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If you’re wondering how to increase home value, you’re in the right place. Fortunately, adding value to a house can be affordable and easy to do. Whether you’re looking to sell or just build some equity, there are projects of all types that will help increase the prices tag of your home. Today we’re looking at the top tips ranging from quick solutions to lasting quality. Read on to see which ones you can complete in your home!

How to Increase Home Value 101

Adding value to your home with tech - Mladen C.
Home improvements that add value by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

After living in a house for a while, it’s easy to overlook things that can increase your home’s value. Sometimes, this can mean repairing a leak or simply filling grout. So before starting your remodeling project, consider these tips first. 

Increase Convenience

Small luxuries can increase home value - Blanco

Everyone likes life a tad more when things are more convenient. If you increase convenience for the next homeowners, you’re sure to add value to your house. Adding storage or a water filtration system, for instance, could save effort in the future. And with little interior luxuries like those, new homeowners could have less clutter and a lower grocery bill thanks to you. 

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Make Sure It’s Spotless

Adding value to your home through tidying – neat lounge by Decorilla designer, Theresa W.

It goes without saying, a neat home is more appealing than a messy one. So organize, mow the lawn and clear weeds, scrape away peeling paint and add a fresh coat, and spring clean. The chances of a homebuyer accepting your selling price are much higher when the place is spotless. Besides, if the house is grimy, people will have a hard time envisioning the property’s true potential. 

Stage & Add Finery 

The Spaces - How to increase property value

What adds value to a home often lies in the details. For this reason, home staging can bring it all together to show prospective buyers the home’s possibilities. Consider including updates that will also improve your experience too. Small décor additions like potted plants and mirrors can fill out an interior to make it feel very homey. Pillows and throws can also spruce up any space to make it cozier. 

Top Home Improvements That Add Value

Increase home value with decor - Sonia C.
A luxurious lounge can increase home value – living room by Decorilla designer, Sonia C.

Out of all the upgrades, there are a few that top the list. These no-fail projects are sure to add value to your home. 

1. Kitchen & Bath Upgrades

bathroom and kitchen renovations increase home value

How to increase home value often comes down to two things: the kitchen and bathroom. Frequently the star or crux of the show, these spaces have a big impact. Why? It has everything to do with convenience, costs, and time. Having a perfect kitchen and bathroom means the rest will easily fall in place too. 

Living rooms and bedrooms are easier to change and therefore not such a pressure point. Focus on modernizing hardware, appliances, and color schemes to boost your property’s value. 

2. A Finished Basement

Boho style basement can increase home value - Drew F.
A finished basement can increase home value – design by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

Sometimes what adds value to a home are the hidden perks. And a finished basement takes this to the fullest. Who wouldn’t love a semi-secret room that’s tucked away from the main living areas? That said, making a basement livable can be costly. So try doing parts of such a renovation yourself or aim to complete the essentials only. In doing so, you will be giving the next owners a great foundation to work on. 

3. Contemporary Finishes

Ways to increase home value - Drew F
Home improvements that add value by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

New hardware and finishes can make a substantial difference. Whether for new homeowners or for you, updated finishes can make the interior feel vibrant and new. What’s more, this update is affordable and doesn’t need days for completion. 

4. Smart Home Luxury 

What adds value to your home - smart tech

Amplifying tech is one of the best home improvements you can do to add value. Moreover, the advantage is more than monetary. Smart technology can also add value to the lives of whoever is in the house. For instance, you can enhance safety and security with smart locks, cameras, and fire detectors. Alternatively, maximize comfort with smart thermostats and temperature control. 

5. Open Plan Living

Open concept living can increase home value - Sara M
Adding value to your home through layout – design by Decorilla designer, Sara M.

Spacious open concept interiors are here to stay as people prefer rooms that feel big and airy. Adding value to your home could mean knocking down a wall to connect two areas, like the dining and living rooms. However, if getting rid of walls isn’t an option, consider removing unnecessary built-ins that clutter a layout. 

Best Ways to Increase Home Value 

How to increase home value with design - Farzaneh K
What adds value to a home better than a beautiful interior – design by Decorilla designer, Farzaneh K.

Deciding on things to add value to your home is easy when you know which ways are best. Here are our favorites!

6. Landscaping to Up Curb Appeal

Adding value to your home with landscaping by Decorilla designer, Ana I.

A flourishing property full of life is an attractive one. And with a manicured front yard, you’ll be showing buyers a home they can see themselves grow into. The answer to “how to increase home value?” can be as simple as “gardening”. That said, ensure the project stays within budget by opting for hardy, low-maintenance plants native to your area. A combination of shrubs and brilliant flowers should do the trick.

7. Complete Regular Maintenance

ways to increase home value - unique

At times, the best ways to increase home value relates to maintenance and practicality. So, tie up the loose ends you never get to – those handy jobs that drag on forever. Get them done once and for all. You may have grown used to unfinished work or a dripping faucet, but a newcomer to your home will notice. That’s why it’s important to routinely check and maintain every aspect of your home. This ranges from the exterior, temperature regulation, security, plumbing, and appliances. 

8. Install or Restore Hardwoods

Home improvements that add value includes reflooring - YF

It’s hard not to appreciate a solid wood floor. So, if you already have wood floorboards, restore them to show their true potential. Alternatively, consider replacing worn floors or carpets with durable flooring that won’t break the bank.

9. Update Lighting

Adding value to your home with lighting - Marine H
Lighting can increase home value – dining room by Decorilla designer, Marine H.

Lighting design has become a favorite in interiors the world over. Owing to the innovative design of the past few decades, a once purely utilitarian element now holds heaps of aesthetic worth. As such, updating your fixtures to the latest in lighting is one of the top ways to increase home value. 

10. Work with a Professional 

What adds value to a home professional interior design
mDetails increase home value in this bedroom by Decorilla designer, Beyzanur K.

Spotting which things are best to add value to your home can be tricky, especially after a few years. That’s where a fresh, and qualified perspective can assist. Whether you’re looking for tips and insights or someone to stage your home, interior design services could be the way to go. 

Open concept living can increase home value - Ibrahim H
Best ways to increase home value through design by Decorilla designer, Ibrahim H.

By redesigning a room or simply taking the advice of an expert, you could be increasing the value of your home with little effort. That said, choose what’ll be best for you. You can either work with a designer or decorator traditionally through an in-home consultation or virtually. Some online interior design services, like Decorilla, offer both options. 

Cheap Ways to Increase Home Value

Cheap ways to increase home value - Kate S
Patterned pillows increase home value in the lounge by Decorilla designer, Kate S.

When there is a will, there is a way. The same goes for those with a smaller budget. Wallet-friendly alternatives can also lead to breathtaking results. 

11. Embrace the Power of Paint

How to increase home value - Spruce

Quite simply, paint can transform a room. It can change the feeling of a space from tired to upbeat, airy, or strikingly moody. With this in mind, stick to neutral colors that will work in any style. You can also ask a color expert or your interior designer which shades are best. 

12. Dive into Easy Bath Upgrades


Cheap ways to increase home value also extend to bathrooms. In fact, you can update the space without any renovation – a light makeover could be more than enough. Besides, there are so many quick improvements to pick from, it’s bound to make a difference. 

These include updating the mirror, changing fixtures, upgrading the showerhead, or including storage. 

13. Try Simple Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchen design is one of the best ways to increase home value - Jessica S
Kitchen details add value to a home by Decorilla designer, Jessica S.

Similar to bathroom enhancements, a kitchen can see easy updates as well. You can increase home value by adding open shelving, painting cabinets, updating light fixtures, or changing pulls. 

14. Reduce Clutter & Organize

Adding value to your home through organizing - Anna C
Organization increases home value – design by Decorilla designer, Anna C.

Reorganizing is not only one of the cheap ways to increase home value, but it’s also one of the few that are free. Before a viewing, ensure you clear up all the clutter and organize any mess. It would be even better if personal effects are tucked out of sight. It’s easier for buyers to envision a life in a house if it doesn’t have too much personality. 

15. Rethink Furniture Placement

Increase home value through paint - Hoang N
Simplified room layout to increase home value by Decorilla designer, Hoang N.

It can take as little as a new layout to make your home more attractive. Consider the best layout for each room, even if it means removing a table or chair, to create a spacious look. If you’re unsure, consult online layout guides for every space. 

Need help to increase your home’s value? 

Increasing the value of your home is sometimes best done with the help of experts. So, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to learn more about your options today! 

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