Airbnb Room Design Tips To Have Your Rental Booked For Months!

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What’s better than retreating to a gorgeous vacation space that has the comforts of home? With short-term rentals becoming increasingly popular, homeowners have to put more effort into designing their spaces in order to attract renters. A fresh, thoughtful design makes the best first impression online.

Decorilla recently completed three projects for clients posting on Airbnb. Here’s a sneak peek at the design transformations!

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Greek Design Love: The Influence of Art & Architecture


Ah Greece! With it’s crystal clear waters, striking natural backdrops, and heart-warming culture, it continues to draw those with a romantic and adventurous spirit. For centuries, Greek architecture and art has influenced design.  From the iconic columns that adorned ancient Greek temples to popular decorative motifs like the meander, the Greek style is one that conjures up old world charm and modern simplicity.

Lucky for us, Decorilla designer and Grecian Paradise blogger, Eleni, shares first-hand ideas around Greek art and design in a special interview.

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Designer Spotlight: Tabitha Mund


One of the beautiful challenges for interior designers is to create spaces that reflect the style of their clients. But like everyone, designers have styles of their own! Virginia based Decorilla designer, Tabitha M, shines on our feature of interior designers as she shares her design secrets, creative inspirations, and why eclectic style is her fave.

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Designer Magic: Stretching Your Budget in Style

Kosciuszko Master Bedroom Detail

If there’s one thing professional stagers know about designing spaces that appeal to buyers, it’s the art of selecting great decor pieces while keeping costs in check. For Decorilla designer, Joyce T, who was asked to stage a space in the NYC neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, this meant she needed to be creative and budget savvy.

Hired by exclusive broker, Toni Martin of Corcoran, Joyce’s challenge was to stretch a small $7K budget to outfit a 3 bedroom apartment in a new building by Urban View Development. Joyce shares “Since it’s a trending area of Brooklyn (as most of Brooklyn is), the design needed to fit the neighborhood trend and the profile of potential buyers.”

We’re going to show you how she did it!

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How to Use Bold Paint Colors in Your Living Room

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When it comes to living room paint colors, we’re seeing bright, bold, and rich colors everywhere! It’s a look that brings life into a space adding vibrancy and energy that especially comes with color.Even though you can achieve this look with a wide range of colors, there’s a tendency toward cooling blues and greens: sapphires, emeralds, and peacock take center stage.  But, you’ll also see many people use aubergines, mustards, and hot pinks.

Want to liven up your room with a bold paint color? Here are the do’s and dont’s to achieving this look:

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5 Ideas to Get a Gorgeous Gender Neutral Eclectic Nursery

Written by Decorilla designer, Eleni Psyllaki of My Parasissi. 

Decorating a nursery can be a fun and exciting experience but also quite challenging at the same time. Picking the right furniture, choosing a fun design theme and decorating with the most eloquent accessories are often a puzzling endeavor that confuses many moms to be. Things get even harder when the gender of the baby is kept a well-hidden secret during the decorating process. Thankfully, there are so many things one can do to add style and character in a neutral gender nursery in an exquisite and eclectic kind of way. Here are 5 things I love to use for a sophisticated nursery design.

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Designer Spotlight: Colinda Van Iperen

ColindaLet’s face it, great design cannot happen without great designers. That’s why it is our priority to scout for top young talented interior designers from the U.S. and all over the world. This week we’d like to feature Colinda, an accomplished Decorilla designer, who acted as our eyes and ears in the recent Design Week in Milan. She shares thoughts with us on what excites her as a professional designer.

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7 Rustic Design Style Must-Haves


Ah the country…the fresh air, silhouetting hills, green trees, chirping birds. Relaxation just happens here! This environment certainly appeals to people wanting to unplug and get away. The key element? Nature. There is definitely a calm that takes over when surrounded by it. So, it’s no surprise that reflecting the aesthetics from the country side in interiors as well, is common.

Can’t getaway to the countryside? Not a problem.

Enter the rustic style! This type of design is where simplicity meets nature that results in calming beauty. When in a rustic/country style home, there is a natural sense of warmth and connection. Organic textures and shapes which keep you grounded are some of the main components of this style.

Below are 7 ways to introduce the comfort of rustic style into your home.

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Outdoor Decor Love: Top Summer Design Items


Warming weather always leads to innovating beautiful outdoor spaces. Patios, balconies, and yards get their time to shine – both in the sun and as focal areas for design! With upcoming three day weekends and summer holidays, there are great excuses to spruce up exteriors as attractive places to kick back and relax.

What’s needed to get your outdoor design off to a great start? Check out some of our suggested pieces this season.

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