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When decorating a condo, it’s important to consider its shape, size, and style. In doing so, the interior can become anything you want it to be – whether minimal, luxurious, or bold in design. One client needed help with such an update, so she turned to Decorilla. Read on to see the swoon-worthy condo interior design below!

The Challenge: Furnishing a Condo

Decorating a condo can be a fun process. Besides the small space allowing for some luxurious splurges, it’s also easier to decorate every nook with your vision. However, no matter the condo design ideas or style, every project comes with its challenges. To ensure this project was a success, the designer needed to: 

  • Incorporate some of the client’s existing furniture
  • Create a comfortable working environment
  • See to plenty of storage space  
  • Transform the working and living space into a contemporary, chic haven

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Inspiration for Decorating a Condo

Condo interior design inspiration

This particular client had many modern and contemporary interior ideas for her condo living room and office design. Her inspiration gallery contained interior ideas of neutrals and contemporary accessories. Overall, the vision was clear – a welcoming space with touches of sophistication.

Moodboard for the Condo Interior Design

Condo interior design - Liana S
Decorilla inviting condo interior design

With Decorilla’s fuss-free online interior design services, the client could start immediately. First, she took a quick questionnaire to define her tastes and budget. Next, she had a virtual conversation with the Decorilla design team on all information required. From here, the team could now match the client with the appropriate designers.

Ideas for furnishing a condo - Liana S moodboard
Decorilla moodboard with ideas for furnishing a condo

Various designers put forward their take on the project. But it was Liana who stole the show! Her proposal for the condo interior certainly exceeded the client’s expectations. Her concept boasts elegant living room décor and inviting workspace suggestions. Plus, the organic color palette was a hit!

Chic Condo Interior Result

Condo interior layout design - Liana S
Condo interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

In essence, the beautiful condo is as comfortable as it is modern. There is practicality in every space as well as style in harmony with its setting. The final condo interior design also seamlessly incorporates the client’s existing furniture. As a result, each room feels distinct yet in tune with the aesthetic as a whole.  

Elegant Condo Living Room Design 

Condo living room design - Liana S
Condo living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The living room area of the condo interior is timeless. Neutral in color with pops of dark grays, this space is as sleek as it is welcoming. Plumes of florals add life to the living room, while ambient lighting sets the mood. Moreover, ample seating is provided in various shapes. Their structural forms are sophisticated and elevate the design.

In addition, the side and coffee tables add interest through their roundness. Finally, two rugs ground and distinguish the areas of the room; living and dining. Every part of the open-plan living room is aesthetically pleasing as a result.  

Decorating a dining room in a condo - Liana S
Condo dining interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the dining area, a glass table appeals to an organic element while being stylish and sleek at the same time. It also ensures the lightness of the space. With this and the slender furnishings, one can enjoy the view to the full – no obstruction in sight! Those who visit this space will certainly enjoy the layered feel through the luxe finishes and larger furnishings.  

Comfortable Contemporary Home Office

Furnishing a condo office - Liana S
Condo layout design for a home office – Decorilla 3D rendering

Color plays a large role in this sophisticated home office. Overall, it is neutral as grays and whites layer the design, while blue and gold provide touches of elegance to the room. Black is the subtle hero of the interior as its stark contrast structures the light color palette. 

A built-in shelving unit provides plenty of storage and display space. Yet, it’s more than practical. Painted white, the bookshelf and cabinet piece merges with the walls while still creating a feature wall. It also doubles as décor as accents and favorite books line the shelves. 

Condo office layout design - Liana S
Decorating a condo result – Decorilla 3D rendering

A modern area rug with complementing blue and gray accents anchors the space. Furthermore, an additional gray accent chair adds coziness and creates an inviting air. Besides wall art, decorative pieces such as vases, sculptures, and plants bring life to the interior. To finish it off, a combination of lamps and a chandelier forms layered and ambient lighting. 

Before & After: How did the designer change the room? 

Condo interior design makeover - Before and After
Before (left) and after (right) – Decorilla’s inviting condo interior makeover

Before the transformation, the condo’s interior design lacked a balance of comfort and elegance. It felt clunky and dark, despite its huge windows. Fortunately, with the client’s vision and the designer’s concept, an airy contemporary condo became a reality. The client’s home certainly has been taken up a notch through luxe finishes and décor that creates interest.

Furnishing a Condo Office Space

Condo office interior before and after
Before (left) and after (right) – Decorilla’s result of furnishing a condo office

Decorating a condo office was a success. It was important to spruce up the office with décor and furniture to create a pleasant workspace. With ample storage and comfy seating, the space is elegant yet welcoming. In addition, the color scheme sets a productive mood. Textured, inviting, and sublimely contemporary, the office space comes alive with condo design.

Decorating a Condo Living Room  

Condo living room interior before and after
Before (left) and after (right) – Decorilla’s condo living room design

At first, the living room needed order and structure. By creating a visually interesting space, the designer has also provided a neat condo layout design.

Condo interior design - Liana S
Airy condo layout design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Clean and uncluttered, the area is designed with a tidy look in mind. Moreover, a scattering of organic greenery has added freshness. With a brilliant landscape of the city, this living room is now as appealing as its view!

Online Shopping List for Decorating a Condo

Furnishing a condo with help from an online shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

As with all Decorilla projects, the condo interior design comes with an online shopping list. From this list, the client can secure products through handy links. Most importantly, trade-exclusive discounts are available as well as an implementation guide. Setting up your new space has never been easier!

Our Top Picks for a Decorating a Condo

Thanks to the Decorilla team, the client has a newly designed apartment perfectly suited to their lifestyle. If you liked this project, it only takes a few décor pieces to recreate this look in your own home! Use our top picks below to guide your transformation.

Top picks for a condo living room design


  1. Wall Art
  2. Black Pillow
  3. Modern Planter
  4. Medium Chandelier 
  5. Sectional Sofa 
  6. Abstract Rug  

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