Eclectic apartment design by Decorilla

Have you ever imagined living in a space where every corner reveals a story and every artifact has a voice? Let’s see how eclectic apartment design transforms a blank slate into a living, breathing mosaic of experiences and memories. Join us in an exploration of how our living space can embody our dreams.

The Challenge: Eclectic Apartment Design & Decor

The client approached Decorilla at the beginning of their journey to transform a newly acquired apartment into a home. Starting from a blank slate, they sought to infuse it with warmth, character, and a blend of chic eclectic elements. They were also drawn to the idea of mixing decades, favoring Art Deco accents and the vibrant colors of the 70s. With a move-in date closely approaching, the excitement was growing—all they needed now was the designer to shape a unique living environment with:

  • Cohesive interior design ideas that seamlessly integrate the kitchen, living, and dining room in the open floor plan.
  • Balanced modernity infused with nostalgic touches without compromising on the sense of space and openness.
  • Bedroom retreat that aligns with the overall design and eclectic apartment decor.
  • Outdoor space designed as an interior extension, maximizing its potential for relaxation and entertainment.
  • A welcoming first impression in the foyer that hints at the eclectic theme carried throughout the home.

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Design Inspiration: Colorful Spaces, Comfort & Art

Bright eclectic apartment living room with whimsical details by Decorilla
Bright living room with eclectic decor by Decorilla

Drawn to the idea of an environment that would be both a conversation starter and a cozy retreat, the client found inspiration in eclectic diversity. It was mostly about blending bold and retro interior design pieces with warm textures and rich hues. Hence, they provided a vast inspirational gallery, showcasing the desired balance between the vibrant and the serene. Most depicted rooms felt simultaneously alive with color and anchored in comfort.

Graceful eclectic living room design that's both modern and classic by Decorilla
Eclectic lounge by Decorilla

Some displays also illustrated just how much the client gravitated toward spaces that married functionality with eclectic interior design ideas. Those facilitated the fluidity of their daily life, from relaxed evenings to lively gatherings. It was, therefore, apparent that each design choice would have to be matched by an equally thoughtful approach to their practical needs.

Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Ibrahim H.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Ibrahim H.

After completing Decorilla’s design questionnaire, the client found themself at a pivotal point. Their design road branched into two distinct paths with the proposals of two particularly adept designers: Ibrahim H. and Casey H.

Ibrahim presented a design that highlighted the contrast in textures over patterns, aiming for an eclectic yet calmer, more luxurious vibe. Meanwhile, Casey’s proposal captured an effortless blend of comfort and style, boldly elaborating on the client’s original concept. Her moodboard was an artful composition of eclectic decor and smart, cozy layouts that promised a vivid yet personal atmosphere.

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Casey H.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

As it turned out, Casey’s concept was spot on. This eclectic apartment design fully resonated with the client, blending the chic with the functional, the timeless with the modern. Their first feedback to Casey confirmed the successful alignment of visions: “Hi, Casey! I love the updates. You totally get what I’m going for—excited to bring this to life together.” 

Results Revealed: Eclectic Apartment Design In the City

Contemporary eclectic apartment living room with a splash of color by Decorilla
Contemporary eclectic apartment living room by Decorilla

After several rounds of consultations, the final version was ready to go—and it beat the tight deadline, too. The apartment’s transformation speaks to an elaborate design philosophy with the obvious intent to curate an interior that feels collected in its own way. Rather than following a single trend, it tells a story, like a cherished find from a different place and time. The thoughtful integration of various design elements and periods also conveys substantial visual depth while maintaining a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. 

Stepping Up Into the Eclectic Apartment Living Room

Tailored eclectic apartment living room with curated furnishing by Decorilla.
Bespoke living room design by Decorilla

As a result, bohemian touches in the living room effortlessly blend with modern lines. The conversation area rests on a saturated rug that grounds this worldly space, while a burnt umber accent chair paired with an ottoman beckon one to a cozy reading corner. Meanwhile, the multifunctional mustard yellow velvet ottoman juxtaposes the rest of the setup with an explosive pop of color. 

Just like the client wanted, Art Deco accents are peppered throughout, underscoring quite a unique habitat.

Eclectic apartment living room before and after by Decorilla
Living room results by Decorilla

This remarkable achievement becomes even more prominent when compared to the room’s original state. Where the previous layout presented a purely utilitarian setup, the new design elevates it into a well-lived-in, curated space, as if each item has been strategically gathered over time. Ingeniously integrated TV that doubles as an articulate art piece fits seamlessly into this narrative, blurring the lines between functionality and aesthetics.

Vibrant yet harmonious eclectic apartment design by Decorilla
Vibrant apartment design by Decorilla

The connection between the living areas is anchored by a visual and functional continuum, marked notably by the recurring motif of blue built-in shelving. With their distinct hue, the squares echo the vibrant tones found in other decorative pieces, creating a seamless flow inside the open-concept layout. Moreover, this practical storage element repeats throughout the entire apartment as a cohesive thread that weaves individual spaces together.

Creating a Cohesive Theme

The strategic repetition of color and form is instrumental in achieving a unified environment where every corner is connected, not just in function but in the very narrative. In the same way, the harmonious fusion of function and whimsy in this eclectic apartment design embodies the creator’s thoughtful interpretation of the client’s singular taste. The creative solution succeeds in making the diverse elements feel curated and connected, offering a dynamic yet cohesive living experience. 

Green Dining Room

Refined eclectic apartment design in a dining area by Decorilla
Refined dining area by Decorilla

The eclectic apartment design takes a subtle turn in the dining room, introducing a more organic twist. Here, the centerpiece is a robust table, its reclaimed wood surface bringing texture and a hint of rustic charm into the urban setting. Complementing this are the cane-backed chairs that also add a nod to retro design in the mix. Spherical pendant light softens the array of straight lines with its shape, drawing the eye upward without obstructing the view.

Eclectic apartment dining room design before and after by Decorilla
Dining room results by Decorilla

In its original state, the dining room was a sparse setup that prioritized those expansive panoramas above all. While the scenery is indeed a highlight, the minimal furnishings underutilized the room’s potential, rendering it more of a viewpoint than a functional space. This blank canvas craved skillful design strokes to make it as practical as picturesque.

Elegant eclectic apartment design in a refined dining room by Decorilla
Elegant green dining room by Decorilla

A dramatic shift the new design brings transforms the area into a proper dining nook that invites conversation and shared meals. At the same time, it doesn’t sacrifice the spectacle: per the client’s instructions, the setup shifts the attention towards the more attractive side. A plush, channel-backed banquette navigates the focus to make the most of the panorama, simultaneously adding a touch of luxurious comfort.

Elegant & Functional Kitchen

Elegant eclectic open-space apartment design by Decorilla
Open-space apartment design by Decorilla

Eclectic apartment decor, such as bowls and an assortment of accessories, is another vital thread visually linking the distinctive zones in this open space. These elements find their place on the coffee and dining tables, as well as within the kitchen’s new layout. In return, the kitchen doesn’t feel disconnected from the overall aesthetic while fully equipped to meet the day-to-day needs.  

Eclectic apartment kitchen design before and after by Decorilla
Kitchen results by Decorilla

Initially, the kitchen felt too sterile, its light cabinetry and fixtures imparting a blandness that lacked character. Although functional, it lacked the masculine touch the client desired. The light fixtures felt outdated, and there was no dedicated space for a trash can, which reduced the overall practicality of the space. In addition, the late afternoon light the room received was not being utilized to its full potential.

Eclectic apartment design brings charm to the kitchen by Decorilla
A charming and practical kitchen by Decorilla

The difference achieved in the new setup is profound. Darker cabinetry now contrasts boldly against the light countertops and backsplash, creating an engaging interplay of light and shadow in the late afternoon sun. The storage has been thoughtfully reimagined to include required concealed repositories, enhancing practicality without sacrificing style. Also, the modern light fixtures have replaced the outdated ones, lending a contemporary feel to the room.

The ubiquitous blue shelving serves here as a vibrant accent while tying in the overarching color story throughout the apartment.

A Foyer Full of Life

Welcoming eclectic apartment design that transforms a foyer by Decorilla
Welcoming foyer by Decorilla

Unfolding straight into the living room, the foyer is more than just a transition space; it’s an integral part of the story. From the curated art that adorns the walls to the intentional pops of color and texture, every detail contributes to the overall narrative of a beautifully designed eclectic apartment. Consequently, it’s proving that even the most functional of spaces can be transformed into areas of beauty and personal expression.

Eclectic apartment entryway design before and after by Decorilla
Entryway design results by Decorilla

Initially, the hallway presented a series of stark, white doors with white built-in shelving—functional, yet devoid of character. Lacking the warmth and welcoming touch that a home’s entrance should possess, the space felt more like a sterile corridor than a part of a home.

Harmonious eclectic hallway design merging eras seamlessly by Decorilla
Harmonious eclectic hallway design by Decorilla

The entry is the apartment’s opening statement, setting the tone for the rest of the home. With its subtle Spanish flair, it shifts the atmosphere toward a more feminine charm. An accent console visually dominates this space, offering a practical yet elegant solution for keys and sunglasses to suit the client’s functional concerns. While serving a purpose, it also ties together diverse decorative elements.

Cultured eclectic apartment decor in a foyer with global influences by Decorilla
Global influences in a foyer by Decorilla

Moving down the corridor to the bedrooms, the design maintains a consistent theme. The once plain doors now feature a sophisticated black finish with updated, sleek hardware. Meanwhile, the bold energy from the living area also flows in through the rich, vibrant carpet runners. They guide the path to the private spaces, simultaneously complementing the impressive ceiling pattern.  

Colorful Yet Tranquil Bedroom

Urban eclectic apartment decor creating a chic bedroom retreat by Decorilla
Urban chic bedroom retreat by Decorilla

Acknowledging the client’s distaste for the beige, the bedroom design relies on a deep, calming blue, both in accent walls and decor details. The layout harnesses the soft glow of morning light, making the space welcoming from the early hours. A Thuma walnut bed anchors the design, immediately lending an air of sturdiness and style. Paired with a fog-grey headboard, it sets a solid foundation for the navy linen duvet cover—both acquired per the client’s explicit wish.

Eclectic apartment bedroom design before and after by Decorilla
Bedroom results by Decorilla

The transformation from the old space is marked by the stark contrast of color and sophistication. The creamy yet bland atmosphere has been replaced with a palette that includes bold blues and natural wood, creating a cocoon of warm modernity. 

Enchanting eclectic apartment decor in a dreamy bedroom by Decorilla
Enchanting dreamy bedroom by Decorilla

The outdated mirrored closet, a point of contention for the client, has been smartly replaced with a custom wardrobe. Its sleek design now contributes to the room’s sophisticated aesthetic. The functional aspect has also been considered, with the wardrobe designed for easy access. It now aligns perfectly next to the bedroom door without the previous issue of interference.

Tranquil eclectic apartment decor in a restful bedroom by Decorilla
A restful bedroom design by Decorilla

Attention to detail is evident in the careful selection of accessories that complement the main furniture pieces. To address the client’s desire for a cozy atmosphere, the bedroom has been decorated with plush textiles and curated pillows that invite relaxation. The West Elm settee, a cherished gift, finds its place at the window, providing a comfortable nook for lounging with an exquisite view.

Verdant Balcony With a Sky-High Perspective

Industrial-chic eclectic apartment decor refined in a downtown loft by Decorilla
Industrial-chic downtown balcony by Decorilla

The balcony transformation shifts it from a utilitarian afterthought to a charming oasis perfect for enjoying the late afternoon sun. It is now an inviting extension of the home, with the flooring replaced by a checkered combination of wood and faux grass tiles that provide both comfort underfoot and visual interest. 

Eclectic apartment balcony design before and after by Decorilla
Balcony results by Decorilla

Previously, the chipping-painted concrete floor and stark white railing presented a rather unwelcoming atmosphere. The furnishings felt arbitrary, lacking intention or cohesion with the overall aesthetic of the apartment. In addition, the railing was described by the client as “a cause for vertigo.”

Verdant eclectic apartment balcony, an urban oasis by Decorilla
Verdant eclectic apartment balcony, an urban oasis by Decorilla

The existing outdoor loveseat has been retained, addressing the client’s desire for practicality alongside style. However, it’s now complemented by plush, new pillows and accessories that tie in with the required eclectic feminine theme. Thoughtful placement of planters creates a natural partition around the HVAC unit, ensuring necessary ventilation while integrating this utility into the design. Strategic lighting adds a warm glow as the day transitions to evening, enhancing the balcony’s ambiance.

Panoramic eclectic apartment design that frames city views on the balcony by Decorilla
Green design on a balcony by Decorilla

The abundant greenery not only enhances privacy but also introduces an element of nature to spruce up the stark urban vibe. It cleverly obscures the railing, offering a softer and more appealing edge to the balcony’s perimeter. In keeping with the client’s wish for a layout conducive to open-door days, the furniture arrangement allows for easy access to and from the apartment, encouraging a fluid connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

Shopping list for eclectic apartment design by Decorilla
Shopping list by Decorilla

In shaping this eclectic apartment design, the designer approached the task with meticulous attention to detail. It ensured that each piece of furniture and decor matched the client’s tastes and stayed within a sensible budget. Leveraging Decorilla’s access to exclusive trade discounts, Casey artfully balanced style and cost, a strategy especially appreciated given the project’s brisk timeline.

The client’s appreciation for the designer’s expertise and the collaborative process was evident in their heartfelt feedback. They expressed their gratitude and eagerness to see the design materialize, promising to share the final outcome: “Amazing! Thank you so much, Casey. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. I’m working my way through getting everything, so it might be some time, but I’ll be sure to send pictures once some rooms are in a good place!”  

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