Luxury living room design

Grand architecture in a spacious great room calls for luxury living room design. And for a recent Decorilla client, the open living space in her new villa presented such a design challenge for her. She needed help getting the proportions right in the room’s double height while adding a high-end touch. Read on to discover how the luxury living room design created a magazine-worthy interior. 

The Challenge: Luxury Living Room Design

The client just bought a new house in South Florida and was eager to infuse some bright and modern design into its interior. Extensive remodeling plans included removing all traces of the existing Tuscan style and reconfiguring the layout. The overall idea was to turn the place into a party house that could keep up with the couple’s private lifestyle as well as their vibrant social life. The list of tasks for this luxury living room design was long, requiring the designer to:

  • Source high-quality furniture upholstered in performance fabrics
  • Incorporate large plants and potted trees for an organic touch
  • Use luxury interior design ideas for a striking ceiling design
  • Choose curtains for the floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Incorporate wall art or vintage photography          
  • Disguise the TV so the room retains a formal appeal 

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Luxury Dining Room & Living Room Decor Inspiration 

Luxury living room decor ideas and inspiration board

Following the straightforward Decorilla interior design process, the client answered the design brief and included a set of inspirational images. An extensive gallery provided designers a deep insight into the clients’ exquisite taste. It showcased her love for unusual, unique, and bold looks with a sophisticated yet lively flair. Most images displayed lavish, luxury living rooms with streamlined furniture. The images chosen also complemented her already completed high-end black and gold kitchen design.

Luxury Living Room Ideas and Moodboard

Luxury white living room by Decorilla
Luxury living room design by Decorilla

Two designers were matched with the client’s requirements. Using the inspirational living and dining rooms as a guide, they each presented moodboards that they client loved. After much back and forth she ultimately favored the luxury living room ideas assembled by Selma A

Luxury living and dining room mood board by Decorilla
Luxury living and dining room mood board by Decorilla

Selma’s proposition was balanced and rooted in a neutral background that would provide a perfect canvas for bold accents and artistic displays. As per the client’s desire, the color theme discreetly reflected water with pops deep blue elements. Selma’s concept immediately transformed the space from Tuscan villa to a modern luxury living and dining room perfect for entertaining or relaxing. 

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Luxury Living Room Design Results

Luxury living room decor by Decorilla
Luxury living room decor by Decorilla

The black and white scheme completely aligned with the client’s love for strong contrasts. Twin modern Chesterfield sofas in a deep teal leather brought in the water-influenced pops of color the client was after. In addition, brass and gold metals added vibrancy to the neutral base, while tying in the black and gold theme of the kitchen. Underfoot a subdued rug anchored the expansive seating area. Meanwhile, the potted palms and wall art depicting colorful local bird species infused the composition with a dash of true Florida essence. 

Moreover, a full wall of floor-to-ceiling windows provided a substantial amount of daylight, making the grand room feel even larger. The designer chose ultra-long curtains in a neutral hue that blended perfectly with the overall design, while creating an added touch of opulence. 

Luxury living room design ideas by Decorilla
Luxury living room design ideas by Decorilla

The large floorplan allowed for furniture and decor to be presented in pairs or multiples, creating symmetry throughout the room. As a result, the layout of this luxury white living room included a plethora of sitting places. At the same time, it secured undisturbed traffic flow around the room, in line with the client’s intentions of hosting parties.

The modern fireplace arrangement also brought visual balance with the two vertical, golden-framed mirrors, as well as the TV conveniently concealed by the wall art. 

Another essential detail considered in Selma’s interior design solution were the family dogs. Since the three furry friends were allowed on the furniture, all upholstery selections were set to leather and quality performance fabrics. The same prerequisites influenced the choice of flooring and decorative area rugs. 

Luxury Dining Room Design

Luxury dining room design by Decorilla
Luxury dining room design by Decorilla

The formal yet inviting scheme Selma established in the rest of the space extended to the luxury dining room ideas. An expansive black dining table flanked by white upholstered chairs continued to convey the color palette used in the living room. To bring in the hints of blue, a gallery wall of gold-framed bird art was placed above the buffet. Meanwhile, a glamorous 5-tiered crystal chandelier took centerstage over the dining table. The rest of the luxurious dining room furniture toned the glitz down, bringing more balance to the arrangement with a clean, simple, modern look. 

Before Online Interior Design 

Luxury living room before online interior design

The original design of the house was dark and Tuscan, both aspects disliked by the client. Painted in dark beige, the interior couldn’t live up to its full potential and felt a bit flat and dull. However, the new design’s bright, eclectic nature comprised local influences, glam accents, and modern design. Selma’s successful combination of styles conveyed a transitional contemporary masterpiece that complemented the home’s grand architectural features. 

Online Shopping List

Luxury dining room and living room shopping list
Decorilla online interior design shopping list

Every Decorilla interior design package includes a tailored design solution as well as a detailed shopping list. Better yet, these lists are also filled with exclusive industry discounts. In addition, a shopping concierge then takes care of the ordering and delivery, leaving the client to enjoy their new space. 

Luxury Living Room Decor Top Picks

When it comes to luxury living room decor, a couple of curated elements can certainly elevate the whole scheme. For that reason, we have assembled a list of our favorite pieces you might want to consider:

Luxury living room decor top picks by Decorilla
  1. Textured Hexagon Rug
  2. Elegant Tub-Shaped Chair
  3. Rectangular Ebonized Coffee Table
  4. Curved Brass Side Table
  5. Velvet Tufted Sofa
  6. Crystal Chandelier
  7. Framed Wall Art
  8. Faux Potted Tree 

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