Before & After: Modern Rustic Living Room Design Online

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What do you do when your overall home design feels disconnected? So, you’ve ticked off the checklist for an open living room and dining room:  sofa, coffee table, rug, dining table, and lamps. But sometimes even with these components in place, a design might not feel like home yet. Our recent client Mark shared this very problem. He had all the core pieces but expressed that “the overall apartment felt a bit incomplete.” 

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2016 Dwell on Design LA: 5 Things We’re Excited About!

Dwell on Design - Interior Design Service

Dwell on Design Los Angeles (DODLA) is the largest design event in America, bringing the inspiration and education of Dwell magazine’s pages to life! Curated by its editors, this three-day exhibition and conference returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center June 24-26, 2016. The event features everything from world-class speakers and incredible exhibitions to continuing education classes for design professionals and so much more.

We’re excited to share that this year Decorilla will not only attend DODLA, but speak about technology innovation as well! As the first online interior design service to bring accessible VR to clients, we will share how technology enhances both the designer and client experience.

With that, below are the top things we look forward to!

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Decorilla Interior Designer Spotlight: Laura Attolini

Decorilla interior designer eclectic living room

“Every design project is a new adventure, a new way to communicate, and an opportunity to discover new worlds.”-Laura A. 

With a flair for international design, Laura Attolini’s spaces offer sophistication in every style. She has a diverse portfolio having worked for different architectural and design firms in Paris, Italy and the U.S. and also has worked as an interior designer for high-end furniture brand Roche-Bobois. Laura consistently nurtures her curiosity for fresh and contemporary trends by keeping herself inspired and informed through design publications and travel. This greatly influences the quality of her designs.

Her attention to detail and ability to manifest clients’ unique preferences are reasons she is given the designer spotlight.

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Decorilla Interior Designer Spotlight: Tarah Young

“I draw my inspiration from being a cultural chameleon in New York and experiencing urban living first hand.” 

A New York City native, Decorilla online interior designer, Tarah Young, does not suffer from a lack of inspiration. She draws ideas and motivation from the “concrete jungle of Manhattan”, striking a remarkable balance of function and glamour. This makes sense in a city that requires spatial awareness and invites eye catching styles.

Tarah’s ability to anticipate and execute her clients’ needs has resulted in successful projects and happy dwellers. For this reason, we’re proud to shine the spotlight on one of NYC’s designer talents.

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House of Cards Holds a Winning Hand in Interior Design


Have you ever felt pulled into a TV show because of its comfy living room or glam bedroom set? For design lovers, appreciating good design is not reserved for real life experience only. Stepping into TV spaces is easy when decorated in impeccable style like the interior design in House of Cards.

The Decorilla team is lucky enough to work with top designers from around the country and see their designs, but we also love to be inspired by other sources. The House of Cards show undeniably caters to fantastic traditional style, which we love! From the Underwoods’ home to the Oval Office, the set design is adorned with some real beauties that say sophistication and timelessness. Here are a few faves spotted throughout the seasons.

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Beach Decor: 3 Online Interior Designer Rooms

modern beach style bedroom design

Have you been dreaming of a beach getaway? You don’t have to go far because warming weather is bringing beach decor front and center this season.

The following 3 online interior designer room transformations bring out beach decor that splashes color, pattern, and finish while evoking a relaxing and light environment. Whether wanting to go full on giving your home a vacation feel or opting for more subtle accents, these projects share ways to infuse your space with beach decor.

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5 Reasons to Layer Living Room Rugs

layered rugs cozy living room cloth + kind

Area rugs are an important part of interior décor, especially for multifunctional spaces like living rooms. Besides having a soft under foot and creating warmth in the space, living room rugs also frame organized focal points.  Often used as artwork too,  they help determine the style and color scheme.

Choosing the right area rug is one thing. Yet, sometimes one big rug in a space just isn’t enough. Combining rugs can make a true difference in the design of a space. The following are some great reasons to consider rug layering.

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10 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home Interior Design


Wanting to refresh your home interior design is a popular wish. Maybe the living room feels a little lack-luster or the bedroom is needing a bit of a design umph. Like wardrobes and hairstyles, our interiors need a change now and then.

True, getting interior design help with a professional is ideal. But, for those wanting quick and simple touches that go a long way, here is our list for every space in your home.

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Designer Wall Decor Ideas with Curioos Home

wall decor ideas pairing art

You can never have enough wall decor ideas. Today we’re excited to have our friends at Curioos, content manager, Koun Bae, and resident interior design expert, Mary Rogers, share their insiders’ tips in the blog post below.  

Decorating your walls can become an overwhelming task if you don’t know where to start. With the new Curioos Home series, we’re letting you in on expert tips and tricks to help you decorate your space with style. First up: finding two art pieces that are better together.

An art pair that works well can make your home look polished and professionally decorated. It’s way easier than a gallery wall and more impactful than a single piece of art—what’s not to love? Here, a few tips on how to do it right.

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