Darya N.

Being a professional 3D artist, Darya had a chance to work with leading designers in San Diego, London, Beijing and Oslo over the last three years. Currently she is upgrading her qualification and studying Interior Design of Commercial Spaces at British Academy of Interior Design. Darya is passionate about color in interior! Styles she prefers to work in: Rustic Scandinavian, Mid-Century Modern and French Country.

What drives you to design?

I find it fascinating how new color palette, or several items mixed together in space can transform Client's place into a unique and very personal room. Overall Result, Client's opinion and public response drives me to design!

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Being a very frequent traveler, I am deriving new ideas and getting inspired mostly in trips! During the last trip to China I got to know Feng Shui main elements, opened for myself a lot of contemporary Chinese artists whose art was great inspiration for new ideas!

What’s your prediction for the next big trend in design?

As it was already revealed, the Color of 2019 is golden yellow! The color that promotes sociability, joy and appetite. Having said that, I observe trend of moving from neutral and monochromatic color in interiors to very active deep hints of Yellow, Orange and Red. It's very well seen in traditional Mexican interiors, and even in Norwegian latest trends, where Orange and Yellow accessories and accent colors are prevailing. "Giving color to your interiors!", my personal design motto ;)
Bedroom Renovation, Poland, 2017
Spanish Revival Kitchen 3D Concept, San Diego, 2018
Living room 3D proposal, UK, 2017
Study Room, San Diego, 2018
Living room decoration, Poland, 2017
Master Bathroom Renovation, Vancouver, Canada, 2018.
Master Bathroom Renovation, Norway, 2018.
Dining Room Renovation, Norway, 2018.
TV Room Renovation, Norway, 2018
Living room decoration, Poland, 2017
Bedroom design, Vancouver, 2017
Spanish Revival Kitchen 3D Concept, San Diego, 2018
Kitchen design, Vancouver, 2018
Kitchen design, Norway, 2017
Kitchen design, Norway, 2017
Studio design, Norway, 2017
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Home Office
Home Office