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Your home is where you can showcase your interests and personality. One client wanted to do just that in his unique new-build home. He especially needed his love for mechanical engineering and stargazing to show too. See how Decorilla made it happen in the minimalist masculine bedroom and den design below! 

The Challenge: Minimalist Masculine Bedroom & Den

Design projects come in all shapes, making each unique. With this in mind, no two challenges are the same. The same applies to this project. It needed a stamp of sophisticated personality in a neat minimalist interior design package. More specifically, the designer needed to:

  • Include themes of mechanical engineering and stargazing into the minimalist interior design
  • Create a homey atmosphere while adding masculine bedroom and den décor
  • Make the most of the bedroom’s high ceilings
  • Ensure the den-style living room has a cozy as well as striking masculine interior design

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Masculine Bedroom & Den Inspiration & Ideas 

Masculine bedroom ideas and inspiration

The client’s inspiration folder had his favorite rooms on display. It takes a glance to see his love for raw, rough, and textured cement walls. Such wall finishes give a distinctly industrial look. To complement the rugged backdrop, straight lines and refined finishes make up the minimalist home décor and furniture. 

His masculine bedroom and den interior design ideas certainly complement each other. The reason is they feature steel, leather, and wood elements. One of their most stunning elements is the lighting in a minimalist interior design style. These blend with the crisp industrial lines to form starkly striking rooms. 

Minimalist Interior Moodboard & Design

Masculine bedroom ideas - Darya N
Decorilla minimalist bedroom interior design

When the client started the Decorilla process, he knew he wanted a masculine den and online bedroom design but was unsure about the details. So, he completed the questionnaire and set the brief as best he could. Then it was up to Decorilla to find his match. Soon the team found the ideal candidate: Darya N. After seeing her proposal, the client couldn’t agree more.   

Masculine bedroom ideas mood board - Darya N
Decorilla mood board with masculine bedroom ideas

Darya’s designer style is distinctly contemporary, with masculine and minimalist touches. Her knack for balance and using bold lines show in her initial concept. She proposes a bold feature wall for the minimalist masculine bedroom as well as an equally imposing bedframe. Wood, textured paint, and contemporary design were sure to elevate the client’s masculine bedroom décor. 

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Minimalist Masculine Bedroom & Den Results

minimalist and masculine interior design - Darya N
Masculine bedroom and den design – Decorilla 3D result

In the end, the space transformed into a bachelor’s sanctuary. High-end finishes complement equally luxe décor and furniture, giving the rooms a defined atmosphere. Although the masculine bedroom and den have an undeniable industrial flair, the color scheme is warm, organic gray. This ensures the space is visually appealing as well as inviting. 

Masculine Bedroom Ideas & Décor

Masculine bedroom decor - Darya N
Minimalist with masculine bedroom decor – Decorilla 3D result

The master bedroom is a showstopper above all. Apart from the stylish minimalist masculine bedroom décor, the structure itself is impressive. The space features a roofline ceiling, which results in extra-tall walls. It also houses sliding glass doors leading to a patio with a magnificent view of the mountains.  

Minimalist masculine bedroom - Darya N
Contemporary masculine bedroom – Decorilla 3D result

The minimalist design also pays homage to Scandinavian design with its bare windows. Good thing too as it makes the most of the scenery, incorporating the fascinating outdoors as décor indoors. 

Additionally, organic textures in the wood floors and slate tiles strengthen the natural aspect of the design. Plus, layered rugs, the upholstered bed frame, and super plush bedding add more tactile dimensions. 

Masculine bedroom ideas - Darya N
Masculine bedroom ideas – Decorilla 3D result

In addition to its magnificent structure, the masculine bedroom features trendy decorating ideas. Lighting, on the one hand, plays a significant role in warming the interior. LEDs cast a gentle glow behind the bed to make the designer bed stand out even more. And overhead, retro wall sconces provide reading light. 

One oversized abstract artwork is breathtaking and draws the eye to the accent chair and cement stool. This nook has an ideal location to enjoy the bedroom and the majestic view. 

Minimalist masculine bedroom
Minimalist masculine bedroom’s media center – Decorilla 3D result

On the opposite side of the room, minimalist interior design continues with clean lines and clutter-free surfaces. Here built-in low shelving, a recessed bookshelf, and a media unit keep everything organized. The low shelf is practical and aesthetically pleasing, especially with the LED illumination. 

Contemporary Den Interior Design 

Masculine Den - Darya
Den-style living room – Decorilla 3D result

The den-style living room is not only masculine but also highly sophisticated. It consists of a lounge, home office, and media center, complete with electric guitar. An immense abstract rug defines the living area in the open space. Plus, it adds comfort underfoot next to the concrete floor. 

Den style living room - Darya N
Masculine design with a retro twist – Decorilla 3D result

A corner sofa, cluster coffee tables, and an arch floor lamp make up the neutral elements of the minimalist home décor. Two 70s-inspired curved swivel chairs, on the other hand, add a warm splash of color thanks to the leather’s ochre hue. They match the warming colors in the abstract wall art too. 

minimalist interior design - Darya N
Minimalist interior design – Decorilla 3D result

The den interior design highlights the ceiling beams with double lighting. One layer is the downlights installed in the beams, and the other is LED lighting along the top of the wall. Light showcases the contrast of the room’s beautifully dark and light elements. The downlights also emphasize the charcoal gray feature wall at the back of the room. 

Den interior design - Darya N
Den interior design – Decorilla 3D result

The focal wall contains built-in shelving and a huge television. It’s also perfect for movie nights, owing to the monitor’s size and the corner sofa’s position. This media nook also has a workspace. Work is certainly not dull if you’re sitting on the industrial-style chair and gazing into the mountainous valley below. And when it is time for a break, an electric guitar provides a welcome distraction in this minimalist space. 

Online Shopping List

minimalist interior design shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

An online shopping list and how-to guide complete the Decorilla project. These are the final but essential parts to pulling off the minimalist design at home. What’s more, the online shopping list comes with trade-exclusive discounts on the furniture and décor. The savings often amount to more than the design package! 

Minimalist Home Décor Top Picks

If you want to recreate the look of this project’s minimalist masculine bedroom, use our top picks below to guide you. One or two pieces can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your bedroom 

Minimalist masculine bedroom top picks

  1. Wall Sconce 
  2. Airslate Tile 
  3. Hand-painted Art 
  4. Woven Rug 
  5. Porter Bed 

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