Before and After: Modern Studio Bachelor Pad


One of the most common design challenges is effective use of space. This is especially true when the space is limited and several uses of the room are needed.

Take one of our recent New York studio design clients, for example. Having moved into a large bedroom, he wanted to create a split living/sleeping space. He was clear about what he liked. “I want to create an airy, elevated type of room with not a lot of furniture that is too close to the ground”. To us, this translated into: floating furniture, a platform bed and a clean minimalistic look. These elements help open up a room. Other possible solutions include the following…

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Fiddle Leaf Fig: Easy on the eyes, tricky on the care


Image via Lonny

If you chose things solely based on looks, then you might go straight for the ever enduring “it” plant – the Fiddle Leaf Fig, with its large dinner plate sized sculptural leaves.  It’s kind of like a Volvo, if you pick the right one and you have the right environment, is pretty low maintenance and a work of art on its own. Whether it lives in a white washed or eclectic environment, this West African beauty acts as a major design element that adds drama and texture to any room.  If you don’t give this beauty the proper home it deserves, it can be a real temperamental diva.  Be prepared with a box of tissues as those beautiful leaves brown and fall gracefully one by one to the ground.  This is not to dissuade you from this plant, it every bit worth the effort.

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Tiny Studio Decoration


When it comes to studio apartments, size really does matter. A recent 11’x11′ New York studio space inclined to feel dark and closed in, became the platform for a bright and open design makeover. The result was the appearance of a larger splendidly designed living area. How?

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Top 5 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mothers day living room

We love our moms and want to show it. While Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, it can be a challenge to come up with unique gifts that she will truly enjoy. Here’s the secret to a perfect Mother’s Day gift: thoughtfulness. Putting in effort to show how you respect her passions and interests can have an enormously positive effect! Here are some unique gift ideas for different spaces in her home that can brighten her days long after the Holiday is over.

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5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Design


Sustainable design-Eco-Friendly-Home-Interior-Designing

Sustainable design is a timeless trend; the future of our planet depends on it. From popular retailers who have included a green line to a growing demand for designers with LEED qualifications, people are seeking ways to design their homes while minimizing environmental impact.

Thankfully, eco-friendly decor is gradually becoming more accessible and affordable. The following examples are design solutions that beautify mindfully.

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5 Tips to Get the Perfect Shared Space Design

decorating with roomates small-madrid-apartment

I’ve always lived with someone; my sister, college roommates, husband. Fortunately, most of the decorating experiences were painless (except convincing my husband that a photograph of a giant cockroach he saw in the Amazon was not cool living room art).

In general, sharing a living space is not easy. Unless your roommate/partner goes crazy for collections of ceramic cats or has a true appreciation for 1960s prints like you do, chances are coming to a design consensus can be a challenge.

The following tips can help create the comfortable and nicely designed interior you and your roommates desire.

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Blooming Decor: 5 Ways to Use Botanicals in Design


Spring is around the corner, making it the perfect time to freshen up your decor. One of the elements of a great spring design is using botanicals. As a life force and source of beauty, adding flora to a space in any form offers vitality and freshness.

Lacking a green thumb? Luckily, there are a number of ways to incorporate Nature’s decor that don’t involve watering or fertilizing. Here are some of our favorite ways to liven up your home design!

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