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Before & After: Neutral Safari Themed Nursery

Safari themed nursery - project nursery

Baby rooms come in all, shapes, sizes, and most importantly themes. And a current parent-favorite is a safari-themed nursery. Recent Decorilla clients, and parents-to-be, wanted a softened feel to this wild style and our team delivered exactly what they were looking for. Read on to see the results of this neutral safari-themed nursery perfect for… Read more »

Before & After: Transitional Master Bathroom

Transitional master bathroom - Cathie Hong Interiors

Few styles are as versatile as transitional interior design. It combines the best of traditional and contemporary styles. The result is a totally chic and timeless look with plenty of warmth. Not too long ago, a Decorilla client wanted to embrace this trending style. However, they needed help with the execution. Read on to explore… Read more »

20 Best Transitional Interior Design Ideas of 2023

Transitional interior design - Houzz

Choosing a style for your home can be difficult. After all, there are so many stunning options to consider! Transitional interior design, however, stands out for its versatility and enduring appeal. Since it’s a blend of traditional and contemporary design, you can enjoy the best aspects of both. Read on for tasteful tips on how… Read more »

Before & After: Amazing Full Home Makeover

Contemporary family room furniture - Traci Connel Interiors

A stunning home is easy to be in, yet it’s not so simple to make the interior come together. Recently, a client wanted a contemporary revamp that makes a statement. And, with interior design help, it became a reality. Discover how this Decorilla home makeover turned dated spaces into ones that wow!

10 Top Transitional Interior Design Must-Haves for the Perfect Home

transitional interior design

Our homes are continually undergoing inner transformations as our style changes. But now this dynamic “in between style” has become a style in its own right. The transitional interior design style is the ultimate mix between present and past favorites or classic and contemporary style. Therefore, if you’re an admirer of old and new styles… Read more »

Before & After: Welcoming Rustic Transitional Living Rooms

Transitional rustic living rooms

Living rooms can be tricky to perfect, especially when you’re trying to mix and match different styles. This was exactly the problem a recent Decorilla client was facing since she loved elements from both rustic and transitional styles. However, with the help of her talented designer, she now has two welcoming rustic transitional living rooms… Read more »

Before & After: Tranquil Grey Bedroom Ideas

Grey bedrooms ideas for a relaxing master suite

Light and airy grey bedroom ideas can create the perfect retreat to unwind after a long day. And a recent Decorilla client was seeking that sophisticated relaxing appeal for the second bedroom in her home. The room was small, but not unworthy of a stylish overhaul. Read on as we reveal the tasteful transformation of… Read more »

Before & After: Transitional New York Apartment Style

New York apartment style

New York apartment style is covetable in all of its various forms. However, stylish comfort, edgy art, and sophistication are common themes among these interiors. And this is exactly what one recent Decorilla client was in search of for her newly acquired city home. Read on to see how this tasteful transitional NYC apartment design… Read more »

Before & After: Beautifully Functional Craft Room Design

Transitional craft room design

Every keen crafter deserves a space where they can let their creativity flow. After all, self-expression is vital to enjoying a fulfilling life. One recent client wanted to transform her home office into a place of work and play. However, she needed help turning her practical yet pretty vision into reality. And that’s where Decorilla… Read more »

Before & After: High-End Black and Gold Kitchen

Black and gold kitchen - Amazing spaces

A high-end kitchen can have many looks, but for some black and gold deliver high on the feelings of luxury and opulence. And when one homeowner started the gut renovation of their dated home, they wanted just that feel to their kitchen. That’s why they turned to Decorilla. And thanks to the team’s expertise, the… Read more »