Interior Designer Spotlight: Taron Hudson

“What I love most about designing is taking things that are unexpected in putting them together in ways that are cohesive and captivating.”

Decorilla online interior designer, Taron Hudson, gives each of his projects his creative all. Having worked with a luxury residential design firm in Houston, he honed his skills in bringing spaces to life through color, pattern, and whimsical talent. Expanding to commercial projects, Taron’s level of experience makes him well trusted with his online interior design clients. With a passion for innovation, his dream is to bring these designs to life and make spaces that are livable pieces of art.

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7 Interior Design New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make

interior design resolutions changing art accessories

Creating a space like no other and calling it home is like anything worthwhile: a labor of love. And, like anything of importance (our health, our relationships, our work), inspired motivation is extremely helpful. Luckily, New Year’s resolutions offer the cyclical opportunity to make improvements in these areas as well as our environments.

We’ve gathered tips from Decorilla’s top interior designers on the best New Year’s resolutions to bring life into your home for 2017.

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Top 7 Home Decor Gift Ideas this Season

Gifts ideas for home (2)

Let’s face it: holiday shopping can be a drag. Crowded stores, limited parking, and then, the endless question: What do I get for so-and-so?

Coming up with cool and useful gifts can deinitely be a challenge. In an effort to help, this list offers our top decor gift ideas that say unique, practical and designer stylish!

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3 Top Tips for Decorating your Christmas Tree


Holiday decor emits coziness, warmth, and cheer. It is a great opportunity to enhance your living space with added color and shine. For many homes, a Christmas tree is a prominent feature that can be visually stunning. With a little planning and creativity, it can be a wonderfully stylish focal point for the season.

Here are 3 main elements to keep in mind when decorating your Christmas tree!

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Before & After: Transitional Online Interior Designer Bedroom

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How do you make a room feel cohesive and beautifully designed while incorporating existing furniture pieces? This is a common question people have when seeking online interior design help. Often times, some key existing pieces are in place, but the room stills feel incomplete.

In a Victorian home with decorative molding and ceilings, a couple recognized they had pieces they liked but they didn’t seem to fit together. At a loss of “where to go from here”, they used online interior design service to get professional help. 

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How to Preview Your Interior Design in Virtual Reality

Living room interior design VR (2)

Imagine “stepping foot” into your dream interior even if it doesn’t exist yet. Looking up, you spot a gorgeous new chandelier that instantly transforms your room. To the right, a loveseat sits perfectly against a new wall. You can easily spot mistakes before they happen, and it saves a lot of time.

Interior design in virtual reality does this. Joining other large companies like Google, Facebook, and Samsung that see the immense potential of this technology, Decorilla online interior design service aims to enhance customer experiences by bringing interior design dreams to life!

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Celebrity Designer Spotlight: Peti Lau

NYC Interior Designer

“You can always live life in a beautiful way.” -Peti Lau

Modern Renaissance woman, Peti Lau, inspires not only as an interior designer but a lifestyle guru as well.

With a background rich in culture, travel, and the arts, Peti immerses her energy and passion in everything she takes on. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to experiences as a restaurant + bar owner, an international clothing line designer, and eventually, a renowned interior designer.

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Design Trend: How To Find Your Vintage Rug


If you are following recent interior design trends, you know that having a great vintage rug is a must! While adding color and pattern to the overall design, these floor coverings also introduce character and classic appeal.

For design lovers, part of the fun in finding the right area rug is heading to the local flea market and score some killer finds! The flea can be overwhelming and knowing how to spot rug gems is a trained skill.

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Interior Designer Spotlight: Tiara Machado


Designed in collaboration with Antonio Martins

“Interior design is like fashion; all in good balance and proportions with the touch of unforgettable details.”
With an Interior Architecture education at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Tiara Machado followed her passion for design. Her experience has included residential and hospitality projects in the U.S. and internationally. Working in collaboration with California based designers including Antonio Martins and Jaimie Belew, enhanced Tiara’s ability to create sophisticated and eye-catching spaces.

As a Decorilla online interior designer, Tiara loves the whole process; from the mood boards to furniture and finish selections to 3D renderings…everything. “It’s all and exciting ride!” For her enthusiasm and exceptional design skill, we shine the spotlight on Tiara.

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Before & After: Online Interior Designer Bedroom

Bedrooms tend to beg for smart layouts that include many storage ideas along with a cohesive design. With clothing, shoes, and personal items, it can be tricky to create a space that is both functional and a relaxing haven.

So, how do we optimize a bedroom design to make it storage savvy and beautiful?

With the wish of “investing in smart storage because of limited space”, a newlywed couple decided to try a new online interior design service to solve their decorating dilemmas. In addition to merging design styles, their focus was on a floor plan that would efficiently accommodate their belongings. The result is a transformation of a cluttered and uninspiring space to an organized and comfortable online interior designer bedroom.

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