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Before & After: Subtle Glam Living and Dining Room Combo

Love glamorous design elements but don’t want to go all out with the glitz? It is possible to tone down the look with just a few curated glimmering pieces for a subtle glam approach. It was exactly this style that a recent client turned to Decorilla for help pulling off. Read on to discover how… Read more »

Before & After: Moroccan Inspired Bedrooms and Living Room

Moroccan inspired living room - EF

There is something undeniably attractive about Moroccan interiors. These vibrant spaces are full of texture, pattern, and details above all else. These elements inspired a recent client to create a subdued Moroccan-inspired bedrooms and living room of her own. And with the help of Decorilla, she could do just that – see the modern mix… Read more »

Before & After: Tudor House Interior Makeover

Tudor living room interior design makeover

It’s easy to fall in love with a Tudor-style home, but such a character-rich space is tricky to modernize. Still, the challenge did not deter one couple. They wanted their Tudor house interior to reflect good taste. Fortunately, they turned to online interior design services to make it happen. Read on to see how this… Read more »

Before & After: Traditional Living Room with Coffered Ceiling

Stately and classic, an English Manor style is certainly covetable for many reasons. For starters, they emanate refined indulgence with patterned fabrics and floral bouquets. Yet these spaces have a masculine air to balance the feminine details. A recent client wanted their home to exude just this look, which is why they turned to Decorilla…. Read more »

Before & After: Neutral Interior Design with Glam Décor

Glam neutral interior design - K

Layers, light, and luxury can work wonders in an interior. One client knew exactly how much value they bring, which is why she turned to Decorilla for help. She needed to spruce up her dark home to create livable spaces that feel like bliss. The result? A glamorous neutral design that was sleek yet comfy…. Read more »

Before & After: Transitional Kitchen and Living Room Makeover

Transitional Living Room and Kitchen

Transitional style can be the perfect blend between modern and traditional that solves the solution of choosing one over the other. This can be especially true when you’re drawn to the traditional look, but are decorating a more modern home. A recent Decorilla client wanted help for just that reason. Read on to see how… Read more »

Before & After: Contemporary High Ceiling Living Room

Modern high ceiling living room

Nothing screams luxury more than a high ceiling living room. There is something very posh and sophisticated about the airy, height of tall ceilings that literally make everyone swoon. However, designing these space can pose a challenge. With so much extra room comes the responsibility to decorate it in a thoughtfully proportionate way. Recently, a… Read more »

Before & After: Modern Cabin Interior Design Makeover

Modern cabin interior design ideas and decor

A seaside cabin never loses its charm, but an update now and then can do wonders. New colors and furniture can make these charming spaces come alive. As these homes are often vacation homes, they need to exude tranquility and relaxation, which is just what recent clients wanted! And with Decorilla’s help, they could make… Read more »

Before & After: Hamptons Style Interior Design Transformation


Soft, white linen and breezy spaces capture the essence of the Northeast coast. And that’s precisely what one recent client wanted for her home in the Hamptons. She sought beautiful beach-inspired rooms that flow from one to the other. So Decorilla’s team created a Hamptons interior design perfect for leisurely family getaways. Read on to… Read more »

Before & After: Scandi Boho Living Room & Breakfast Nook

Scandinavian bohemian design - Janni

Airy and spacious interiors are so much more attractive than those that are characterless and empty. Moreover, a beautifully designed home can uplift your mood. That’s why one recent client turned to Decorilla for help. She needed a peaceful space full of life, perfect for bonding with her hubby and adult children. And the result… Read more »