Top 5 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mothers day living room

We love our moms and want to show it. While Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, it can be a challenge to come up with unique gifts that she will truly enjoy. Here’s the secret to a perfect Mother’s Day gift: thoughtfulness. Putting in effort to show how you respect her passions and interests can have an enormously positive effect! Here are some unique gift ideas for different spaces in her home that can brighten her days long after the Holiday is over.

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5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Design


Sustainable design-Eco-Friendly-Home-Interior-Designing (1)

Sustainable design is a timeless trend; the future of our planet depends on it. From popular retailers who have included a green line to a growing demand for designers with LEED qualifications, people are seeking ways to design their homes while minimizing environmental impact.

Thankfully, eco-friendly decor is gradually becoming more accessible and affordable. The following examples are design solutions that beautify mindfully.

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5 Tips to Get the Perfect Shared Space Design

decorating with roomates small-madrid-apartment

I’ve always lived with someone; my sister, college roommates, husband. Fortunately, most of the decorating experiences were painless (except convincing my husband that a photograph of a giant cockroach he saw in the Amazon was not cool living room art).

In general, sharing a living space is not easy. Unless your roommate/partner goes crazy for collections of ceramic cats or has a true appreciation for 1960s prints like you do, chances are coming to a design consensus can be a challenge.

The following tips can help create the comfortable and nicely designed interior you and your roommates desire.

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Blooming Decor: 5 Ways to Use Botanicals in Design


Spring is around the corner, making it the perfect time to freshen up your decor. One of the elements of a great spring design is using botanicals. As a life force and source of beauty, adding flora to a space in any form offers vitality and freshness.

Lacking a green thumb? Luckily, there are a number of ways to incorporate Nature’s decor that don’t involve watering or fertilizing. Here are some of our favorite ways to liven up your home design!

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March Into Spring: 5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Decor


March is here! Seems like it was just yesterday we were fawning over the new Pantone color of the year. Yet, 2014 is “marching” ahead as spring awaits around the corner. Looking to freshen up your room with some seasonal design ideas? This beautiful living room inspires an example of a Spring look. Being mindful of various elements that make up a well designed room, you can transform your space with some small changes.

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5 Ways to Tell Your Room Needs a Makeover!


Your home is your haven. It’s the place where you relax and where you share reflections of your personality and style. While each room has it’s function, it should also be a space that is appealing and comfortable.

Does your space make you happy? Is your interior design comfortable? Do guests compliment your style? If your answer is “no” to any or all of these, you may be in need of a room makeover. To help determine this, consider the following as good indicators.

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5 bachelor pad tips that will up your game!

Is your apartment lacking some sexy factor? As a once single and dating girl in New York City, I’ve seen my fair share of tacky bachelor pads. Marshmallow sofas and silky red sheets… or worse, no sheets…Eek! “Is that an over-sized performance photo of yourself? “Geez, it’s getting late.” Luckily, getting help from the comfort of your own home is easier than you thought with online room design! But here or some tips to get you started…

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