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Classy interior design can be a great tool to create a chic and elegant combined space. The style is even better in skillful hands and that’s why a recent client turned to Decorilla. They wanted to merge two adjoining rooms into one cohesive look. Read on to view the classy home interiors! 

The Challenge: A Classy Home Interior

The client loved mixing decorating styles. For this reason, the rooms needed a transitional interior design. The new interiors also needed to incorporate some existing pieces. In addition, they needed to find classy home interior ideas to tie everything together. For the project to be a success, the designer needed to:

  • Use transitional decorating and include glam, elegant and warm styles
  • Incorporate the client’s existing pieces
  • Find the perfect curved sectional couch for the online living room design
  • Ensure a high-end and unique feel in the classy living and dining room

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Inspiration for the Classy Living Room   

Classy home interiors inspiration

To begin the online interior design process, the client pinned their ideal classy home interiors. These would eventually help the interior design team pinpoint the client’s vision. Overall, their favorites feature a clean and glamorous look, with a pop of blues or yellows. Tasteful contemporary furniture and décor complement traditional, neutral color schemes.

All in all, these classy home interiors merge the best of present-day designs and timeless elements. Curves, abstracts, stylish lighting, and classic structural features are prominent as a result.

Moodboard and Classy Interior Design

Classy decor for a living room - Wanda P
Decorilla classy interior design

As the first step of the interior design process, the client completed an online quiz. The scope of the project was then set through an online virtual call with the Decorilla team. Thereafter, the team could match the client with the most suited designers. Then two interior designers put forward their classy interior design ideas. All that was left was for the client to select the concept they liked the most.

Classy living room ideas in a moodboard
Decorilla moodboard with classy living room decor ideas

The client went with Wanda P. as soon as she saw her initial concept. Wanda’s design portrayed modern glam at its best. Plus, she showed how the client’s pieces would fit into the space perfectly. Wanda also included trendy elements, like curved furniture, as well as an Art Deco mirror and classic décor in her proposal. Together, these paint a classic-meets-contemporary picture. 

The Classy Living and Dining Room Result

Classy home interiors
Classy interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the end, the interior is modern with a glamorous twist. The once-empty canvas is now a cohesive and tasteful setting, ideal for intimate hosting. Moreover, the classy living and adjacent dining room boast a chic, yet casual air while evoking a sense of awe.

Light Color Scheme

Classy interior design - Wanda P
Classy living room ideas in a design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Neutral colors filled the two areas to create a serene and glamorous feel. That said, pops of blues add an uplifting coastal flair to the rooms. Pillows and abstract wall art subtly incorporate the vibrant hue. As a result, there is a sense of harmony as these colors and the scheme bind the rooms together as they flow organically from one to the other.

Comfy & Classy Living Room

Classy decor for a living room - Wanda P
Classy living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Classy living room ideas reign in the elegant space. Curved furniture not only centers the lounge, but the gentle shapes echo the room’s arches. As a result, they merge repetition and a classic aesthetic with an undeniable contemporary touch. While spacious and comfortable, the sectional sofa also has a family-friendly fabric to prevent stains. In addition, a coffee and side tables add a metallic sparkle and practical surface areas. 

Practicality comes in more forms than one as smart tech allows art displays when the central television isn’t in use. It certainly provides a stylish alternative when socializing. Finally, the linen curtains lighten the interior further while softening the visual hardness of the windows.

Charming & Classy Dining Room

Classy dining room - Wanda P
Classy dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

At first, the empty room was nothing more than a narrow strip, but after the design, it feels roomy and luxurious. Now, the dining area holds a romantic charm. Slipcover chairs and the wood dining table reflect a country style while the floor-to-ceiling drapes bring luxury. Moreover, the large, rectangular dining table allows many seats and ample space for people to walk around.

Classy dining room design - Wanda P
Classy dining room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The neutral interior has a luxurious farmhouse air, while abstract artwork brings it into the modern day. These add pops of color to invigorate the room. Furthermore, a side table complements the color scheme, in a warm, natural oak finish. Lastly, a steel chandelier provides ambient lighting and a rustic finish in this classy dining room.

Before & After: How did the designer change the room? 

Before and after classy living room interior design
Before (left) and Decorilla’s classy interior design room makeover (right)

Initially, the newly constructed interior was nothing more than a beautiful base. It was oozing potential but needed a designer’s hand to bring out the best of the room. Fortunately, the designer combined the client’s vision with her know-how to create classy home interiors.

Adding Classy Décor to the Living Room

Classy living room ideas in a makeover
Before (left) and Decorilla‘s classy living room after (right)

Before the makeover, the client’s living room was bare but they wanted to include a few items from her previous home. The designer used these items as classy décor for the living room. She added pieces that complemented the structure while glamorizing the neutral yet elegant space.

Cohesive Scheme & Decor

Classy dining room makeover
Before (left) and Decorilla’s dining room makeover (right)

With a warm, luxe transitional style as an aim, the designer created a classy dining room through furnishings, finishes, and décor. The space complemented the other through its color scheme, wall art, and organic materials. Overall, the area combines elegant ideas and practicality to form an inviting space.

Online Shopping List for the Classy Interior Design

Shopping list with classy decor for a living room
Decorilla shopping list of classy decor for a living room

Like all other Decorilla projects, these classy interiors came with an online shopping list. This list provides handy product links required for their design. In addition, it contains trade-exclusive discounts and a white-glove shopping concierge service! The project package also includes an implementation guide to make putting together the design at home easy.

Our Top Picks for a Classy Interior Design

A few items can change the entire look and feel of your space. If you liked the classy living room ideas above, use our top picks to start on your interior makeover!

Classy decor for a living room top picks


  1. Minimal Artwork
  2. Decorative Pillow
  3. Hand-loomed Rug
  4. Table Lamp
  5. Coffee Table
  6. Curved Sectional

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