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Contrary to popular belief, masculine apartment decor is not all about cold interiors defined by rigid lines and minimalism. In fact, by playing with textures, materials, and colors, a skillful designer will effortlessly convey stylish and comfortable vibes in any modern male apartment design. And since a recent client sought a similar look for his new apartment, Decorilla’s design team was just what he needed. Keep reading to see this makeover come to life!

The Challenge: Masculine Apartment Decor 

The client moved into a bright and airy new apartment, quite more spacious than his previous one. Ample space offered superior comfort, while the generous glass surfaces provided impressive views. Still, it was clear that the place would need a professional hand to get the most out of it. The old furniture was obviously out of place, disproportional to the size of the open-concept living area. While the client had a basic idea about the style and furniture he would like, the designer had to come up with:

  • Utilize the floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize the great views
  • A cohesive condo interior design that brings the areas within the spacious open floor plan together
  • A home office arrangement that could easily transform into a guest room
  • Masculine apartment ideas for a bedroom

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The Inspiration: Masculine Apartment Decorating Ideas

Masculine apartment decorating ideas inspiration board

The client curated a set of inspiration images displaying various masculine apartment decorating ideas loaded with style. Since he needed a complete home design, the solution should flow from one room to another, conveying visual dynamics yet remaining cohesive. Most furniture in the photos was streamlined, both contemporary and comfortable. With the completed questionnaire and inspirational gallery at hand, the client was ready to select two Decorilla candidates for his masculine interior design

Manly Apartment Decor Mood Board & Design

Open space living in a modern male apartment design by Decorilla designer Drew F
Open space living in a modern male apartment design by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

The client’s general masculine apartment living room ideas were rooted in a classy yet trendy concept with a strong social element. The prominent flair should have been impressive and entertaining yet providing a comfortable environment for relaxing alone at the same time. He also wanted to make sure that nothing would detract the eye from the view. As none of the rooms had wall or ceiling lights, the designers had to rely on floor lamps to ensure sufficient lighting. 

Masculine apartment decor mood board by Decorilla designer Drew F
Masculine apartment decor mood board by Decorilla

Both candidates enjoyed putting the design elements together to compose a mood board that would showcase their vision in the best manner. However, Drew F. was quite successful in creating a modern and sophisticated space in the exact line with the client’s taste. The layout focused on maximizing the area’s functionality while also emphasizing the views. As a result, the open concept living and dining area turned out simultaneously elegant and inviting. 

Modern Male Apartment Design Results

Manly apartment decor by Decorilla designer Drew F
Manly apartment decor by Decorilla

Drew used a lean, leggy sectional sofa and paired it with a pair of dark charcoal swivel chairs. The practical solution targeted higher flexibility of use, allowing the client to effortlessly turn the chairs toward the windows and face the view. Paired with an elegant, modern coffee table and a low-slung media unit, they kept the overall flair low-key and uncompetitive. The large abstract wall art complied with the client’s desire to avoid generic solutions, adding a pop of color to enhance the room’s vibrancy at the same time. 

Masculine Apartment Living Room Ideas

Masculine apartment living room ideas by Decorilla designer Drew F
Masculine apartment living room ideas by Decorilla

A pair of blue ottomans were also included in the living area to provide extra seating during large gatherings. Meanwhile, in the dining room, Drew initially used a marble-topped table with a modern black base and paired it with contemporary chairs with black leather seats and chrome legs. After consulting with the client, they agreed to use a lightweight, transparent glass dining table top instead of a heavier marble piece. Meanwhile, upholstered dining chairs provide some substance to the space while tying it in well with the masculine living room furniture. 

Masculine Apartment Ideas For a Home Office

Masculine apartment decor in home office by Decorilla
Masculine apartment decor in a home office by Decorilla

As a law student working remotely at the same time, the client needed a proper home office where he could spend a large portion of the day productively. The smaller side room was a perfect spot for the purpose. It also provided an opportunity to use some of the existing furniture in the best way: the desk, office chair, and a sofa all found a new home there.

Masculine apartment ideas for home office guest room by Decorilla
Masculine apartment ideas for a home office guest room by Decorilla

Since the office should be doubling as a guest room, the design solution had to be motivating and undistracting but also comfortable. The space needed storage for the books, in a form that would stylishly display some antique editions. As per the client’s request, Drew also added a plant and some decor to keep the sleeper sofa virtually separated from the office area. The reason was to help the client maintain his focus during late working hours. 

Manly Apartment Decor in the Bedroom

Masculine apartment decor ina bedroom by Decorilla
Masculine apartment decor in a bedroom by Decorilla

The bedroom was airy and cozy, with plenty of morning light. The client wished to keep the new bed frame, nightstands, and dresser and pull them together with a large, plush area rug. Drew completed the setting with a pair of table lamps, a blackout curtain, and an appropriate, calm wall art piece. Lastly, a streamlined bench was set in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows for enjoying the view. 

Before Modern Male Apartment Design

Before it was enriched with professionally assembled manly apartment decor, the living area felt quite empty and lacked a distinguished style. Although the basic furniture was there, it was too small to fill the proportions in the right way. The overall vibe was vague, with insufficient lighting and no details to define the room’s character. However, Drew’s creativity quickly transformed the space into a stylish abode!

Modern Male Apartment Design Shopping List

Manly apartment decor shopping list
Manly apartment decor shopping list by Decorilla

Achieving a manly apartment decor of your own is not only possible, but can be done from the comfort of your home! Every Decorilla client receives an online shopping list containing everything they need for their dream space. Moreover, the exclusive trade discounts often exceed the value of the online interior design service itself. Even better, a white-glove concierge will take care of ordering and delivering, so you will end up doing only the best part – assembling the room. 

Our Top Masculine Apartment Decor Picks

Even if you are not ready to commit to a total makeover just yet – it’s still possible to refresh your room with a couple of masculine apartment decor items. Here are our favorites of the moment: 

Our Top Masculine Apartment Decor Picks
  1. Abstract Area Rug
  2. Leather Swivel Chair
  3. Bar With Wine Storage
  4. Chaise Sectional
  5. Wall Art
  6. Arched Floor Lamp
  7. Coffee Table
  8. Ceramic Decor Bud Vase

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