Interior Designer Spotlight: Ibrahim Husin

“The challenge of a space or room and how to make it a picture perfect interior space inspires me to design. The art and creating a unique style is amazing.” ~Ibrahim H.

With an eye for beautiful textures and an admiration for bespoke pieces that make an impact, Decorilla online interior designer, Ibrahim Husin transforms spaces into livable works of art. His architecture and design skills have led him to complete both residential and commercial projects in the U.S. and internationally. Clients appreciate his attention to detail and unique solutions to spaces. Here we learn more about this fresh designer’s inspiration and passion for interior design.

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Before & After: Eclectic Online Studio Apartment Design


How do you spatially divide a loft into functional, livable spaces? Loft design is where the ultimate layout magic happens. While an open floor plan is a coveted feature for home dwellers, it can be tricky.

A recent Decorilla client was looking to create a design of an open loft space with “minimal loft feel”. The intention was to divide it into three areas – living, bedroom, and work. Through online interior design services, he got beautiful multi functional home that suited his style and needs!

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3 Wall Colors To Try This Fall

warm gray walls best fall colors

It is almost time to grab your warmest knit sweater and curl up with a nice cup of hot cocoa in your favorite lounge chair. That’s right, the season of change and vibrant colors is finally approaching! In a blink of an eye, summer will have come and gone, but that just means that Fall is finally here!

But the leaves aren’t the only things that can be changing this upcoming season. Take a tip from one of the best times of the year and add a little transformation in your home with these great wall colors for fall!

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Before & After: Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Online


As the heart of the home, a living room design is more than just a sofa and TV. It is the room that is reflective of the dweller’s personality while accommodating family and friends for many events. A young family found their own living room design needed help. Their hope was to keep the room’s functionality while incorporating a cozy and inviting feeling. Through Decorilla’s online interior design services, this family got the mid century modern living room design they’d been dreaming of.

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Interior Designer Spotlight: Hannah D. Grunder

neutral eclectic living room interior design

“The secret to design is that is starts from one object that has history, a meaning and a story.  And from there, the whole design naturally follows.” -Hannah D.

Travel has often been an enlightening source of design inspiration for interior designers. This is especially true for Decorilla online interior designer, Hannah D. Grunder.  With extensive travel experience to places like South America, Asia, Europe, Morocco and even Inner Mongolia, Hannah’s design skills have been honed by her exposure to different cultures, styles, and architecture. She has a decade of experience designing high end hotels and resorts spread out all over the world as well as residential projects all over the U.S. Hannah’s designs offer exceptional vibrancy, beauty and functionality. For this reason she is in our designer spotlight.

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6 Top Boutique Hotels to Swoon Over This Summer

Crosby boutique hotel drawing room

Summertime gives us a chance to not only refresh our spaces, but to also rejuvenate ourselves!  One of the best parts of trip planning is picking accommodations that inspire. With only 10-100 rooms, boutique hotels are a nice getaway from the crowded chain hotels. These vacation dwellings are something special: intimate, personalized, and stylish! They are designed to feel like your own personal oasis.

Domestic and international, here are some dreamy boutique hotels we love!

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10 Awesome Pet-Friendly Home Inventions


If you’re a pet owner like me, you love your munchkins like your child. But every pet owner knows, having a furry one as part of the family comes with difficulties when it comes to selecting furniture for your home. Sharing your space with your pet does not mean you have to sacrifice style or comfort. The key to decorating a pet friendly space is to plan out the correct materials and needs for both you and your pet.

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Before & After: Modern Rustic Living Room Design Online

find an online interior designer

What do you do when your overall home design feels disconnected? So, you’ve ticked off the checklist for an open living room and dining room:  sofa, coffee table, rug, dining table, and lamps. But sometimes even with these components in place, a design might not feel like home yet. Our recent client Mark shared this very problem. He had all the core pieces but expressed that “the overall apartment felt a bit incomplete.” 

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2016 Dwell on Design LA: 5 Things We’re Excited About!

Dwell on Design - Interior Design Service

Dwell on Design Los Angeles (DODLA) is the largest design event in America, bringing the inspiration and education of Dwell magazine’s pages to life! Curated by its editors, this three-day exhibition and conference returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center June 24-26, 2016. The event features everything from world-class speakers and incredible exhibitions to continuing education classes for design professionals and so much more.

We’re excited to share that this year Decorilla will not only attend DODLA, but speak about technology innovation as well! As the first online interior design service to bring accessible VR to clients, we will share how technology enhances both the designer and client experience.

With that, below are the top things we look forward to!

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