Bathroom trends 2023 with organic marble

The bathroom is undoubtedly among the most used spaces in any home. Although it’s a room where functionality is the primary concern, it should also look and feel good. After all – a breathtaking space can give you a little boost in the mornings. So, read on for some inspiration! The upcoming bathroom trends 2023 promise to have enduring appeal!

Master bathroom trends 2023 - Erin H
Modern bathroom trends 2023 in an interior by Decorilla designer, Erin H.

Just like the overall interior design trends of 2023, the bathroom designs and remodel ideas of 2023 are endless. Whether you love contemporary, glamorous, or minimalist interiors, you’re in the right place. There’s sure to be something to suit your tastes – you only need to discover it!

Pro Tip: It’s important to know that bathroom trends 2023 come in many different styles. Taking an interior design style quiz can help you pinpoint which trends match your personal style! 

1. Backlit Mirrors Cast the Spotlight

Hottest Small Bathroom Trends 2023
2023 bathroom trends in two designs by Decorilla designers, Rehan A. and Nikola P. 

Looking back, the standout bathroom trends of 2022 were pretty fabulous. However, the highly anticipated bathroom trends of 2023 promise to be even better. For example, chic mirrors with built-in lighting will leave you feeling like a superstar. These beauties come in different shapes, sizes, and styles and, best of all, serve an aesthetic and practical purpose.

2. Tasteful Terrazzo Bathroom Ideas Dress 2023

Bathroom trends and ideas 2023

Terrazzo strengthens its impressive comeback and is among the top bathroom tile trends of 2023. Apart from being available in almost every color, its signature stone specks come in different sizes. Each terrazzo style is unique, but all are equally attractive.

What secures its status as one of the best bathroom tile ideas to steal is that it’s tough and easy to maintain. Moreover, you’ll also see more terrazzo decor. This means you can add a unique pop even if a renovation isn’t on your list.

3. Defining Anthracite Accents 

Master bathroom trends 2023 - Lori D
Interior by Decorilla designer, Lori D. featuring master bathroom trends 2023

The humble coal gets its day in 2023. That said, anthracite is no ordinary rock. It’s also known as black coal and hard coal and has a submetallic luster. It has a high density and few impurities, making it ideal for heat and moisture-sensitive environments like bathrooms.

Whether in true form or as a dark gray paint, anthracite can boldly impact any interior design. Moreover, it suits a fully neutral and organic interior – perfect for 2023 bathroom trends. Use the hue on walls, in decor, or as a focal point for natural definition. 

4. One-of-a-Kind Bathtubs

Trendy tub in a home with 2023 bathroom trends by Maya M
Trendy tub in a home with bathroom ideas for 2023 by Decorilla designer, Maya M.

Freestanding bathtubs give an air of exclusivity and exude a spa-like atmosphere. They have also been the focus in many master bathrooms. It’s no wonder, in this light, that designers have honed tub designs even more. In fact, this focal point is becoming ever more fascinating. The development of new materials also unveils more possibilities year after year.    

As a result, we’ll see creative bathtub designs that put a spin on beloved classics. Translucent tubs will make a statement while mindful traditions seep into old favorites. For instance, a tub can take on the gentle curve of a Japanese teacup. Either design will add a simple yet important decorative element. 

Nature-Inspired Bathroom Colors Top 2023

Bathroom colors 2023 - Caity H
Contemporary bathroom tile trends 2023 by Decorilla designer, Caity H.

The bathroom colors of 2023 represent both sides of the color wheel, with warm and cool tones at hand. You can add your favorite shade in many ways, whether through accents or a complete overhaul. Be as subtle or bold as you like!

5. Rich Earthy Hues

Organic bathroom ideas and designs 2023 by Raneem K
Natural bathroom colors 2023 used by Decorilla designer, Raneem K.

Sandy beiges, warm ochres, and dusky browns – earthy tones are the timeless classic bathroom colors of 2023. You can either use different nature-inspired shades together or stick to one hue’s many saturations. Whichever option you choose, the results ought to be stunning and serene. It’s a simple yet effective way to connect to the great outdoors through your interior.

6. Seaside Blues 

Seaside inspired bathroom ideas 2023 by Leonora M
Bathroom color ideas of 2023 in an interior by Decorilla designer, Leonora M.

Shades of blues and sea green will also be popular bathroom colors in 2023. When used together, blues and teals call to mind images of the ocean – especially the deep, jewel tones. For a softer coastal look, opt for pastel hues. This color combination makes bathrooms feel fresh and clean as a sea breeze.

7. Olive Green 

Bathroom colors 2023 - Beyzanur K
2023 bathroom trends in an interior by Decorilla designer, Beyzanur K.

Interior lovers aren’t letting go of green anytime soon. Instead, we’re exploring more and more shades and textures of the most invigorating of colors. So you can expect a deeper exploration into different green hues and combinations for bathroom ideas 2023 and those in years to come. For now, olive variants influence interiors worldwide, but soon we’ll see a new vibrant shade take the lead. 

8. Pretty Peachy 

2023 bathroom trends love color as shown in these trendy interior designs
Cheery bathroom color designs of 2023 by Decorilla designers, Marya W. and Nishtha S.

In light of the growing organic trend, neutral-natural hues take primacy above artificial alternatives. Peachy pink is one such soothing tone set to warm bathrooms. It takes a step away from blush and neon pinks but still satisfies those who love a rosy tinge. The more neutral color will also make a warm backdrop for neutral interiors. Plus, it can dress feminine and masculine spaces alike. 

Master bathroom trends 2023 - Wanda P
Elegant master bathroom remodel ideas 2023 by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

A master bathroom should be a relaxing retreat – the perfect place to soak in the tub or take a cleansing shower after a long day. Every material, accent, and furnishing should contribute to its ambiance. Luckily, things like the most desirable bathroom tile trends of 2023, the latest décor ideas, and more will make any primary bath shine.

9. Warming Metallic Bathroom Ideas for 2023

2023 bathroom trends and ideas in metallic and black by Lauren O
Metalic master bathroom trends 2023 in an interior by Decorilla designer, Lauren O.

Hardware and fixtures take the spotlight among 2023 master bathroom trends. Look for softened metallics like brushed or champagne gold to add a bit of warming contrast to the starkness of a tiled bathroom. However, don’t feel the need to stick with a single metallic finish – mixed metals are also on the rise.

10. Gorgeous Geometric Tilework

Bathroom designs 2023 highlight geometric shapes like this interior by Carla A
Bathroom designs 2023 highlight geometric shapes like this interior by Decorilla designer, Carla A.

Although geometric floor and wall coverings have been around, the hottest bathroom tile trends open to new variations in 2023. They also come in many shapes, colors, materials, and finishes. It enables you to get just the look you desire. Aside from being beautiful, tiles are a functional, easy-to-maintain choice too.

11. Minimalist Wall Sconces

Bathroom ideas 2023 show minimal wall sconces like this design by Courtney B
2023 bathroom trends in an interior by Decorilla designer, Courtney B.

Full minimalism is out. Yet, minimalist aesthetics have clung to interior design sensibilities. That is to say, we’ll see new interpretations of the style throughout homes. Master bathroom trends include one of these in the shape of slimline wall sconces. These delicate additions adorn and illuminate bathrooms big or small. Plus, these dots of eye candy are particularly useful in affordable renovations or a vacation rental spruce-up. 

12. Focus on Fundamental & Simple Shapes for 2023 Bathroom Trends

Bathroom designs 2023 favor big tubs

The future is set on simplicity. That said, we have much to look forward to. Clean lines and clarified shapes, especially in the hands of innovative designers, can mean less could feel warm and inviting. When integrated into a contemporary master suite, a bathroom design can elevate the entire interior. With sleek lines, the focus shifts to what’s important – rejuvenation. 

Small bathroom decor ideas 2023
Stylish small bathroom trends 2023 in an interior by Decorilla designer, Fereshteh H.

Small spaces can still contain loads of style – this is true of pint-sized powder rooms too. After all, what matters is how it’s used and decorated, not its square footage. The small bathroom trends of 2023 have several great ideas to make the most of even the tiniest spaces.     

13. Glossy & Mirrored Bathroom Designs for 2023

Modern bathroom decor ideas 2023 - Monika V
Modern bathroom colors 2023 in an interior by Decorilla designer, Monika V.

With small rooms, it’s all about creating the illusion of space. And there’s no better way to do so than by incorporating mirrored surfaces that visually increase the room size. Consider a grand mirror that takes up the entire wall behind the basin. Even the bathroom tile trends of 2023 can be handy here since metallic or glossy tiles also have reflective qualities.

14. Seamless Glass Showers

Bathroom trends 2023 favor frameless showers
Bathroom remodel ideas 2023 by Decorilla designers, Liana S. and Maya M.

One of the brightest small bathroom remodel ideas of 2023 has got to be the frameless glass shower. A simple glass panel or two, sans framework, creates the shower stall and gives a sense of spaciousness. As a bonus, it also allows you to show off beautiful bathroom tile trends of 2023 without restriction.

15. More than a Basic Basin

Bathroom interior design trends with a free standing basin

Small spaces can be just as packed with character as a designer chateau. Freestanding basins are coming into their own year by year. We’ll certainly see more variety than ever before, which means more customization is coming your way. This opens many avenues and also allows compact spaces to make a significant impact. 

16. Open-Spout Mixers Let it Flow

Bathroom designs and ideas 2023 favor open spout mixers

An open-spout mixer faucet brings the best of two worlds. On the one hand, it emulates a waterfall cascade that is oh-so-calming. And on the other, it combines warm and cold water, which means you only need one lever. It’s a beautiful and stylish space-saving trend that’s here to stay. 

Enriching Bathroom Décor Ideas for 2023

2023 bathroom trends - Atif N
Glamorous bathroom featuring bathroom trends 2023 by Decorilla designer, Atif N.

Charming décor is the difference between a bland and a bold bathroom. Thankfully, the bathroom décor ideas of 2023 certainly make a statement. These major trends are bound to let your space stand out from the crowd.

17. 2023 Bathroom Trends Love Luxe Area Rugs

Bathroom decorating ideas 2023 - Aida A
Luxurious bathroom décor ideas 2023 by Decorilla designer, Aida A.

Nothing adds an air of luxury and comfort to a space like a plush element. Skip the plain old bathmat and opt for a quality area rug instead. There are many design ideas to consider. However, geometric or oriental styles are sure to linger beyond the rug bathroom trends of 2023.

18. Industrial-Style Hardware & Exposed Pipework

Industrial bathroom tile trends 2023
Refreshed industrial bathroom trends 2023 by Decorilla designers, Liana S. and Wanda P. 

Instead of hiding or minimizing the presence of pipework, make it a feature. Embrace the industrial-style guest and master bathroom trends of 2023 to enjoy a bit of steampunk flair. Combine bathroom trends by using warm metallic accents like the ones mentioned before. Or pair with anthracite-black elements for an alternative look. In either case, the results should be stunning.

19. Rewind, Replay, Repeat Retro Bathroom Trends in 2023

Bathroom trends go vintage for 2023 - Drew F
Bathroom trends go vintage for 2023 with Decorilla designer, Drew F.

The love for vintage is going strong as the coming year will emphasize antique dressers and wallpaper. William Morris patterns combined with contemporary colors make interiors come to life. Plus, it welcomes a nostalgic charm into a new space. Other vintage pieces, like an ornate mirror, brass fixtures, and a classic cabinet can also add layers of visual interest. 

20. A Generous Dose of All Things Arty

Arty bathroom trends 2023

Art, whether overt or subtle, features more and more in interiors. From artwork to crafted furniture or hardware, the finer details get magnified. As a result, rooms feel distinctly curated and picturesque. In bathrooms, art is always welcome, but so too are handmade tiles and select crafts. 

21. Evergreen Bathroom Trends 2023

Bathroom decor ideas 2023 - Wanda P
Greenery in bathroom decor ideas 2023 by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.
Fresh greens stay a forever favorite and they are gaining popularity every year. So, we’re zooming in on the details for bathroom designs of 2023. More specifically, plants that flourish in a moist, almost tropical environment take center stage. That said, not any bloom or sprout would do. We’ll see more ornate plants that thrive in the shade. Think majesty palms, air plants, Paphiopedilum orchids or even a bonsai of your favorite tree.

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