the client to choose between different concepts, ensuring the final design met their tastes and needs.

After exploring every detail of the two engaging options, the client found a more profound affinity with Erika F.‘s design. Her thoughtful combination of design elements presented a comprehensive concept they could vividly envision in their new home. Beyond just matching their preference for materials and color, it also echoed their desire for a space that was as welcoming as it was fashionable. 

Preliminary proposal for a contemporary game room by Decorilla designer Erika F.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Erika F.

Erika’s moodboard revealed a tranquil contemporary elegance, embracing a refined palette of greys, creams, and nuanced hints of gold. This design flaunted a modern aesthetic, gracefully infused with low-key glam. In addition, the layouts artfully combined gentle pops of color with bold contrasts, integrating unique elements to create an atmosphere that feels equally stylish and inviting.

Results Revealed: Upscaled Spaces 

Contemporary style interiors
Contemporary-style interiors by Decorilla

From initial sketches to a stunning reality, this new construction home was transformed into a luxurious contemporary retreat. Featuring three bedrooms and bathrooms, a game room, study, and mudroom, each space is harmoniously tied together with a chic, contemporary aesthetic. The result is a breathtaking luxury dream home where modern design meets comfort and functionality. This home exemplifies the seamless integration of style and practicality, making every corner a testament to sophisticated living.

Contemporary Bedroom with a Feminine Touch

Feminine and chic contemporary style bedrooms by Decorilla
Feminine and chic contemporary-style bedroom by Decorilla

The first of the client’s three contemporary-style bedrooms exemplifies modern living with its emphasis on functionality and aesthetic appeal. A low-profile bed in a soothing blush tone confidently dominates the layout, encouraging relaxation. It bathes in the natural light coming from another standout feature: the floor-to-ceiling window accompanied by a large built-in bench. Sculptural floor lamps flank the bed, adding an artistic touch in addition to soft illumination, perfect for winding down in the evenings. In contrast, the sharp white floating shelf serves as a minimalist display and storage area, maintaining the uncluttered design ethos. 

Accent wall ideas for a feature wall in contemporary style bedrooms by Decorilla
Seating area design for a bedroom by Decorilla

Observed from a different angle, the design takes a slightly bolder direction without compromising the hallmark of simplicity. A textured wall creates an appealing focal point, complemented by framed monochromatic artworks that speak to a sophisticated taste. A stylish relaxation corner, meanwhile, comprises a chic dresser and a plush armchair marrying functionality with a fashionable edge. The soft, diffused lighting from the arching floor lamp creates a warm ambiance that feels curated and effortlessly stylish.

Design solution for contemporary style bedrooms by Decorilla
Bedroom design with a feminine touch by Decorilla

This contemporary bedroom set benefits from a harmonious, powdery color palette, leaving it to materials to introduce texture and warmth. A plush area rug and velvet seating enhance the neutral walls and flooring. Simultaneously, circular motifs in the lighting and furniture, such as the round marble-top side tables, echo throughout the space. Beyond accentuating that provides visual depth, such patterns also establish a coherent connection that ties the room together. As a result, the design reflects contemporary elegance and promotes a lifestyle of understated luxury.

Serene Second Bedroom 

Blue masculine contemporary bedroom decor by Decorilla
Contemporary bedroom decor by Decorilla

Boasting a prominently masculine character, the next room’s design still maintains a subtle design connection with the surroundings. Bold contrasts and moody navy tones characterize this contemporary bedroom’s decor, making it stand out with an attitude. At the same time, clean lines, functional layout, and metallic accents create a compelling sense of continuity.

Masculine contemporary bedroom set by Decorilla
Masculine bedroom style by Decorilla

The deep, serene backdrop creates a striking contrast with the light, neutral tones of the bedding and furniture. A robust bed frame anchors the space, while the striking blue artwork above it serves as a focal point that demands attention. Meanwhile, sculptural lamps juxtapose the rigid geometric flow with a touch of curated fashion. The inclusion of a streamlined, wooden dresser topped with a wall-mounted TV suggests a tenant that values both form and practicality. 

Maximizing Space and Utility

Blue contemporary style bedrooms by Decorilla
Blue contemporary-style bedroom by Decorilla

The smartly assembled layout makes the most of the available floor space in an exquisite manner. Each element boosts a sleek profile and minimal footprint but introduces a dynamic textural interplay to maintain visual interest. The fluted wooden feature wall adds warmth and depth, drawing the eye without overwhelming the senses. It establishes a pleasant, orderly geometry that continues through the headboard, rug, and plush bench at the bed’s foot, underscoring the room’s inviting ambiance.

In summary, all design elements come together to effortlessly create a harmonious contemporary bedroom set. 

Downstairs Contemporary Bedroom

Serene contemporary bedroom set composed by Decorilla
Bedroom interior design by Decorilla

Situated on the first floor, the third bedroom continues the serene, clean look that defines other contemporary-style bedrooms. A solid, natural wood bed frame anchors this space, lending an organic flair to the layout. A textured accent wall rises behind the headboard, adding depth and visual interest. Functional elements such as bedside tables and lamps are carefully chosen to enhance the room’s ambiance while providing practical lighting solutions. Cream and golden accents convey a splash of luxury and color, contrasting with the neutral palette. 

Nature-inspired contemporary style bedrooms by Decorilla
Nature-inspired bedroom by Decorilla

The window, dressed in simple yet elegant drapery, floods the room with natural light. Meanwhile, the ample window seat, adorned with plush cushions, mimics the cozy reading nook found in the first room. Besides establishing a harmonious connection, it also maximizes the seating area, demonstrating a clever use of space. The functionality is raised to another level by the placement of a sleek TV that opens from the ceiling per need without sacrificing the room’s style in the meantime.

Organic contemporary bedroom decor by Decorilla
Organic contemporary bedroom by Decorilla

The consistent use of wood provides a cohesive aesthetic throughout the room, perfectly complemented by the large area rug. Most of the decor echoes and elaborates on its geometric pattern, from the modern art piece above the cabinet to the curated selection of cushions. The selection also injects a personal touch, making the space feel lived-in and welcoming. 

Contemporary-Style Bathroom with Gold Accents

Design solution for contemporary style bathrooms by Decorilla
Contemporary glam-style bathroom by Decorilla

Translating the bedrooms’ style into a different type of functionality, their adjoined contemporary-style bathrooms don’t skimp on gorgeousness. The marble walls here exude luxury, with their bold veining providing an artful backdrop to the gold and white vanity. With its textured front and multiple compartments, this vanity also offers ample, well-organized storage, keeping countertops free of clutter. Above, the sleek mirror is flanked by vintage-inspired sconces, giving a nod to classic design elements. The brushed gold finish decorates all fixtures for a touch of modern sophistication.

White marble in contemporary style bathrooms by Decorilla
Bathroom view #1 by Decorilla
Contemporary bathroom decorating with white and gold by Decorilla
Bathroom view #2 by Decorilla

The bathroom’s layout is thoughtfully designed to maximize space without sacrificing style. The glass shower enclosure, with its clean lines and minimal framing, enhances the room’s open feel. A convenient niche inside accommodates the toiletries, while a strategically placed towel warmer ensures a cozy embrace after. In addition, the illuminated built-in shelving unit not only provides storage but also serves as a decorative display, contributing to the bathroom’s spa-like ambiance. 

Opulent Bathroom Design

Black, white and gold in contemporary style bathrooms by Decorilla
Luxury contemporary-style bathroom by Decorilla

The second bathroom’s design elaborates on the white-and-gold theme, introducing some more high-contrast visuals. Its dramatic marble backdrop boasts prominent black veining, setting a luxurious tone that feels simultaneously timeless and modern. A stark, black vanity dominates the scene as a grounding element, its ample storage space exemplifying the practical beauty. At the same time, the large, framed mirror expands the space visually while dispersing light throughout the room.

Contemporary bathroom decor with a gold walk-in shower by Decorilla
Gold accented bathroom design by Decorilla
Contemporary bathroom decorating solutions by Decorilla
Walk in shower design by Decorilla

The floor is laid with classic black and white tiles in a basket-weave pattern, adding texture and interest without detracting. A frameless glass shower partition enhances the open feel of the bathroom, allowing the intricate tile work to continue uninterrupted. Inside the shower, modern fixtures and a simple, built-in shelf maintain the clean aesthetic while providing high functionality. The presence of natural elements like the potted plant introduces an organic touch, softening the boldness of the marble and bringing a sense of calm to the space.

Bold Black & White Bathroom

Black and white design for contemporary style bathrooms by Decorilla
Contemporary bathroom decorating by Decorilla

The third contemporary bathroom decorating scheme completes the transition from an opulent white and gold palette to striking black and white. The continuity is evident in the marble’s luxurious feel, geometric tile patterns, as well as the overall layout. The combination of vanity and recessed shelving provides an elegant display for toiletries, mirroring the functionality found in the other rooms. 

Creative contemporary bathroom decorating solutions by Decorilla
Bathroom design by Decorilla
Contemporary style bathrooms with black walk-in shower by Decorilla
Walk-in shower design by Decorilla

Using a stark black frame against the dramatic marble veining creates a dynamic visual statement. The geometric floor tiles continue this theme, offering a classic touch that grounds the space. In addition, black-framed glass panels enclosing the walk-in shower define the area and allow light to flow throughout, giving it an open and airy feel. 

Contemporary Game Room Design

Design of a contemporary game room by Decorilla
Elegant game room by Decorilla

The game room is a beautifully executed example of merging sleek design with entertainment and comfort. Its half-open form establishes a solid connection with the rest of the living area, feeling modern and inviting at the same time. Large, expansive windows frame the natural scenery outside, ensuring the space is bathed in ample natural light. Such a feature enhances the airy flair of the room and creates a bright, welcoming atmosphere.

Elegant contemporary game room layout by Decorilla
Luxe entertainment space by Decorilla

The strikingly textured walls serve as a bold backdrop to the sophisticated color palette of grays and blacks. A luxurious pool table at the center anchors the space, promising a fun game while also acting as a statement piece. The rest of the furniture selection is intentionally minimalist, highly functional yet elegant.

Ample seating in contemporary game room by Decorilla
Lounge and billiards room by Decorilla

The seating area features a plush, channel-tufted sofa and two armchairs, providing ample seating without overwhelming the space. In addition, the wet bar area with high stools offers a casual lounging alternative, perfect for gatherings or solo relaxation. The strategic lighting scheme includes soft wall fixtures and the circular chandelier above the pool table. It complements the natural light during the day and provides a cozy evening ambiance.

Contemporary game room design by Decorilla
Viewing room by Decorilla

The room detailing adds layers of texture and interest. Elements like an artistic black and white rug and modern artwork effortlessly echo the sophisticated feel of the rest of the house. Meanwhile, the inclusion of indoor plants introduces a fresh, organic element, contrasting with the room’s modernity and providing a visual break from the sleek surfaces. 

Sophisticated Study Room

Cozy lounging setup by Decorilla
Luxe study lounge by Decorilla

The study room is an intimate family hub that exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere, ideal for relaxation and entertainment. Its design revolves around a minimalist yet comfortable approach, combining a clean layout with cushy lounging. The focal point is the ample, plush sectional sofa, topped with an oversized art piece. Built-in window seating further expands its functionality, maximizing already generous seating options.

A built-in bench maximizing seating options in a study room by Decorilla
Cozy seating in a study room by Decorilla

Aesthetically, the room boasts a chic and understated elegance. The ribbed wall paneling introduces a subtle texture complemented by the rug’s pattern without overwhelming the senses. Natural light streams through the large windows, enhancing the room’s airy feel and emphasizing the organic materials used throughout. The light fixtures are modern and understated, their ambient lighting contributing to the room’s serene atmosphere.

Contemporary study room layout by Decorilla
Contemporary study room by Decorilla

The sofa faces a large, flat-screen television strategically placed for optimal viewing from any angle in the room. It’s complemented by sleek side tables offering handy surfaces without cluttering the space. Such a setup promotes convenience for a range of activities, from playing games to watching movies to contemplating new ideas.

Functionally Beautiful Mudroom Design

Creative mudroom storage solutions by Decorilla
Creative mudroom storage solutions by Decorilla

Following the rest of the house storyline, the mudroom embraces contemporary interior design principles. A clean, neutral, practical character defines this space, providing a serene transition from the outdoors. The attractive built-in wooden bench offers a convenient spot for a moment of resting, taking shoes off, or placing bags upon entering. It’s cocooned inside custom cabinetry that provides ample storage for outdoor gear, keeping the area uncluttered. 

Bright and airy mudroom layout by Decorilla
Bright and airy mudroom layout by Decorilla

The harmony between function and aesthetics is further emphasized by the strategic lighting. Recessed lights provide overall illumination, while the under-cabinet lighting accentuates the dynamic layout with a warm, welcoming glow. The choice of wood for the cabinetry brings a natural element indoors, balancing the minimalist appeal of modern features. In addition, decorative elements such as dried pampas grass introduce organic softness to the space, creating a homely atmosphere.

Home office in a mudroom designed by Decorilla
Home office nook by Decorilla

Moreover, considering the diverse practical needs of a busy household, the designer employed the excess nook as another workspace. Functional and stylish, it seamlessly blends into the design, allowing household members to engage in quiet study or remote work with minimal disruption. As a result, the solution maximizes the mudroom’s potential without infringing on its primary function as an entryway.

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

Shopping list for contemporary style bedrooms by Decorilla
Shopping list with exclusive trade discounts by Decorilla

Erika’s keen eye for detail and her profound grasp of the homeowners’ preferences enabled her to assemble a bespoke home furnishings and decor collection. This tailored selection, featuring trade-exclusive discounts, struck the perfect balance between elegance and budget-friendliness. The clients praised her patience, expertise, and respect for the tight schedule.  

During the process, Erika presented the clients with detailed 3D renderings that allowed them to preview and approve the design. In addition, her professional advice evoked clarity and confidence, thus eliminating uncertainty from the equation. Finally, this considerate approach was sealed with a white glove shopping concierge service taking care of the logistical practicalities for a seamless experience.

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Get the Look: Top Picks for Contemporary-Style Bedrooms

Feeling inspired with ideas but not ready to commit? Explore our curated collection of furniture and decor designed to infuse elegance into contemporary-style bedrooms. 

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  6. Wooden Bed
  7. Grasscloth Wallpaper

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