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Interior Design Trends 2024: Fresh Ways to Reinvent Your Home

Interior design trends 2024 with bold colors and fun decor

It’s time to usher in the new and let go of what’s outdated! Buckle up because the new year is bursting with the thrilling future of home décor and design. So, if you’re ready to bid farewell to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, read on. Here are the most captivating interior design trends of… Read more »

Kitchen Trends 2024: Dishing Out the Future of Design

Kitchen trends 2024 with bold lighting

Good news: kitchen design is taking a thrilling leap forward! The fusion of style and practicality has always been at the heart of culinary spaces, but trends are redefining that delicate balance in exciting ways. Design is dishing up a mouthwatering blend of innovative materials, smart technology, and a dash of eclectic flair. Get ready… Read more »

12 Best Sectional Sofas 2023: Designer-Voted for Quality & Comfort

Most comfortable sectional sofa in a living room - Zoe Feldman Design

Stylish yet comfortable sectional sofas come in various styles, sizes, and materials. In fact, there’s bound to be one to suit every household’s tastes and practical needs. Since there are so many kinds to choose from, picking one can be surprisingly hard. So, to simplify decision-making, we’ve identified the best sectional sofas on the market… Read more »

Home Office Trends 2024: The Ultimate Work-from-Home Hub

It’s time to level up your home office! The new year merges smart tech, sustainability, and ergonomic design for the best in workplace design. Say hello to home office trends 2024 that redefine the work-from-home narrative!

Gypsy Bliss: Boho Burro Camper Trailer Conversion for Happy Travels

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the open road with your designer pad right there with you? One couple couldn’t wait to leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but first they needed a camper trailer conversion! So they turned to their friend and Decorilla designer, Sonia Carlson, for a Boho-inspired Burro camper… Read more »

Enchanting Nursery Themes: Inspiring Ideas for Your Little One

Pink and green forest themed nursery designs

Set your little one’s first adventure right at home! Nursery themes can inspire your baby and encourage their imagination to thrive. From whimsical to calming, these designs lay the foundation for the earliest experiences. Let’s explore enchanting ideas that both you and your baby will love!

Design Diaries: Unveiling a Japandi Designer Home Interior

Designer home interior of a Japandi style kitchen

Designer home makeovers are always inspiring – especially through the eyes of a professional interior designer! We caught up with Decorilla interior designer Sonia Carlson to see her incredible take on Japandi style with a recent gut renovation. Join us as we explore her breathtaking designer home interior infused with Scandinavian heritage! 

Nursery Ideas and Inspiration: Creating Your Baby’s Wonderland

Nursery ideas with cute décor inspo and a feature wall

Embracing the magic of new beginnings, curating the perfect space for your little one is more than just decorating – it’s a labor of love. Nursery ideas go beyond color palettes and themes; they embody dreams, hopes, and the promise of cherished moments to come. So, let’s dive into a world of nursery inspo, where… Read more »

15 Kids’ Room Ideas for Cool Space to Call Their Own 

Kids bedroom decor ideas by Amy C

A kid’s bedroom is where they play, learn, sleep, and even get up to innocent mischief! As a result, their bedroom should mirror their unique personalities. While being an aesthetically pleasing space, their rooms must also be functional. In essence, this should be a safe space where a child can feel nurtured and grow. Read… Read more »

Open Floor Plan Design: 10 Pro Ideas for a Cohesive Look

Organic open floor plan layout - house beautiful

Open floor plan design has become increasingly popular, and for a good reason. An open concept house offers a wealth of benefits that traditional closed-in floor plans just can’t beat. Read on to see if open concept living is right for you, as well as our favorite open floor plan ideas for for a well-designed… Read more »