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Before & After: Contemporary Home Interior with Blue Accents

Contemporary home interior - Smart Stone

Contemporary interior design is like a breath of fresh air. The style is current, chic, and clean. Add cool blue accents and you’re sure to have one of the sleekest properties around. A recent Decorilla client was going for precisely this vibe. Read on to see how the contemporary home interior turned out!

Before & After: Minimalist Masculine Bedroom and Den

Your home is where you can showcase your interests and personality. One client wanted to do just that in his unique new-build home. He especially needed his love for mechanical engineering and stargazing to show too. See how Decorilla made it happen in the minimalist masculine bedroom and den design below! 

Before & After: Modern Interior Design for a New Construction Home

Modern interior design - Apartment Therapy

Always fresh, sleek, and effortlessly chic – modern interior design has enduring appeal. A recent Decorilla client was especially enamored with the iconic style. So much so that they wanted their entire new build to reflect it. Read on to learn all about the project and its timeless results!

Before & After: French Country Interior Design

French Country interior design - gayle lee

Do you long for the rustic elegance of a classy French cottage? Decorilla’s recent clients wanted just that look for their new house. They dreamed about giving their home an instant facelift with a bright and chic twist on traditional French country interior design. With their designer’s vision the results were a success. Read on… Read more »

Before and After: Sophisticated Black and White Living Room

Few other color palettes are as iconic as black and white. Perhaps the appeal lies in the sharp contrast between the two tones, or maybe it’s their timeless air. Whatever the case may be, the combination is stunning. One recent Decorilla client wanted to update their living area to be just as memorable. Read on… Read more »

Living Room vs Family Room: Which is Right for Your Home?

living room vs family room - martha stewart

Social spaces, where people can come together while feeling at ease, are essential in any home. However, there are different kinds of entertainment and get-together spaces to consider. Today is all about the living room vs the family room. Read on to learn more about these two distinct environments and which is best for you.

Decorating on a Budget: Designers’ Money Saving Hacks

Apartment decorating on a budget - Ella Leonard

It’s time to bust another interior design myth. You truly can enjoy a designer-approved interior, even when on a tight budget. All it takes is a bit of savvy and getting creative with the resources available. Read on to learn how to save money and get stunning results while decorating on a budget.

Before & After: Classy Hollywood Regency Living Room

Hollywood regency living room - RH

Sleek, chic, and glamorous – the stars and starlets of cinema’s Golden Age knew how to live lavishly. Their abodes and interiors mimicked elaborate silver screen sets. They remained surrounded by finery, even at home. A recent Decorilla client wanted an escape worthy of old-world cinematic royalty. Read on for their glitzy Hollywood Regency living… Read more »

Before & After: Luxury All White Living Room

All white living room ideas - luxe source

All-white interior design, when done correctly, is far from boring. The results are often welcoming interiors that exude class and sophistication. And one recent client needed just the helping hand to pull off this look and Decorilla excelled in their task. Read on to see their stunning all-white living room result!

Before & After: Log Cabin Modern Interior Refresh

Log cabin modern interior

Log cabin modern interior design brings a fresh and airy feel to these classic getaways we’ve come to love. And for a recent Decorilla client, it was this inviting appeal that they desired for an update to an island cabin in the woods. Read on to see how their designer crafted modern log cabin interior… Read more »