4 Stunning Online Interior Designer Transformations

Online interior design Living-Room

3D rendering by Decorilla Designer, Eleni P.

There is no denying that the evolution of interior design has come a long way and one of the components making interior design dramatically more accessible (and fun) is 3D visualization.

Decorilla co-founder and interior designer, Joyce Elizabeth offered that new technologies in the field are making it increasingly easier to bring people together with top interior designers in an efficient and affordable way. Professional designers now use apps such as Google Hangout and Decorilla’s interactive platform to share interior design advice and ideas with clients whether they are meeting in person or not!

Below are four of our favorite virtual transformations completed by Decorilla‘s team. Be sure to slide the arrows to see the before and after difference.

Steve’s Beach Style Living Room

The clients wanted a living room that was “traditional without being overly formal”, combining clean lines with the relaxing feel of the beach, but also creating a style “that doesn’t feel out of place in winter.”

Eleni delivered the perfect combination of neutral and muted cool shades, cushy but modern furniture, unrefined wood and metal finishes to offer a balanced rustic elegance.

Tom’s Masculine/Classy NY Apartment

With a blank canvas, the client looked forward to having a contemporary style apartment with quality furniture and interesting art.

Ibrahim & Christine collaborated in carefully selecting furniture and decor pieces that showcased clean lines, rich textures, and gorgeous patterns. The result is a classy penthouse dream!

A Fresh New Living Room

A young family of four wanted a multifunctional and modern look for this 1940s style living room. Contemporary accents and a fresh color palette immediately updated the space. Picharat’s newly designed stone fireplace also offered a sleek focal point while honoring the client’s wish to keep this architecturally appealing part of the room.

Tech Start-up Office Design

Along with a functional workspace, the client also wanted an office that inspired a sleek, hip, and creative vibe with a unique ceiling lighting solution.

Making the most of the space, Aldrin created varied work areas that encourage collaboration and productivity. The featured bright drop ceiling also functioned as an affordable and stylish lighting solution.

DM Samples (DEMO ONLY)

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Top 5 Decor Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Room


Travel can be great especially when you have a cozy room to come back to. That’s why making guests feel comfortable when visiting your space is key. What’s the trick? Balancing elements of hotel and home. It’s mixing practicality with warmth, detail with comfort, ease with charm.

Whether it’s an overnight or an extended holiday stay, designing the perfect guest room can come together simply by considering the following tips.

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How to get a perfectly balanced bedroom design


How do you go about designing a neutral bedroom without emphasizing one gender inspired style over the other?

Recent clients approached Decorilla, looking for a natural, fun, modern design for their master bedroom. It was to be eclectic, but also neutral. One of the biggest challenges when designing a neutral bedroom is effectively incorporating both masculine and feminine styles.  Now, calling a particular décor style feminine or masculine does not mean that the particular room is designed for only women or men. It just means that the room has qualities that are more associated with one gender more than the other. 

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How to Add Industrial Elements to Your Decor


Inspired by factories and warehouses, Industrial Design is a trendy style that creates spaces which are modern, urban and full of personality.

Typically, industrial design is associated with large spaces having high ceilings, robust natural light and exposed elements. If these components are lacking in your house, there are plenty of opportunities for you to update and create a modern industrial look. You can do it yourself with these simple tips or hire a virtual designer for some expert help.

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Designer Insights: Q&A with Decorilla Co-founder and Interior Designer


Recently, Decorilla’s Creative Design Expert, Christine Martin,  was featured in Terry’s Blinds blog, a great UK online publication that shares diverse aspects of the interior design world. Periodically, they select a designer to include on their feature, Designer Insights, which glimpses into what inspires designers’ work and offers their top five trends of the season. To check out Christine’s interview and other gems in this site, please visit here.

5 Small Patio Decor Ideas


With summer in full swing, it is great to make the most of being outdoors. Bringing the outdoors in is one way of doing this, as seen in our recent small studio design where a forest wall mural amplifies a living room space. Yet, if you’re home has an outdoor area to work with, more options are open.

A patio, balcony, or terrace is an added living area when designed well. This is simpler when the space is ample enough, but what if it is challenging to use? Here are some helpful tips when decorating small exteriors:

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Before and After: Modern Studio Bachelor Pad


One of the most common design challenges is effective use of space. This is especially true when the space is limited and several uses of the room are needed.

Take one of our recent New York studio design clients, for example. Having moved into a large bedroom, he wanted to create a split living/sleeping space. He was clear about what he liked. “I want to create an airy, elevated type of room with not a lot of furniture that is too close to the ground”. To us, this translated into: floating furniture, a platform bed and a clean minimalistic look. These elements help open up a room. Other possible solutions include the following…

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