Selma A.

In 2002 Selma started to actively engage in fashion design. Started making fashion collections and exhibiting design works in fashion shows and fashion weeks among far more educated colleagues and professionals. Instead of pursuing fashion design, decided to study architecture, love and dream from an early age. In 2012 after earning a master's degree, she started to explore spheres of interest in architecture. After a one-year education in 2013 acquires a ''Computer-aided Design'' diploma and becomes an AutoCAD and 3d certified expert. In 2014 Selma started to work as an interior designer in Dubai which shifted interest into the interior design. Licenced senior architect with over five years of experience in architecture and interior design. Currently doing a PhD study.

Describe your go-to style:

I would like to think of myself as a chameleon concerning the styles. I'm very familiar with all kinds of styles, whether it's a pure style or blend into each and every, my motto is ''No Can't Do''.

What drives you to design?

Inexhaustible creative energy that I need to express.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I draw most of my inspiration from fashion, art and architecture.
Eclectic Studio Apartment With Loft Bed
Black and white style with a yellow contrast
Modern Country House Meets Industrial
Refined Family Home
A Minimalist Modern Apartment In White
Industrial Flat
Scandinavian Studio Apartment
The Blend Of Contemporary Chic And Bohemian Style
Contemporary Office Interior
Homy Pastel Interior
Dining Room Interior
Barbie Dream Apartment
Chic Minimal Interior
Small Café Bar Interior With The Influence Of Steampunk
Small dinner with green personality
Living space with a small touch of elegance
Convenience Store Design
Restaurant with a small touch of contemporary elegancy
Girls Room With A Touch 0f 60's
Wild-Wild-West Kids Room
Superman Kids Room
Star Ship For Little Jedi
Cleverly Used Attic Bedroom
Small Beauty Salon
Scandinavian Pullman Style Kitchen
Modern Country House Kitchen
Modern Minimalist One Wall Kitchen With An Island
L-shaped Boho-Chic Style Kitchen
Industry-inspired Kitchen
Barbie Kitchen
The Galley Kitchen Design
Contemporary Reception Interior Design
Boudoir Interior Inspired by Louis-Era French Design
Contemporary Dining room
Contemporary living/dining room
Contemporary living/dining room
Contemporary dining room
Nursery Room
Nursery Room
Powder Room
Powder Room
Home Office
Home Office
Masculine Condo