Open and airy mid century modern industrial design - decor report

Industrial mid-century modern design is one unique style mix we just can’t get enough of! This combo style marries the best of both worlds, translating vintage and contemporary into a timeless masterpiece. And one recent client sought just this look for his new home. Read on to see how our designer accomplished the perfect blend of industrial meets mid-century modern!

The Challenge: Industrial Mid-Century Modern Design

It all started with a client acquiring a gorgeous mid-century-inspired house with an interior he wasn’t exactly in love with. Apart from feeling a bit dated, the layout also left a lot to desire in terms of functionality. When the owner approached Decorilla, he was looking for a designer to:

  • Combine mid-century interior design with industrial elements
  • Source all new furniture, accessories, and decor
  • Reinvent the dining room without blocking access to the patio
  • Convey a more masculine feel in all rooms
  • Come up with ideas for a multipurpose room to serve varying functions

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Industrial Meets Mid-Century Modern Inspiration

Mid-century modern industrial furniture inspiration board

What the client was looking for turned out to be an interesting fusion of styles. He provided a comprehensive inspirational gallery the contained industrial decor mixed with other styles, such as neoclassicism, and a bit of mid-century modern design. Meanwhile, all the interiors pointed towards slightly moody and masculine displays of design without being over the top. 

Mid-Century Industrial Design Moodboard

Mid-century industrial living room
Photo of the mid-century industrial living room design by Decorilla

Because the client already had a pretty decent idea of what he wanted, finding him the most suitable designers consequently wasn’t much of a challenge. Shortly after completing the first steps of the online interior design process, he was connected with two creatives, both very proficient in the desired styles. Each designer presented an attractive industrial mid-century modern moodboard that started bringing the client’s vision to life. 

Industrial mid-century modern design moodboard by Decorilla
Industrial mid-century modern design moodboard by Decorilla

While choosing between the two was not easy, the client finally picked the design proposed by Darya N. Her concept conveyed an inviting space that balanced raw industrial elements against homey furniture and decor. As a result, this allowed her to maintain and follow the spirit of the house and its owner while making it a proper residence at the same time. 

Open Living Space With Seamlessly Blended Styles

Industrial mid-century modern living and dining room
Photo of a mid-century meets industrial makeover by Decorilla

The designer loved what she described as “an incredible home with such well-proportioned rooms and an amazing view!” And the view was exactly what she wanted to put as the central point of the layout. The composition of the mid-century industrial design, therefore, works to bring the outside in, using the stunning canyon as a giant framed art. It also makes the perfect background to the loft-style dwelling the client was after.

Industrial Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Industrial mid-century modern living room design by Decorilla
Industrial mid-century modern living room design by Decorilla

The living room is a stunning display of industrial meets mid-century modern. Darya’s interior design perfectly complements the  architectural features of the home rather than detracting from them. In such a large open space, a modular sofa and two streamlined leather accent chairs gather around the fireplace. A hefty marble coffee table atop a contemporary geometrical rug serve as grounding factors to the arrangement. The result is an intimate seating area full of visual interest and texture – a perfect place to host friends or just sit back and enjoy the view!

Mid-century industrial design render by Decorilla
Mid-century industrial design render by Decorilla

Darya also proposed adding dimension and color to the walls by painting them light grey with clay stain. In addition, a black accent wall and fireplace surround complement the iron support beams of the house. This dramatic color palette serves as the perfect canvas for the bright neutral fabrics while also allowing the antique brass accents to shine their best. At the same time, incorporating opulent materials such as leather and marble elevates the industrial mid-century modern space conveying a luxurious sensation. 

Moody Dining Room Design

Industrial mid-century modern dining room ideas by Decorilla
Industrial mid-century modern dining room ideas by Decorilla

The mid-century industrial design also carried over to the dining area creating a cohesive space with two distinct functions . A solid, raw wood dining table grounds the composition surrounded by two versions of upholstered dining chairs. However, the real stars of the space are the smoked glass chandelier and copper circular wall art. Both add just a touch of glamorous drama – sure to be conversation starters over dinner. 

Mid-Century Industrial Bedroom Design

Mid-century industrial bedroom
Photo of an industrial mid-century modern bedroom by Decorilla

The starting point for the mid-century industrial bedroom was a bed the client had an eye on. The designer was able to blend it with new pieces sourced to maintain cohesion throughout the house. The bed is framed by two cement night tables, with a matte metallic pendant light above each. Rich wooden texture and sleek metal finishes also stand out against the black brick background, creating a sensible balance. 

Moody mid-century industrial bedroom
Photo of Decorilla‘s mid-century industrial design ideas for a bedroom

Next to the bed arrangement, the wall niche hosts a wooden bookshelf, juxtaposing the rigid industrial vibes with its raw surface, warm hue, and mid-century-inspired display. Discreetly texturing the white wall brought yet another level of visual interest, preventing the feeling of heaviness from dominating the space. 

Mid-century industrial bedroom by Decorilla
Mid-century industrial bedroom by Decorilla

Across from the bed stands the mid-century modern console accompanied by a prominent abstract geometric wall art piece. Although quite vibrant compared to the rest of the room, the painting’s earthy palette establishes the right balance between all the elements, cheering up the space while also pulling the room together. 

Multi-Functional Bonus Room

Basement with a industrial meets mid-century modern style
Photo of Decorilla‘s mid-century industrial design for a flex room

Perhaps the most interesting space in the house, however, is the spare room turned flex room. This multifunctional space is a design hybrid of a man cave, home office, media center, and game room. Filled with mostly mid-century modern industrial furniture and putting function above all, its distinctive style still packs quite a punch.

Final mid-century industrial design
Photo of an industrial mid-century modern flex room design by Decorilla

While the primary color palette remains the same throughout the house, the mid-century flex room is slightly brighter than the rest. Instead of predominantly black and dark grey, here the shades lean more towards light smoke and off-white. Furthermore, the trap of monotony is avoided by the addition of natural wood, a geometric rug, a small framed photo gallery, and taxidermy. 

Before & After: How did the designer change the home?  

Mid-century industrial design before and after
Mid-century industrial design before (left) and after by Decorilla (right)

The client loved the home’s architecture from the get-go. Since an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright designed the structure, it was a true modern marvel. And that’s why the client wanted an interior to match. So, first on the designer’s to-do list was setting an industrial meets mid-century modern base. Next was creating a comfortable yet chic design throughout the interior. 

Blending Mid-Century Modern with Industrial Aesthetics

Mid-century modern industrial furniture in a home makeover
Before the makeover (left) and after the industrial meets mid-century design makeover by Decorilla

Since sunlight filled the open-concept living room, the designer chose a moody charcoal wall paint for the interior. This not only provides a stunning contrast for the mid-century modern furniture, but also frames the stunning views. It also gave the masculine look the client wanted. 

Redefining the Basement Purpose 

Industrial meets mid-century modern basement makeover
Before (left) the industrial mid-century modern makeover by Decorilla (right)

Initially, the client was unsure what he wanted for the ground floor leading out to the pool. Fortunately, the designer spotted its potential for entertainment. So she transformed it into a stylish industrial meets mid-century modern space geared for enjoyment. 

Creating a Moody Bedroom 

Industrial mid-century modern bedroom before and after
Before (left) and after (left) Decorilla‘s mid-century industrial bedroom makeover

The bedroom had loads of potential but lacked all the trimmings of a personalized space. So, the designer dressed the interior in the same charcoal hue that runs through the rest of the home. This, in turn, emphasizes the beautiful furniture and asymmetric décor. And in the end, the space is just as swoon-worthy and luxurious as the rest of the home. 

What did the client think of his final mid-century industrial design?

Mid-century industrial living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

We asked Michael to share his thoughts on his final interior. Here’s what he had to say! 

How did you feel about the design process?

Mid-century industrial design ideas for a bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The process was very intuitive and responsive. I enjoyed being able to pick from two proposals from different designers to start things off. From there, I really enjoyed how responsive Darya (my designer) was and that she went above and beyond on any of my requests. Lastly, I was shocked at how accurate the 3D renderings were. It really allowed me to envision the “look” of each room before making a final decision on the furniture, colors, and overall design.

What design style do you prefer, and what do you love about the current design?

Industrial mid-century modern flex room – Decorilla 3D rendering

I prefer a mid-century modern style. My home was originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s main apprentice in the late 60’s, so it spoke to me. In the end, I love how we incorporated black into multiple rooms without it feeling too dark or overbearing. Given it’s just me in the house, I wanted a masculine feel throughout.  

Online Interior Design Shopping List

Online interior design shopping list
Decorilla online interior design shopping list

Each design package also includes additional benefits to streamline putting together your new interior. The client-favorite certainly has to be the curated shopping list with significant trade discounts. In addition, a white-glove shopping concierge handles all the ordering, tracking, and delivery of the items you choose to purchase from the list. 

Mid-Century Modern Industrial Furniture Top Picks

Mid-century industrial design offers an excellent opportunity to refresh your home with a stylish mix of vintage and new. So choose from our top picks to get started on your own space: 

Industrial mid-century modern top picks by Decorilla
  1. Concrete End Table
  2. Upholstered Chair
  3. Circular Wall Plaques
  4. Tufted Sofa
  5. Abstract Chandelier
  6. Oak Coffee Table
  7. Hand-Woven Area Rug

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