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Lighting Trends 2023: 12 Hottest Ways to Illuminate Your Home

Lighting trends 2023 - my domaine

  There’s no doubt that lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the tone of any space. Simply put, the right lighting design can make all the difference. With that in mind, we’re taking a look at some of the hottest lighting trends for 2023. Read on for this year’s top ideas on illuminating your… Read more »

21 Hottest Bathroom Trends 2023 You Don’t Want to Miss

2023 bathroom trends - Design 4 Corners

The bathroom is undoubtedly among the most used spaces in any home. Although it’s a room where functionality is the primary concern, it should also look and feel good. After all – a breathtaking space can give you a little boost in the mornings. So, read on for some inspiration! The upcoming bathroom trends of… Read more »

2023 Bedroom Trends & Decorating Ideas to Copy Now

Master bedroom trends 2023 - Whyskylights

Although some trends come and go, a special few have enduring appeal. In fact, these are so much more than crazes. They can keep a room looking and feeling incredible for years to come. When embracing en vogue interior ideas, start with the bedroom. After all, it’s one of the core spaces in any home…. Read more »

Kitchen Trends 2023: 24 Design Pro Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Kitchen appliance trends 2023 - Galerie

The hottest looks touch all corners of interior design – and kitchens are no exception! This means kitchens of the future hold a world of excitement to look forward to too! According to trend predictors, we’re moving into neutral territory with form taking center stage. But there is so much more – read on to… Read more »

Interior Design Trends 2023: 23 Must-Have Looks for a Stylish Home

Interior design trends 2023 - Shawn Henderson

What’s in vogue not only speaks to our aesthetic sensibilities but also to how we want to live. Trends often indicate a steady shift toward a new way of living. That said, the interior design trends of 2023, however practical they may be, will still satisfy even the hardiest of aesthetes. 

Living Room Trends 2023: 22 Must-Have Ultimate Style Ideas

2023 living room trends - Living Etc

A living room should feel and look good – and every year it’s easier to do. Fortunately for those wanting to spruce up their space, covetable trends are coming! From oversized furniture to natural materials, the future has something for everyone. Read on for a sneak peek into living room trends in 2023! 

Dining Room Trends 2023: 12 Delectable Ideas for Feasting in Style

Dining room ideas - Est Living

Dining room design is ever-changing – from meeting space, feast hub, and all-time occasions venue. These multifunctional spaces get more attention with trendsetters’ uplifting dining room ideas. As a feature in any abode, it should hold fun and pleasing characteristics. Fortunately, the 2023 dining room trends will be plentiful! Read on for the best ideas!  

10 Most Famous Interior Designers to Watch in 2023

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Becoming a renowned interior designer rarely, if ever, includes a straight path and guaranteed success. On the contrary, it takes years of hard work, experimenting, developing relationships with clients, and most importantly, delivering designs that push the boundaries. This year’s most famous interior designers feature diverse career launches and rises to fame, which all ended… Read more »

Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors On-Trend for 2023

Bright mustard yellow kitchen cabinets - Studio Shamshiri

A kitchen update is a sure way to boost the value of your home. What’s more, a cabinet color refresh is inexpensive, while it also enhances the style and appeal of your kitchen. Depending on your color choice, the look can be uplifting, calming, or energizing. We look at the hottest kitchen cabinet colors for… Read more »