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It’s time to bust another interior design myth. You truly can enjoy a designer-approved interior, even when on a tight budget. All it takes is a bit of savvy and getting creative with the resources available. Read on to learn how to save money and get stunning results while decorating on a budget.

What to Know Before Decorating on a Budget

Decorating on a budget - Marine H
Contemporary lounge decorating on a budget by Decorilla designer, Marine H.

It’s essential to keep a few things in mind before stretching your budget. After all: affordable home decorating requires smart decision-making and prioritization. So, consider the affordable interior design advice below prior to pocket-friendly revamp projects.

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Do Spend More on Frequently Used Pieces

Home decor on a budget - Erin R
Lounge with home decor on a budget by Decorilla designer, Erin R.

Frequently used items, like couches, area rugs, and mattresses, experience more wear than others. At first, it may seem counterproductive to spend more on them. Yet, sometimes home decorating ideas on a budget require spending more now to save money in the future. Remember, quality elements last longer. Be mindful of durability while exploring rental decorating ideas too.

Hiring an Interior Designer Can Save Money in the Long Run

Home decorating ideas on a budget - Darya N
Affordable home decorating by Decorilla interior designer, Darya N.

It is a common misconception that hiring an interior designer is overly expensive. However, affordable interior design services are bridging the gap between stunning interiors and smaller pocketbooks. When you work with a professional you not only save yourself time, but also avoid the chances for costly mistakes. Not to mention, some interior designers even pass along exclusive trade discounts to their clients – getting you savings you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise!

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Estate Sales & Flea Markets Hold Hidden Treasures

Affordable home decorating

One of the most popular home decorating ideas on a budget is attending estate sales and flea markets. They’re perfect for discovering hidden gems at bargain prices. While many items are still in good condition, some may only need a bit of TLC, a fresh coat of paint, or new hardware to shine again.

Get Rid of Worn-Out Items Before Adding More

Decorating on a budget - Anna Y
Affordable home decorating by Decorilla designer, Anna Y.

Keeping tired, worn-out furniture or decor in a room does its appearance and atmosphere no favors. By removing (or, at the very least, repairing) them, it’ll already make the space look and feel better. Do this before starting to worry about what other budget interior design tricks to use. 

Budget Bedroom Décor Ideas

Budget bedroom decor ideas - Marine H
Quick budget bedroom décor ideas by Decorilla designer, Marine H.

Since we spend so much time in and around our bedrooms, we owe it to ourselves to make it a comforting, pleasant space. Improve its aesthetic without breaking the bank by embracing the following budget bedroom décor ideas.

1. DIY Wall Art

Inexpensive home decorating - Courtney B
Creative budget bedroom décor ideas by Decorilla designer, Courtney B.

Buying ready-made artwork is often expensive – thankfully, there are affordable home decorating alternatives. A wonderful and bespoke solution is to make your own. It can be a macramé wall hanging, painted canvas, sentimental photo gallery, or whatever suits the vibe of your home.

2. Update an Existing Dresser

Apartment decorating on a budget

If an old dresser is still in good condition but feels dated, give it new life with a fresh coat of paint and updated handles. It’s one of our favorite home decorating ideas on a budget since there are so many ways to customize it. Think about using a stencil to paint patterns on the drawers for added visual appeal.

3. Make a Statement with a Clothing Rack

Home decorating ideas on a budget

When decorating on a budget, investing in a dresser might stretch the budget. Instead, give the bedroom some industrial flair by creating a DIY pipe clothes rack. For an added sleek touch, cover the pipes in matte black spray paint or even gold for a glam finish. 

4. Get Some New Lampshades

Budget bedroom decor ideas - Casey H
Inexpensive home decorating in a modern farmhouse bedroom by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Inexpensive home decorating can be as simple as replacing an old lampshade with a new one. Making this small change can actually have a significant impact on a bedroom. Choose a colorful, patterned, or textured shade for a look that’s both fresh and exciting.

Apartment Decorating on a Budget

Budget interior design - Kristina B
Eclectic apartment decorating on a budget by Decorilla designer, Kristina B.

Sometimes, especially when renting an apartment, spending lots of money on upgrades isn’t a top priority. However, the interior should still feel beautiful and like home. Luckily, apartment decorating on a budget has non-permanent revamping options too.

5. Liven Things with Indoor Plants

Affordable home decorating - Shofy D
Sleek apartment featuring budget interior design by Decorilla designer, Shofy D.

Indoor plants are among the best, most effective home decorating ideas on a budget. Aside from breathing new life into a space, plants add color, enhance the air’s quality, and more. Place them on shelves, coffee tables, and balconies, as well as empty corners for a thriving, lush atmosphere.

6. Create Ambience Using Candles

Affordable home decor ideas - candles

Candles are one of the most atmospheric and affordable home decorating answers around. Their soft glow creates a relaxed, romantic air, plus they look great when grouped or solo. Pick out pretty colored ones in elegant holders for a timeless look.

7. Explore the Multiple Uses of Woven Baskets

Affordable home decor

Woven baskets are extremely versatile pieces of home décor on a budget. That’s because they have a boho air about them and fulfill various uses throughout an apartment. Apart from serving as storage, they can also become DIY lamp shades or a small accent table when they’re placed upside down.

8. Show Your Collection

Inexpensive home decorating ideas - Copper Moon

Whether you’re passionate about vacation mementos, antique teacups, or comic book figurines – show them off! Since you already own them, they’re ideal for decorating on a budget. Additionally, they help infuse your apartment with a unique personality. Find a place for them on mantels, shelves, and bookshelves. However, keep things neat. Bundle them together in groups of two or three to display them best. 

Living Room Ideas on a Budget

Living room ideas on a budget Rachel H
Living room ideas on a budget by Decorilla designer, Rachel H.

Putting together a warm and inviting living room is possible without spending an arm and a leg. Bring out the best in this social space with inexpensive home decorating ideas like those to come.

9. Swap Out Small Items & Soft Décor

Budget interior design - Shofy D
Inexpensive home decorating by Decorilla designer, Shofy D.

Affordable home decorating makes you realize plenty of things. Namely, although big pieces of furniture are wonderful, good things also come in small, inexpensive packages. Occasionally swap out easily manageable, soft decorative items, like throw pillows and area rugs, to refresh the look of a living room.

10. Introduce a Statement Piece

Living room ideas on a budget - Nikola
Budget interior design by Decorilla designer, Nikola P.

Of all the home decorating ideas on a budget, designers most often recommend adding one stand-out feature to your design. Ideas for items in the living room include a bold piece of art, a stunning mirror, or a vintage armchair. The focal point will immediately draw attention and set the tone for the room as a whole.

11. Embrace the Mismatched Look

Apartment decorating on a budget - Fabrics and Papers

Eclectic design is an affordable home decorating solution because it requires zero matching. In fact, it’s all about pairing different pieces, patterns, and textures for a one-of-a-kind makeover. Create a bespoke living room by adding your favorite furnishings and tying them together with elements like a set color scheme.

12. Repurpose an Old Ladder

Decorating on a budget - BHG

The last of our home decorating ideas on a budget is giving an old ladder a new purpose in the living room. Clean it up, paint it a pretty color, and either use it as a shelf or a railing. For a shelf effect, fasten planks between the steps, decorating them with potted plants, books, or mementos. As for a railing effect, hang some throw blankets over the steps for easy reach during chilly nights on the sofa.

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