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Redesigning your living area can be an exciting project, allowing you to bring more sophistication and elegance into your home. A modern glam living room, for instance, brightens up any space with contemporary appeal while elevating it with stylish touches. An elaborate composition will certainly deliver a luxurious finish. So, if you’re considering giving your home an opulent makeover, this recent Decorilla project might give you the kickstart you need!

The Challenge: Modern Glamour Interior Design

The client sought new, custom ideas for their combined living and dining area. She wanted to combine family-friendly comfort with elevated, modern luxury interior design. Doing so presented an opportunity for creative exploration that could convey both coziness and allure. Moreover, the set of specific demands required the designer to go the extra mile to:

  • Create a one-of-a-kind modern glam dining room with paint, metallic accents, and eye-catching decor  
  • Design custom built-in cabinets complete with wine racks tastefully illuminated by LED lighting
  • Source decorative hardware and accessories, from luxurious curtain rings to realistic faux flowers on tables  
  • Put thought into selecting silver or gold pieces to complement either side of the partition between rooms
  • Compose a modern glam living room layout ready to accommodate specific but elaborate, festive Christmas decorations 

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Glam Modern Living Room Inspiration

Modern glamour interior design inspiration board

The resurgence of modern glam living rooms in recent years provided homeowners with plenty of new design ideas. Many of those could be found in the client’s inspirational gallery, demonstrating several contemporary ways to unite the room. The features range from sumptuous, velvet fabrics to classic mid-century modern silhouettes, each with hints of glamorous interior design opulence sprinkled throughout. The idea was clear: creating an uber-stylish oasis of relaxation after a long day. 

Modern Glam Living Room Ideas & Moodboard

Modern glamour interior design - Selma A
Modern glam living room ideas by Decorilla

After completing a short online questionnaire, the client also had an insightful virtual consultation with the Decorilla team. Both actions helped define the project absolutes, such as the client’s specific taste and financial framework. In return, the team identified talented designers making an ideal match for transforming the desired interior style into reality. Their moodboards provided some challenges in the decision process, but finally, the client proceeded with Selma A.

Modern glamour interior design moodboard by Decorilla
Modern glamour interior design moodboard by Decorilla

Selma envisioned modern glam interior design as an intelligent blend of assets and features. Accordingly, her moodboard represented an optimal mix of chic style, modern convenience, and elegant coziness. Combining integral functional elements and lavish furniture conveyed a sense of genuine luxurious comfort. Meanwhile, highlighting a neutral base with glitzy accents and extravagant lighting fixtures defined that character further, creating a distinctive signature environment. 

Result of a Modern Glamorous Interior Design 

Modern glam living and dining room ideas - Selma A
Modern glam living and dining room result – Decorilla 3D rendering

Exquisite refinement reigns in the completed interior. The final rooms epitomize luxurious living, layered in high-gloss finishes and plush fabrics. Now the clients can unwind or host in style!

Modern Glam Living Room Design

glam modern living room - Selma A
Glam modern living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

With white and grey being the client’s favorite colors, there was little doubt about the palette choice. In addition, all furniture is generally light in tone but liven up with modern glam living room decor ideas. Metallic hardware, fixtures, doorknobs, candle holders, and even metallic frames are used throughout the room to convey a luxurious finish. To ensure everything reflects the style cohesively, the designer used rich materials like velvet, leather, and polished marble to deliver extra shine.

Modern Glam Dining Room

Modern glam dining room - Selma A
Modern glamour dining room interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Meanwhile, beyond the framed door opening, two custom-built shelving cabinets combined with oversized wall art provide a strong focal point. They also make a perfect match for a modern glam dining set. Selma continued following the client’s transitional glam inspiration in this space, keeping it slightly more on the contemporary side. She aimed to ensure a smooth, cohesive transition to the modern kitchen, and the selection delivered. While designed as an integral part of the living area, the modern glam dining room still boasts its own identity.  

Modern glam dining set in an interior by Selma A
Modern glam dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The palette is a natural extension of the living room setup, boasting different shades of grey on an off-white background with gold and brass accents. Simultaneously, seeing the corridor greatly enhances visual interest with its custom-designed, illuminated 3D metal art. The sculptural composition acts like a natural match to the oversized painting, matching and deconstructing it simultaneously. It stands out against a textured background, creating a never-ending source of appreciation and enjoyment for the observers.

Modern Glam Living Room Decor Shopping List

Shopping list for modern glam living room ideas
Decorilla online shopping list

With Decorilla projects, modern glamor interior design is smooth and accessible. Each client achieves their dream space with the support of expert guidance and 3D visualizations. They also gain access to a tailored shopping list with exclusive trade discounts across multiple vendors. But the list of all benefits available in one convenient, streamlined process doesn’t end there! 

Modern Glamour Interior Design Top Picks

If you’re in love with glamorous living and dining room ideas, look at our hand-picked selection of furniture and decor! You’re sure to create something memorable with the picks below.

Modern glam living room decor top picks
  1. Area Rug
  2. Upholstered Chair
  3. Wall Sculpture
  4. End Table
  5. Nolan Pendant
  6. Sofa Chaise 
  7. Meadow Table

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