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Moving into a newly constructed home is notoriously stressful. Plus, with endless interior design possibilities, deciding where to start can be overwhelming. For one client, a transitional design was their vision, but they needed help. So they called on Decorilla to reach this goal – read on to see the result!

The Challenge: Transitional Interior Design

While recent and fresh, the new home contained the client’s old furniture. Some pieces fit the look they wanted, but the client needed interior design ideas for a cohesive look. With a transitional home as the goal, she left it in the designer’s hands. For the project to be a success, the designer needed to:

  • Work with a transitional interior design theme
  • Create simple, clean lines with practical furnishings and décor
  • Incorporate textures and patterns from accent pieces such as rugs
  • Ensure contrast in a light color palette to create a cozy feel
  • Include enough storage to keep the home tidy

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Inspiration for a Transitional Style

Transitional interior design inspiration

The client’s ideas were rich in neutral hues, high-end furniture, and classy contrasts. These inspirational images showed essential interior design principles at work. Moreover, each space had an organized feel with luxe décor and finishes. The client also loved striking accessories, like marble walls, plush rugs, and large mirrors.

Moodboard & Transitional Design

Transitional furniture in a living room - Ibrahim H
Decorilla transitional interior design

Now it was time to begin the seamless online design process. First, the client completed a simple online questionnaire. After this, she hopped on a virtual consultation with Decorilla. Finally, with all her requirements, the team could pinpoint the client’s style and budget. The team then selected two designers who would excel at transitional interior design.

Transitional living room moodboard
Decorilla moodboard featuring transitional home furniture and decor

Both designers delivered excellent proposals. However, it was Ibrahim H. who won the client over. His transitional interior design portrayed the concept superbly. The reason lies in his texture-rich picks and pleasant, gentle contrasts. He suggests a neutral palette of off-white and sandy hues with pops of royal blue. Warm wood and brass also add balance and dimension to the concept.

Timeless Transitional Home Result

Transitional home interior design - Ibrahim H
Transitional home – Decorilla 3D rendering

As a whole, the transitional interior design is luxurious and welcoming. Each room is tidy and spacious, with a sophisticated air. Furthermore, the color scheme and furnishings help set the tone with their elegant shapes and arrangement. Ultimately, the transformation sees the addition of beautiful and functional pieces.

Transitional Entryway Design

Transitional foyer interior design - Ibrahim H
Transitional style entryway design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The entryway sets the tone for the entire transitional design of this home. It’s an open yet organized area with an attractive use of symmetry. Twin ottomans frame a console table, while a rectangular rug marks the center of the foyer. 

Each side of the hallway has visual interest. On one side, a tapestry decorates the office entrance; on the other, a mirror makes the space feel roomy. A glass lamp also doubles light reflecting in the distressed mirror. And for a final touch, pops of green in weathered vases enhance the transitional interior. 

Combined Transitional Living & Dining Room 

Transitional furniture in a living room - Ibrahim H
Transitional living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

As for the living area, crisp white walls, rich mahogany floors, and a fireplace provide the perfect canvas to decorate around. The juxtaposition of light and dark balances the interior. Light furniture set against dark wood accents grounds the space and brings an airy feeling.

An off-white sectional sofa provides ample seating and comfort, while two ottomans include bursts of color. To finish, a classic rug anchors the furnishings in the transitional living room.

Transitional dining room interior design - Ibrahim H
Transitional furniture in a dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The transitional living room flows into an inviting dining area. Here, cohesion comes from the dark chairs with light upholstery and a table complementing the wood piano. A textured rug anchors the space, with an impressive chandelier centering the room. Lastly, a bar cart sits in the corner, adding more functionality to the area.

How did the designer create the transitional living room?

Before and after a transitional living room design
Before (left) and after (right) of a transitional living room makeover by Decorilla

At first, the living room featured a few good elements, but it felt dark and unbalanced. So, the designer opted for a white L-shape sofa and a light but large rug to complement the existing accent chairs. A whiter wall color also makes the space feel roomy and uplifting. The final touches include twin console tables, mirrors, and a contemporary take on a traditional chandelier.

Most of the transitional furniture in the dining room was present before the makeover. The designer added the rug and chandelier to provide a visual uplift and link to the lounge. 

Stylish Transitional Home Office

Transitional furniture for a home office - Ibrahim H
Transitional home office – Decorilla 3D rendering

Transitional furniture sets the tone for this timeless office design. Here, a traditional desk pairs nicely with a customizable ergonomic chair. A potted plant and floor lamp next to a comfy armchair bring height to the room, while additional lighting creates a cozy feel. Lastly, an area rug with a geometric pattern brings comfort underfoot and protects the floor. The rug’s accent grey works well with the overall color scheme.  

Transitional home office - Ibrahim H
Transitional office interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

This space includes ample storage and ensures organization in a clutter-free interior. Moreover, the storage is in the same style as the desk for a uniform look. A large artwork creates a focal point in the room and will serve as a background when the client takes online calls.

How did the designer transform the transitional home office?

Transitional home office interior design before and after
Before (left) and after (right) of a transitional home office makeover by Decorilla

First on the designer’s to-do list was making the room feel light. With this in mind, he added a mix of contemporary and transitional pieces – a chandelier, floor lamp, and table lamps. Next was increasing storage space. The large sideboard provides ample stowage for all office supplies. And finally, finishing touches, like artwork and plants, bring everything together.

Cozy Transitional Master Bedroom

Transitional style bedroom interior design - Ibrahim H
Transitional style bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The transitional style bedroom is an oasis of contrast and sophistication. For instance, the dark wood of the bedframe and side tables distinguishes them from the neutral walls. Furthermore, the accent wall stands out with its subtle texture and tone. Purple and gold scatter cushions pop, while mirrors add depth and light to the room.

Transitional master bedroom - Ibrahim H
Transitional master bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

An extensive set of windows allow for an airy, illuminated space. Two plants also enhance the natural air in the transitional master bedroom. Armchairs provide a comfy space for enjoying morning coffees. These twin seats frame the classic artwork and the small marble table between them.

How did the designer change the transitional master bedroom?

Before and after a transitional style bedroom makeover
Before (left) and after (right) of a transitional style master bedroom by Decorilla

Again, the room had great bones but needed to harmonize the style. It also wasn’t making use of vertical space and looked flat as a result. So, the designer added a feature wallpaper, rich in texture, Moroccan-style mirrors, and table lamps to boost the interior’s light. Plush bedding, a soft rug underfoot, and seating make up the final touches the space needed.

Online Shopping List

Online shopping list with transitional furniture
Decorilla online shopping list

Whether working with Decorilla on a transitional interior design or any other style – there are many perks! Access to photo-realistic 3D renderings and layout instructions are among these. Clients also receive a complete online shopping list. These lists make for effortless sourcing and ordering of home furnishings and décor. Best of all, they include exclusive trade discounts too!

Our Top Picks for a Traditional Design

Recreating a design at home can feel overwhelming. However, it only requires a few core elements. Consider our top picks below to recreate this transitional style at home!

Top furniture and decor picks for a transitional design
  1. Chelsea Mirror
  2. Blue Pillow
  3. Transitional Rug
  4. Black Chandelier
  5. Striped Pouf
  6. Sectional Sofa

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