Decorating for Halloween starts with ideas like this living room - Style by Emily

Who said seasonal décor must be anything but stylish? Many wild and not-so-wonderful Halloween trends exist. Yet you can create an oh-so-sleek interior while keeping the festive spirit alive. And we’ll prove it! Before decorating for Halloween, read on for chic must-have ideas!

Decorating for Halloween Dos and Don’ts

Gothic Halloween living room décor by Alla M
Gothic Halloween living room décor in an interior by Decorilla designer, Alla M.

The first step to a trendy yet festive home is setting perimeters. Define your way to classy Halloween décor ideas while also deciding what won’t work for you. In this way, it’ll be easier to include the best Halloween decorations that enhance your interior, not the opposite. Plus, you won’t overspend on needless things. All in all, a plan equals seamless and fun decorating.

So, to start planning, understand the dos and don’ts of Halloween house decoration ideas.

  • Do think out of the box. You don’t need skeletons dangling from your closets. Fabrics, colors, and lighting can make a surprising difference and create an eerie atmosphere. Almost anything from Medieval to Victorian styles can look pretty ominous – and if it’s in velvet, even better!
  • Don’t neglect lighting. Dimmed lights, a glow muted with cloth, or string lights can have great impact. That said, too bright is generally not ideal for the spooky season. But a spotlight in just the right place, emphasizing something unexpected, can be very effective.
  • Do use the color wheel to tint your home with seasonal spirit. Spooky comes in all shapes, sizes – and colors! You can pick your vibe too – moody, dark shades can feel mysterious yet glam. Bold and bright tones are uplifting and fun, while neutrals and light hues are subtle and timeless.  
Halloween mantel and fireplace décor - Jill Harris
  • Don’t mix together too many Halloween decoration ideas. Incoherence often leads to a watered-down or messy look. So form a clear concept of what you want, and go for it!
  • Do embrace a theme. Whether you want scary, easy, or cute, Halloween décor can play the part. Stick to one color scheme for the best outcome.
  • Don’t buy plastic you’ll only use for one season. Instead, opt for natural materials, thrifty finds, or things you’ll reuse for eons.

For an ultra-styled look, match your Halloween decor to the aesthetic of your home. Not sure what that is? Then, take our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to discover your unique decorating style today!

12 Best Halloween Decoration Ideas by Room

Creepy but stylish Halloween decoration ideas by Aimee M
Creepy but stylish Halloween decoration ideas by Decorilla designer, Aimee M.

If you like sprucing up your interior as much as we do, you’ll love decorating for Halloween this year. What’s more, these tips complement our favorite fall décor ideas!

Classy Halloween Living Room Décor

Best classy Halloween decorations by Casey H
Best classy Halloween decorations in an interior by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

When you have a good base for your Halloween decoration ideas, adding a few final spooky touches will take minutes, if not seconds. In fact, classy Halloween living room décor not only creates a festive air but also brings layers of style suitable for years to come.

1. Make the Macabre Monochromatic 

Neutral Halloween decoration ideasDo you want a macabre or modish interior this All Hallows’ Eve? Well, you can have both. Go black and white, all white, or obsidian for a super chic interior. Your Halloween house decoration will make a trendy statement while keeping true to the festive spirit.

Don’t be afraid to go beyond trusty decorative objects. Consider creating a spine-chilling black and white gallery wall – any print that gives you the creeps would do!

2. Go with Ghastly Ghostly Art

Decorating a living room for Halloween can be simple, as shown by Lachin G
Decorating a living room for Halloween can be simple, as shown by Decorilla designer, Lachin G.

Decorating for Halloween can be as simple as swapping your statement artwork for something ghostly. In the right setting, an eldritch figure can add high drama to your interior. It’ll also be a fascinating conversation starter. And once the season is over, you can tone down the figure with uplifting everyday décor or possibly in a light-filled, eclectic room. 

3. Get Terribly Thrifty 

Halloween fireplace and mantel décorRev up the spooky meter with thrifty finds. Vintage shops and flea markets hold treasures for any occasion. A plethora of options await – from worn mirrors, aged books, odd critter collections, and lanterns to birdcages! 

Whatever you find, however, be sure to style them correctly. A lone item or groups of twos, threes, or fives will look best. Also, be mindful of height, especially for Halloween fireplace mantel and table décor. Vary lengths and sizes to create a balanced look. 

Chic-but-Chilling Halloween Kitchen Décor

Halloween kitchen and bar decorEnsure a cohesive vibe throughout your home by decorating for Halloween from the entryway to the kitchen and all the way to the bathrooms. 

4. From Forage to Feast

Easy Halloween table decor

A kitchen is a wonderful place for seasonal décor. Here, you’re not limited to what you can put on shelves or hang on the wall. With that said, it’s time to think differently about food. Blue cheese, black grapes, wine, figs, red noodles, or black sesame.

Whatever has a deep, dark, or rich color or looks moldy (like cheese or preserved meat) can double as your decorating tools for this Halloween. Display black grapes, dried passionfruit, or blood-red cranberries in antique bowls or platters. And add foliage to soften the look.

5. Showcase Scary Stylish Serveware

Halloween kitchen décor is practical

Your kitchen’s open shelves will certainly whisper eek and boo with unnerving Halloween serveware and table décor. It’s time for your favorite sleek and creepy pots, servers, trays, and cups. Think skull mugs, brass cups, and pumpkin pots. However, keep them classy. Ceramics work best but glassware can also be great – especially when it’s showing off a seething dish or drink.

6. Pumpkin-Powered Kitchen Decor

Pumpkins as Halloween kitchen decor

Pumpkins aren’t just for porches! This Halloween, let your kitchen join the spooky spirit. With their vibrant hues and quirky shapes, pumpkins can jazz up countertops, tables, and even shelves. Go beyond the traditional and paint, glitter, or accessorize them. Dive into autumn vibes and let your kitchen scream festive fun!

Gothic Halloween Bedroom Décor

Gothic Halloween bedroom décor in interior by Kristina B
Gothic Halloween bedroom décor in interior by Decorilla designer, Kristina B.

Halloween house decorations can be chic, regardless of the room. The bedroom, however, can look rather uncanny this time of year – paired with the best decor, of course. 

7. Choose a Headboard with Character 

Gothic Halloween bedroom décor ideasAn ornate headboard can look chic all year round, but if a permanent fixture isn’t for you, you can consider alternatives. For instance, add a weathered mirror behind your bed as Halloween wall décor or hang an art print. Printed on fabric, the wall art will last longer and be of better quality.  

8. Bring a Touch of Crimson

Decorating a bedroom for Halloween as shown by Mena H.
Decorating a bedroom for Halloween as shown by Decorilla designer, Mena H.

Channel the air of an eloquent mansion (that just so happens to be haunted too) with lush and opulent textiles. Velvet and shaggy textures, especially in a claret shade set just the right tone. Add this layer to your Halloween home décor with a throw, accent pillows, an accent chair, or even a lampshade.

9. Call on Critters

Halloween home decor
Halloween home decor by Decorilla designer, Christina N. (left) and Style by Emily Henderson (right)

Add a feathered fiend or a creeper to your scary Halloween room décor. Crows, bats, and insects typically work well in any setting and suit many themes. For instance, more realistic options work best for evoking eeriness, while minimal designs nod to the season in style.

Decorating for Halloween with Bewildering Bathroom Décor

Decorating for Halloween in the bathroomKeep things straightforward while decorating the bathroom for Halloween. Since it needs to remain practical too, opt for Halloween wall decor and items not taking up much space.

10. Let Loose Teeny Bats

Easy and small Halloween bathroom decorNow, it’s not time to let loose frightful living, breathing fliers. Instead, keep it simple. DIY black paper cutout bats fit the theme like a glove. Besides, you can have peace of mind knowing your Halloween bathroom décor will stay just where you left them. 

11. Transfixing Candles

Easy Halloween decorationsFlickering candles are certainly spellbinding. They also happen to cast a warming glow and dim the atmosphere to where it needs to be for the spookiest time of the year. So, don’t be shy, get out all those candles! As one of the easiest Halloween decoration ideas to pull off, decorative candles are an absolute must for the night. In all things, balance is vital. Here that means mixing up shapes, sizes, and heights. 

12. Style a Skull or Two 

Creepy skull Halloween bathroom décor ideasDecorating for Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a skull or two. Though typical, they can be stylish when you arrange them a chic way. Creating vignettes is one way to do it right. Picture what would be instagramable and put it into action. A glass case or as part of a pumpkin tray display – anything goes but practice restraint to create a beautiful, albeit freakish, Halloween home.

Need skilled decorating for Halloween?

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