Eclectic rental decorating ideas by decorilla designer Sarah O

Rental decorating options depend, above all, on the limitations applied by your rental property. While many landlords don’t allow any change at all, others may accept a certain level of modifications, as long as those are not permanent. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and make the place feel like home. Read on to find out what go-to rental decorating ideas are sure to personalize your space!

Can You Decorate a Rented Place?

Rental decorating ideas for a studio by Decoriila designer Darya N
Rental decorating ideas for a studio by Decorilla designer, Darya N.

The quick and easy answer is, yes! You might not be permitted to paint walls or change floors, but there are still many other design options and styles to consider when decorating a rental. Many of which require no permanent changes or extra permission. So know the limitations of your contract and implement the renter friendly decorating ideas that adhere to the fine print. And keep in mind some landlords will allow additional changes if you promise to return the home to its original condition. 

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Rental Decorating Ideas

Decorating a rental house ideas by Drew F
Decorating a rental house ideas by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

A new rental can become your own within minutes. Don’t let a rental agreement discourage you from making a place feel like home. Get creative with these top renter friendly decorating ideas. 

1. Rental Decorating With a Statement Rug

Rental decorating with statement rug by Decorilla designer Farhoud
Rental decorating with statement rug by Decorilla designer, Jessica S.

Bold, vibrant rugs are more than just eye-catching; they also make a significant impact on the look and feel of your home. A statement rug is the perfect renter-friendly decor solution to add a touch of style. More importantly, they also help protect the floor from traffic, spills, and damages, slowing down the wear process. And on top of all, a rug is one of the easiest items to roll up and take with you when moving. 

2. Renter-Friendly Wall Decor

Renter friendly wall decor by Decorilla designer Christine M.
Renter-friendly wall decor by Decorilla designer,  Christine M.

Hanging wall art often requires drilling holes, and that’s rarely permitted by a homeowner. For that reason, renter-friendly wall decor can be a tricky topic. Luckily, there are other solutions worthy of considering. For example, if you still prefer hanging, there is a variety of damage-free tapes and strips to choose from for lightweight objects. Alternatively, mantels, shelves, or cabinets are also good places to display art, by using them to support your decor and then just lean it against the wall. 

3. Floor-Based Decor

Rental decorating alternatives by Decorilla designer Eleni P
Rental decorating alternatives by Decorilla designer, Eleni P.

You can not drill holes, damage walls, or make any alterations at all? No problem! Use the floor for everything and convey an artsy flair. Decorating a rental house that way will fill the space with character and allow you to incorporate many attractive features. 

4. Practical Wall Dividers 

Renter-friendly decorating ideas by Decorilla designer Shofy D
Wall divider as renter-friendly decorating ideas by Decorilla designer, Shofy D.

Rentals often come with the need to use space creatively. And since, interior design for renters can hardly include building walls or creating new rooms other solutions need to be thought up. Instead of permanent room dividers, use temporary ones. Free standing screens come in a variety of styles, or you can also use curtains hung on a tension rod to divide a room.

5. Decorating a Rental House With Plants

Plants as renter friendly decor options by Amy C
Plants as renter-friendly decor options by Decorilla designer, Amy C.

Plants are among the best ways to breathe more life into a room. They are also ideal for rental decorating since they are easy to incorporate and move. With careful planning, you can even grow a small indoor jungle to follow the trend of biophilic design. Besides the good look, many indoor plants possess the capability of cleaning the air, making your living space fresher and healthier. In addition, a burst of colors and patterns can affect your mood, helping you feel energized or relaxed.  

6. Focus on Textiles

Rental decorating by Decorilla designer Gabriela
Rental decorating by Decorilla designer, Gabriela S.

When looking for rental decorating ideas, pay special attention to decorative fabrics. Throws, cushions, or tablecloths are super-easy to incorporate – you can even change them as often as you like. At the same time, they elevate the comfort, add a pop of color, and affect the overall room style. Moreover, in case you rent a place that’s already furnished, consider slipcovers for sofas, armchairs, and ottomans. Not only can you choose them in the style you like, but they will also preserve the original upholstery and save your deposit. 

7. Consider Moveable Decor

Easy rental decorating by Decorilla's Amy C
Easy rental decorating by Decorilla interior designer, Amy C.

Rental decorating should be practical as much as pretty. It’s often better to give advantage to lightweight or foldable items, easy to pack and move. Benches and ottomans, for instance, can be used for different purposes; at the same time, they have a minimal footprint and adaptable character. Multifunctional or stackable furniture is another flexible way to maximize your rental comfort without major interventions. 

8. Compact Furniture for Rental Decorating 

Ideas for decorating a rental house by Decorilla's designer Georgios
Ideas for decorating a rental house by Decorilla designer, Sarah M.

Streamlined furniture is an excellent choice for frequent moving, primarily due to its lightweight nature. Creatively designed, they also help to transform a room into different functions. Sleek lines are modern, esthetically pleasing, and make a compact room feel more spacious. Complete the look with creative storage, such as decorative baskets, boxes, and chests.

9. Use Unfixed Lighting Fixtures

Interior design for renters by Decorilla designer Liana
Interior design for renters by Decorilla designer, Liana S.

Lighting deserves a special place among renter-friendly decorating ideas. Light is essential for the mood and atmosphere of any room, and a variety of designs allows a lot of creative freedom in implementation. You can arrange a variety of table and floor lamps throughout the place or use hidden LED stripes to enhance the ambiance.  

10. Freestanding Furniture is Your Friend

Rental decorating with shelves by Decorilla designer Colleen
Rental decorating with shelves by Decorilla designer, Sarah M.

If you are blessed with ample floor space, go for freestanding furniture wherever you can. You might not be able to install a full built-in library – but you can arrange floor-to-ceiling freestanding bookshelves. These, along with credenzas and coffee tables also give you space to display other decor, photos, or knick-knacks.

11. Peel-and-Stick Wall Coverings

Peel and stick tile as rental friendly decor by Decorilla designer, Shofy D.
Peel-and-stick tile as rental friendly decor by Decorilla designer, Shofy D.

Renter-friendly decorating ideas have come a long way in recent years. And the latest trend is allowing renters maximum creativity and style. Peel-and-stick tiles and wallpaper allow you to personalize your space without making any permanent changes or causing damage. However, when shopping for these items be sure they’re labeled as being removable.

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