Before & After: A Rustic Chic City Retreat

rustic chic online interior design

How do you create the ultimate oasis in the heart of the city? With all the hustle and bustle of city life it’s essential to have your little slice of home feel as calming and peaceful as possible to serve as a place to relax and unwind from the daily grind.  The problem lies with the age old question, “Where do I begin?” A recent Decorilla client knew she needed that helpful design eye to tie in all her dreams for her new one bedroom apartment. Through online interior design services her dreams came to fruition and she received a stunning rustic chic retreat right in the heart of NYC.

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Top 5 Wow Factors in Walk-in Closet Design

walk-in closet design California closets

It’s hard to tell where the current walk-in closet design revival had its origin, but we’re willing to wager that Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw had at least a small part to play in the hundreds of aspirational custom closet ideas that pop up on our Pinterest walls.  Everyone wants one and homeowners who didn’t have custom-built closets before, want it now. They are looking at every nook and cranny in a different light – reimagining them as awe-inspiring walk-in closets.  Suddenly any under-utilized basement or broom cupboard hold endless design possibilities.

Converting these spare spaces into awesome ones can be challenging, however. So, we’ve put together this handy checklist to help you make the most of your home’s new asset.

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Hygge Decor: 7 Best Tips For Your Home

hygge home decor natural light

Arguably one of interior design best home décor secrets, hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish concept of creating joy and coziness in life’s everyday moments. Hygge is a state of mind. The state of being present in your environment, and having your home reflect the fact that it’s filled with family, friends, and history. While it may sounds appealing to have your home look like the cover of a magazine, what most people realize is the hygge is missing. The idea behind hygge is for someone to walk into your home and immediately get the “I love to live here” vibe. Furniture designer Morten Georgsen explains it perfectly: “We Danes love the state of mind – hygge – because it’s peaceful, friendly and a fantastic stress reliever. It’s out zen, we breath it, almost live from it. Maybe it’s one of the reasons that the Danes year in, year out are nominated the happiest people in the world.” For even more hygge home décor tips check out our post on Scandinavian interior design.

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7 Hot 2018 Interior Design Trends to Watch

As 2018 is flying by, we are keeping a close eye on the latest and most exciting design trends that this year is bringing along! Last year Salone del Mobil gave us some hints about what to expect. The one thing we always want to change or update is our home and this is totally fine since it usually reflects the changes that we want to make to ourselves. So what are you up to? Are you looking forward to make some transformations into your house? Read on to find all the latest 2018 interior design trends. Continue reading 7 Hot 2018 Interior Design Trends to Watch

California Home Design: Exploring Modern Interiors

California home design white living room

Living in California can mean living in a wide variety of environments. From the many beach towns along the entire coast, to the dry desert, to historical towns influences by the Spanish, California has a wide range of climates, architectural styles, and cultural influences. We love that modern California home design can include a variety of eclectic touches that all translate to the common Californian theme: cool, casual, and comfortable. Here, we’re exploring some modern home design, with a Californian twist.

A California style house, with modern, eclectic flair, can include a few consistent design elements. Bold touches, like one-of-a-kind patterned rugs, and abstract art, add modern style. An abundance of greenery and natural materials create a bohemian vibe. A palette inspired by the home’s environment, whether it be the ocean or the desert, pulls influences from the local culture and style. Popped against bright white walls, these spaces feel bright, light, and airy. 

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How to Organize your Home: 5 Tips from Personal Organizers

how to organize your home entryway organization

Having an organized home is such a happy thought. Who doesn’t love walking in the front door, taking a deep breath, and thinking wow, my home is organized and I know where everything is. Funny right? For most of us this is certainly not the case. Day to day life gets in the way and organization tends to fall to the back burner. A personal organizer isn’t faced with an easy task when tackling their client’s homes. They create a personalized solution that works for each individual and family to help create an easier, not to mention more organized day to day life. Sometimes all you need is that second set of hands and eyes to help create the beautifully organized home you’ve been in visioning in your mind. These five tips are a foolproof way to get the kick start on the organization that your home deserves. Need more advice for your interior? Check out our post on how to decorate your small space!

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7 Low Maintenance Houseplants that are Sure to Look Great Even in a Brown Thumb’s Home

low maintenance houseplants

What are the best indoor plants to incorporate into your home? The answer can certainly depend on a number of factors like lighting conditions, temperature, environment and many more. There are some plants that adjust to most conditions a lot better than others so if you’re just starting out with plants or find yourself too busy, why not take the first step with low maintenance houseplants?

Whether your style is minimalist, modern, masculine or feminine, flowers and fauna can brighten up your home, improve air quality, and put a little life into your living arrangement. However, for many who are constantly on-the-move, beautiful flowers can soon morph into wilted eyesores if they are not given proper love and care on a daily basis.

Looking for indoor plants that are compatible with the realities of limited budgets and busy schedules? Read on to see our favorite 7 low maintenance houseplants with tips for how to incorporate them into beautiful home designs!

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Bohemian Nurseries: Top 5 Swoon-Worthy Design Ideas

Inspiring Bohemian Nurseries

Bohemian decor has quickly become one of the most popular design trends.  Popular elements are woven rattan, a mixture of global-inspired patterns, and layers of textures. While this style may feel bold in some rooms, we love how inspiring the look of bohemian nurseries are. When decorating a nursery, you can go with a theme and a strong point of view, as the space will be temporary until your child grows. We rounded up our top 5 swoon-worthy ideas for bohemian nurseries to share with you! For even more inspiration, check out our Essential Nursery Design Checklist and get ready for that little bundle of joy to arrive! Continue reading Bohemian Nurseries: Top 5 Swoon-Worthy Design Ideas

Before & After: Modern Bachelor Pad Design

bachelor pad before and after

So, you live in a big city. It’s no secret that square footage is hard to come by. Just because space is small doesn’t mean it has to lack in personality. A recent Decorilla client was looking to create a bold bachelor pad right in the heart of NYC. With the use of deep colors and cozy textures, this living space feels as though you’re in an upscale lounge. This space is the perfect example of how to successfully incorporate a modern bachelor pad design into your home. Through online interior design services, he received a striking multi-functional space that is sure to wow any guest.

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