Kids bedroom decor ideas by Amy C

A kid’s bedroom is where they play, learn, sleep, and even get up to innocent mischief! As a result, their bedroom should mirror their unique personalities. While being an aesthetically pleasing space, their rooms must also be functional. In essence, this should be a safe space where a child can feel nurtured and grow. Read on for our top designer-approved inspirational kids room ideas!

Kids Room Design Quick Tips

Kids bedroom ideas by Meric S
Stylish kids bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer, Meric S.

When looking at kids’ bedroom ideas, you must consider not only the aesthetic but the safety side of things too. So, let’s look at three tips to help inspire balanced kids’ room décor ideas.

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Create a Safe Environment

Bunk beds for kids room decor ideas by Selma A
Kids bunk bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer, Selma A.

Safety is the number one aspect when looking at interior design trends for a kid’s room. For instance, ensure your furniture and décor are secured and avoid heavy objects that could fall from a dresser or shelves.

Choose a Functional Layout

Kids room decor ideas by Sahara R
Kids bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer, Sarah R.

A layout can be functional as well as fun! When looking at kids’ bedroom ideas, design a layout that encourages play and relaxation. In addition, a well-planned nursery design can help promote healthy sleeping habits and foster an inviting atmosphere. It can also provide ample storage space.

Embrace a Personalized Design

Small kids room paint ideas by Rehan A
Kids bedroom décor ideas by Decorilla designer, Rehan A.

A child’s personality reflects in their room. A room can incorporate their unique interests through colors, artwork, and customized themes. For example, a room with stars and planets and a rocket-shaped bed are perfect for a child who loves space!

Covetably Cool Kids Room Ideas

Teenage kids bedroom ideas by Nikki G
Teenage kids bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Here, we’ve rounded up trending kid’s room designs that even adults can’t resist! Infused with the energy of little ones, each room below has items that are practical, aesthetic, and inspiring to a young mind.

1. Uplifting Lighting Solutions

Dreamy teenage kids bedroom ideas by Rachel H
Dreamy kids bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer, Rachel H.

Along with pink tones, this lighting solution provides dimension and highlights the room’s ceiling. The pink accents say “cotton candy” while the lighting adds softness to the space.

2. Blue Accent Walls

Fun kids room ideas by Joao A
Fun kids room color ideas by Decorilla designer, Joao A.

When looking at kid’s room paint ideas, a blue accent wall can be a great way to add color, depth, and interest. In fact, selecting the right shade of blue results in a calm and soothing atmosphere.

3. Natural Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids bedroom ideas by Aya G
Earthy kids room décor ideas by Decorilla designer, Aya G.

An organic kids’ bedroom creates a healthy and natural environment for children to grow up in. For example, this bedroom contains non-toxic paint, organic bedding, and eco-friendly materials.

4. Wallpaper Décor

Kids room paint ideas by Marian B
Colorful kids room ideas by Decorilla designer, Mariana B.

This kids’ room is rich in color, pattern, and texture because of wallpaper. When looking at kids’ room ideas, it is important to work with a playful look, and this wallpaper is just that!

5. A Fairytale Fortress

Gender neutral kids bedroom ideas by Meric S
Gender neutral kids room ideas by Decorilla designer, Meric S.

Designing a fortress for a kid can be a fun project. Here, a framed bed makes for a magical hideaway where imaginations can run wild. Moreover, hanging fabric from the pre-made canopy is a great way to give the feeling of a fairytale castle.

6. Organic Kids Room Décor Ideas

Kids room storage ideas by Nishtah S
Neutral kids room décor ideas by Decorilla designer, Nishtah S.

The natural aesthetic of this kid’s bedroom creates a soothing atmosphere. With organic wooden textures and greenery, there is a sense of earthy décor. Furthermore, the tent enhances this down-to-earth feeling. Here, children are encouraged to play using their imagination.

7. Small Kids Room Ideas

Kids room decor ideas by Jil M
A small kids room with storage ideas by Decorilla designer, Jil M.

When a room is small, make the most of vertical space. That’s why wall-mounted options like these built-in shelves are great – they can hold books, toys, and other decorative items.

8. Plush Comforts

Kids bedroom ideas by Theresa W
Dreamy kids bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer, Theresa W.

Layers of plush and fluff create a warm, soft atmosphere. In this room, softness is added through the pillows and rug. As a result, it’s a delicate and light-looking space, with visual interest and something soft to the touch. 

9. Space-Saving Nooks

Pink kids bedroom ideas by Meric S
Kids bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer, Meric S.

This bedroom incorporates a bed within a nook and a play area above. In addition to opening up the floor space, this bedroom allows plenty of space for kids to enjoy.

10. Kids Room Storage Ideas

Young kids room ideas by Aida A
Scandi kids room storage ideas by Decorilla designer, Aida A.

Practical and visually appealing, this bed contains pull-out storage space. Besides being a great idea for a small kid’s bedroom, these built-in drawers tie in with the darker aesthetic and elevate the bed off the floor.

11. Themed Kids Room Ideas

Themed small kids room ideas by Shelby K
Wild kids room paint ideas by Decorilla designer, Shelby K.

Earthy colors, animal prints, and African artwork – this bedroom holds the perfect wildlife theme in a kid’s space. The safari-inspired beds and warm tones celebrate Africa’s rich culture and wildlife.

12. Practical Bed Layout

Kids room color ideas by Basma
Playful kids bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer, Basma.

There are a few ways to make kids’ room ideas work for more than one child. For instance, having twin beds with a nightstand in between creates a classic symmetrical layout.

13. Fun Kids Room Color Ideas

Kids room décor ideas by Deidre b
Colorful kids room décor ideas by Decorilla designer, Deidre B.

Consider the mood you wish to create in your kid’s bedroom through colors. For example, this bedroom holds pastel colors such as light pink and lavender to create a soft and peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, these colors can be gender-neutral and work well for younger children.

14. Dreamy Whimsical Design

Kids bedroom ideas by Casey H
Whimsical kids bedroom décor ideas by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Combining the practicality of an adult style with a child’s imagination often results in a whimsical design. In fact, this little girl’s room has the perfect balance of boho and playful kids’ room décor ideas to form a rest-worthy haven.

15. Color Blocking

Eclectic kids bedroom ideas by Darya N
Eclectic kids bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer, Darya N.

Color block a kid’s bedroom by selecting zones on a wall and painting them in a separate color from the main wall. For instance, keep the walls white or neutral and then pick a bright or dark color to paint halfway up the wall or one-quarter of the room. As a result, you have a mixture of white, fun, and colorful space.

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