How to Choose the Right Area Rug

Contemporary Living room area rug

The role of area rugs in the interior design of a room is a big one. It anchors an area, distinguishing one space from another, especially in an open floor plan. It absorbs sound, is warming and soft underfoot, and can be the sole decor piece that makes a room design feel whole.

So it’s not surprising that selecting the right area rug for your space is super important. To help, we give you three important tips and a little design inspiration to find that perfect rug.

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Designer Hacks for Small Space Living

small space loft

There’s a current American obsession with tiny homes. Whether stemming from necessity as home dwellers look to live more with less, or from the curiosity of taking on a unique design challenge, the fascination has inspired a re-evaluation of space.

Shows like Tiny House Nation have captured the essence of how to create spaces that utilize spatial design in clever and effective ways. Whether yours is a tiny home on wheels or an 11‘x11’ city studio, we’ve got just the solutions you need for small living spaces.

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Decorilla Designer Spotlight: Cristina Ramirez

Cristina eclectic LA interior designer

Many of us have arrived at our life’s passion via varied and winding paths. Cristina Ramirez, a Los Angeles based Decorilla designer, discovered her career in interior design evolving from her work in company branding and social media content creation. Here, this young, fresh design talent shares more about what compelled her to design, her current favorite design trends, and why her home office is the space in her home!

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5 Crowdsourcing Sites That Will Save You Money


There is no denying that the evolution of the internet and its expansive effect on human interaction is incredible. Chris Anderson, the curator of the TED Conference, offers that by bringing people together, the internet creates a phenomenon he calls “crowd-accelerated innovation.” One of these innovations comes in the form of crowdsourcing.

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5 Tips To Create The Perfect Monochromatic Room

black-white-and-grey-room design

Our home, especially the rooms we use everyday, should clearly indicate our style, color preferences and aesthetic tastes while making us  feel comfortable, calm, and safe. This is why we call it home in the first place. But what if you like monochromatic rooms, and what if your favorite colors are grey and black? How would you create an interesting and non-monotonous space without any color?

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Before & After: Makeover That Unused Family Room

after kevin

With homes that have both a living room and family room there is the classic design challenge of functionality. Quite often one room hosts the center of family activity while the other sits in neglect. What to do with that unused space?

Kevin and his wife shared the familiar scenario of: “having moved in over a year ago, we’ve left this room almost untouched. We don’t spend a lot of time in it. However, it’s the first room when entering our house, so we would like it to reflect our personality. We are very open to colors, and would like to see some different ideas.”

Decorilla’s eclectic interior designers were up to the challenge! See the transformation below:

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How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall


Written by Decorilla designer, Cristina R.

The gallery wall is definitely a very popular design element.  It is a great way to not only decorate a wall but also to really showcase your personal style.  It’s an opportunity to take a little design risk and get creative.  Whether you decide to create a large or small gallery wall, it will definitely elevate the overall design of your space.

It can seem a little intimidating to take on this type of décor especially since it means leaving holes in your wall. The following gallery wall ideas and tips will help create the best gallery wall while limiting the possibility of making mistakes.

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