5 Tips for Family Friendly Room Design


Creating useful and comfortable room design is key for family friendly interiors. A family home is specialized; it needs to accommodate high traffic,  multi-functionality, and stylistic differences. With such layered criteria, we could all use some interior design help! That’s why Decorilla designer, Jessica S., is sharing her top 5 tips for family friendly room design in this week’s post.

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Decorilla Interior Designer Spotlight: Rachel Hinz

Decorilla interior designer Rachel bedroom accents

Representing a client’s style is a creative challenge for interior designers. Decorilla designer, Rachel Hinz, meets this challenge with sophistication and attention to detail. Whether traditional, modern, glamorous, or beach, her interior design projects have expressive style elements that not only make a room beautiful but contribute to its functionality as well.

Rachel’s commercial and residential interior design experience has made for happy clients locally in the  Tri-Cities and Metro Detroit area of Michigan as well as online Decorilla clients across the U.S. Here, we shine the spotlight on this versatile interior designer, getting a glimpse of her favorite design trends, inspirations, and room in her own home.

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3 Tips for Decorating a Multi-functional Room


We all try to keep things where they belong, but when you have 3 little ones, one family room might just turn into more: playroom, TV room, office.

This home in San Francisco is a great place for kids to grow up. There’s room for everybody! But what do you do when 90% of your family gathering time is in one single room? Evelyn took to the transformation challenge and designed her room online with Decorilla.

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Before & After: New Master Bedroom Ideas

Master bedroom ideas Decorilla rendering

A blank canvas seems like the perfect way for new master bedroom ideas to come to life. Yet, the countless options can be overwhelming. What colors to go with? Where is the best place for the dresser? What’s the design style? A recent New York client had these questions plus more and wanted the guidance of Decorilla online interior designers. Check out this incredible before & after project for the results.

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Key Tips to Designing the Perfect Man Cave

man cave use of space

A man cave is a retreat, haven, a personal world inside four walls. This space should have everything that makes the user feel alive and relaxed. Anywhere from a small secret room housing favorite paraphenilia to a large hidden basement storing a collection of cars, the possibilities for designing a man cave are endless.

With an emphasis on masculine decor as a guide, we got the following tips from our experienced Decorilla designers, Roberto D. and Muhammad H., to help bring this space together.

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10 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

decorating mistakes to avoid

Avoiding decorating mistakes can be just as valuable as following the best design tips out there. It’s true! Taking a trial and error approach to decorating can be tiring, time consuming and costly. So, being mindful of what not to do is a super helpful approach to interior design help.

The following designer don’ts are great to consider when decorating your home:

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Insights from Top Design Blogger Eleni of My Paradissi


One of the best things about design is being inspired by it. Decorilla Designer Christine Martin recently got to catch up with an amazing blogger and get her latest tips and inspirations. Eleni from My Paradissi shares inspiration to readers around the globe daily. From her unique and beautiful location of Greece, she offers DIY tips, fresh looks at varying interior styles and her personal touch in design.

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7 Top Interior Design Trends for 2017


With a departure from tufted sofas, mirrored furniture, and metallic accent pillows, we make room for the interior design trends for 2017. Thanks to Pantone’s color announcement, we can expect Greenery splashes to invigorate spaces. This along with refreshing uses of finishes and styles give design lovers a lot to look forward to.

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How to Style The Perfect Bar Cart

bar cart styling

Yep, they’re all the rage (again)…an entertainer’s best design accessory, the iconic bar cart! Originating as tea trolleys at the end of the Victorian era, bar carts gained popularity in the 1950s at the end of Prohibition when cocktail hours were the thing. Now, these accent tables are an intentional piece to anyone’s home decor. There are so many amazing types of bar carts and even more ways to stylize them. Here are some of Decorilla‘s best designer tips to help you style the perfect bar cart!

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